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Havelock Island - Best Place to Visit in Andaman for Honeymoon

14 Awesome Places to Visit in Havelock (2023)

Havelock island is a must-visit during the Andaman trip and has been a tourism highlight for many years. White sandy beaches and dense tropical forests add a mystic beauty to the Havelock Island. These natural attractions, along with rippling turquoise waters, clear blue skies, and adventurous water sports, beckon the tourist to plan a trip to the picturesque Havelock island in Andaman.

Whether it is scuba diving, snorkeling, or kayaking, Havelock island offers all these sports to the visitor. The calm and beautiful Havelock in Andamans is stunning throughout the year with its thick mangrove cover but is very enjoyable during the months of March to May because water sports are available in plenty.

Havelock Island - Awesome Places to Visit in Havelock

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Divers and swimmers love it during this time, but they tend to avoid a visit during the months of June to September because of the turbulent and nasty thunderstorms and heavy rains. This ruins the pleasure of the sightseeing, thus people often avoid traveling to the Andaman during these months.

Havelock Island has Ritchie’s Archipelago that beguiles and attracts people from all over. Besides the scattered chain of islands, silvery beaches and blue waters of this beautiful paradisiacal islet, provide an excellent travel experience. The visitor can unwind and indulge in a plethora of adventure activities to add spark to their monotonous lifestyle!

14 Awesome Places to Visit in Havelock

Let us bring you the best places to visit in Havelock:

1. Radhanagar Beach

This is probably the best beach in Asia, and its turquoise waters are very beguiling for the traveler.

Radhanagar Beach comes 8th amongst the top ten beaches of the world and is a major attraction on Havelock Island. Moreover, it offers the most comfortable accommodations for different strata of people, so anyone can afford a room here. The adventurous activities, water sports, and the soft dunes make a stroll and the energetic exercise worth it. Awe-inspiring sights and the blue expanse of the water have a charm of their own and mesmerize the onlooker.

If you are tired, take a rest in the shady green cover lining the silky beaches. Honeymooners, coast guards, and several people add spunk to the tranquil Radhanagar beach. You can indulge your heart’s content in scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, swimming, and boating in the sea. Your travel itinerary is incomplete without a visit to the Radhanagar beach. Nights at a Resort or a refreshing spa here can relax your senses further. Go for it!

2. Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach is also named Sunrise Beach because of its glowing and gleaming sands. The beach sees the most beautiful sunrise while radiating all shades of orange on the sands and sea. As the sun sets, the ocean radiates purple hues making the whole area serene and melancholy. The panorama is euphoric with its tall palm trees and exhibits a stunning sight, in these natural surroundings. So, adorn your swimming trunks and head for a swimming or sunbathing session. You can even explore the region for its attractiveness. All we can say is a visit to Havelock Island is incomplete without a stopover at the Sitapur Beach.

3. Bharatpur Beach

You can’t miss a peek at Bharatpur Beach if you are on Havelock Island. In fact, listed as one of the best unexplored and undefiled beaches in Andaman, Bharatpur beach provides a breath-taking landscape to the sightseer. The undisturbed leisure cannot be explained in words and needs visiting for appreciation. Tourists love to indulge in water sports in this serene environment. Take part in snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking on Bharatpur Beach for an exhilarating time.

4. Elephant Beach

Cyan bluish-green colored waters and the alluring coral reefs make the Elephant beach a breathtakingly beautiful paradise. The coral reefs look magical and can be seen from the surface. In fact, the colonies are spotted at a meter’s depth also. If you want a leisurely tour or a remarkable water sports holiday, the Elephant beach can keep you busy for hours and hours.

The enthralling underwater marine life is at its best in this amazing place. Stare out at the distant lighthouse in the backdrop as you lie on the beach. The euphoria is unmatched, we promise you that. Our daily lives can be very monotonous and boring. We long to escape to a relaxing and lively environment. Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? Yes! Havelock Island and its Elephant Beach promise you this bliss.

Leisure activities and staring at the bright aquatic animals just under the crystal clear water surface connect the visitor to nature. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a seaplane here. Surfeit treats and adventurous feats await you here so board your boat and start your trip!

5. Vijay Nagar Beach

The Vijaynagar beach lies in the Northeast of Havelock Island, promising a peaceful time for the tourists. It is a remote and recluse area with plenty of silence and calmness. People tired from their busy city lives can relax on the sandy beaches. The sapphire blue waters add a mystic quality to the atmosphere.

In fact, the pearly white sandy beach is a stark contrast to the waters and adds an oomph to the view. Couples love it here because of the serenity and quiet. Make it an escape adventure because this dainty haven offers peace and excitement, at the same time.Vijay Nagar Beach

Sports lovers thrive on the water sports in the region for rejuvenation. Snorkeling, kayaking, surf-riding, bird watching, fishing, and deep-sea diving are common water sports organized on the beachside.

If you are weary and tired from the everyday humdrum routine, head to the Vijaynagar beach for an exciting but peaceful time!

6. Kala Pathar Beach

The Kalapathar Beach, rich in plentiful black stones, is located around the Kalapathar village. The shoreline mesmerizes the traveler’s heart because of its serene calmness, lush green surroundings, clear waters, and thick greenery. The Kala Patthar beach is one of the silent beaches of Andaman and appeals greatly to the sightseer. The seaside sees fewer people than other beaches in Andaman, and utmost calmness is the goal here.

The beautiful sunrise and indescribable sunset set this beach apart from the rest. The silvery sands of the shoreline by the green tropical trees provide a pleasant view to the bystander. The beauty is unmatched, and the emerald-colored water shimmers with the sun rays in a catching way. It’s a great place to sit down and munch goodies from your picnic basket.

You can easily find accommodation near the beach. This is the reason; Kala Pathar Beach is the hub for tourists planning to rest and sunbathe to refresh their senses. Listed as one of the most attractive and must-visit tourist spots on Havelock Island, Kala Pathar Beach has mighty boulders lining its coastline.

Dive deep into the waters of Kala Pathar Beach and enjoy your swim in the sunlight. Radiate your insides with the energy of the sun and the beauty of the area!

7. Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach has gloriously golden sands and an assortment of alluring shells, making sunbathing a pleasurable activity here. The bright corals can be easily seen underwater and add to a wonderful swimming and scuba diving experience.

Besides this, people also love snorkeling and Kayaking when they are here. The beach authorities promise a safe and invigorating experience with stunning beauty to dazzle the traveler’s senses. Sports lovers indulge in swimming and sunbathing in plenty on this beach fondly called the Sunset Point by the locals because of the stunning view of the sun!

8. Neil Island

Neil Island in the South of Andaman is a tiny unexplored island with awesomely beautiful coral reefs and lush greenery. Moreover, this place or the “Vegetable Bowl” of the Andaman has interesting marine diversity, long beaches, and loads of scenic splendor to enthrall travelers.

Neil Island has a romantic air, and it bewitches everyone with its uniqueness and quiet. It is not wrongly said that it is a great place to be in if you want to escape from your hectic lifestyle and recharge your batteries.

Take the glass-bottom ride or dive into the waters to rejuvenate your exhausted soul. There is so much to reveal here, and thus, Neil Island should be a part of your travel bucket list!

9. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, or the Wandur national park, with its collection of 15 islands, mesmerizes the visitor with its wondrous marine life and beautiful coral reefs. Try to catch a glimpse of the shells, saltwater crocodiles, water snakes, Sea anemones, and other marine animals if in the vicinity. A visit to Havelock Island is incomplete without stopping over at this national park. It may take 3 to 4 hours to watch the wildlife and indulge in a great scuba diving experience, so be prepared.

10. Barren Island

If you want to see an active volcano from close quarters, head straight to the Barren Islands. This is the only volcano in Southeast Asia that has stayed active and keeps erupting periodically. Human inhabitants stay away from this area, and the island is barren. The volcano first erupted way back in 1987, and recently, in 2017, lava flare-ups have been noticed. Almost 10 eruptions have been recorded in this region.

There are no human settlements on this volcanic island because of the risk involved. People interested in visiting this island and its diverse biotic life may have to see an aerial view or get a special permit to go here for a nature walk. Sightseeing by air during the daytime is a fantastic experience, and you can pick an aerial schedule that suits the tourism timetable.

11. Ocean Tribe Scuba Diving

For an excellent scuba diving experience in Havelock, visit the ocean tribe. Certified professionals from the professional association of diving instructors provide excellent guidance to the professionals and the amateurs. If you’re interested in ocean walking, this is where you should be!

12. Govind Nagar Beach

The Govind Nagar beach in Havelock is serene at its best. With the best water sports and a silvery sandy expanse to lie back on, this seashore is a great place to click pictures and make memories. People often go here on that Andaman trip to see the stunning lighthouse with the most picturesque view. The evening walks and the sightseeing experience are one of a kind.

13. Long Island

A long island is an offbeat place in the Havelock Islands of Andamans that offers the most beautiful view. The area is remotely located and an exciting place for adventure lovers. If you want to bask in the sunshine and sunbathe on outlandish sandy beaches, indulge in daunting expeditions, explore the caves, and roll in the lush green meadows, you are in the right place.

You can visit the boat building yard or trek into the forests. Also, the island provides you with activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving to satiate the adventure streak of a traveler.

Long island relaxes you in nature’s glory by reducing your connectivity with the outside world. True relaxation and rejuvenation are possible if you visit this serene and calm island.

14. Lalaji Bay Beach

This peaceful beach, lined by abundant green trees, is surrounded by crystal clear water. The sound of the rippling waves is very therapeutic to the mind, and it is great to lie back and relax on the Lalaji Bay shore and connect with nature. Thick forests and the wilderness adds a strange beauty to the environment and is ideal for a trekking trip. But that is not all, sports lovers can go snorkeling and swimming in the clear pristine waters to enjoy their “beach time”. Why don’t you hold hands and take a long walk on the sands as you gaze at the dolphins jumping up from the waters?Lalaji Bay Beach

The unsurpassed scenic splendor with the sunset view from the thick mangrove forests is undoubtedly the best. Actually, it is the best place to go to any time of the year if you enjoy strolling, lying back on the beach, and nibbling tidbits from the food stalls.

The more said about Havelock Island, the lesser it is. Whether it is the boat safari, the guitar island, or walking on the eye-striking Merk Bay Beach, Andaman offers you vast creeks and pristine clean waters. Also, you can enjoy bird watching, fabulous water sports, and plenty of adventurous activities in natural surroundings.

If you want to experience undefiled natural beauty, take out a few days, roam the beaches, and spot the crabs as you pick on the collection of shells. Andaman and the different places to visit on Havelock Island promise picturesque beauty with their rippling turquoise waters and clear blue skies.

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