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Cellular Jail In Andaman

17 Fascinating Places to Visit in Port Blair (2023)

Andaman is a chain of nearly 300 islands scattered in an arc shape in the Bay of Bengal. The islands are lined by tropical rainforests, palm trees, mangroves, and white sandy beaches. With an impressive display of bright coral reefs and rich aquatic life, Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman, opens arms to the visitor and offers a memorable experience.

Port Blair offers plenty of picturesque spots for the tourists leaving them spellbound with the beautiful sight. People diving and snorkeling, several charming aquatic animals, turtles, sharks, and sun rays can be sighted easily on these popular Andaman Islands. Many of the islanders live in areas that are kept off-limits for travellers, and this helps the locals maintain their privacy. But, this is not all, Port Blair is the hub of activity and beautiful grandeur. It offers a world of beauty for the traveller to explore, so plan a visit at the earliest.

Besides the green thickets, the clear blue waters, and the hilly regions, there are plenty of places to visit in Port Blair. Many of them are waiting to be discovered by the visitor. The whole region boasts of architectural finery and rich cultural-historical heritage that cannot be missed.

Deep-rooted stories of times gone by intrigue the travellers, and all the places here have some connection with the past. Also, small islands within reach of Port Blair, the capital of Andaman, need to make a place in your travel itinerary because of their scenic splendour.

17 Fascinating Places to Visit in Port Blair

So let us begin our journey of the fascinating places to visit in Port Blair with:

1. Cellular jail:

This “years old” prison-turned museum is a great place to start your Port Blair exploration. The old-world charm of the cellular jail is incomparable and striking. In fact, the National memorial silently talks about the gruesome colonial era and freedom struggle of India. Also, the Cellular Jail has fabulous architecture that attracts visitors with its historical stories. Make sure you don’t visit here on a Monday or during a public holiday because the jail is closed to the public during this time.

Another thing of great attraction in the Cellular Jail that lures the sightseer is the “Light and sound show” organized beside the tall and regal Peepal tree. This tree lives to tell its history and has been a bystander since the time colonizers tortured freedom fighters during the freedom struggle. Om Puri has given his voice as the dubbing artist in this “Light and sound” show. For your information, the shows are available in English and Hindi and can be chosen accordingly, so pick the day and time of the week after referring to the chart. You can choose your slot carefully!

2. Veer Savarkar Park:

If you have just wound up your cellular jail visit and still have some time before the Light and sound show starts, then take a peek at the Veer Savarkar Park in Port Blair. You can take a break and rest here while you witness the past. The park exhibits some beautifully constructed statues of freedom fighters. Refresh your parched throat with tea and coconut water sold by the vendors here, while the children swing on the rides.

3. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex:

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair is the hub of energetic water activities. If you want to indulge in exciting water activities and adventure sports such as row boating, paddle boating, parasailing, banana boats, speed boats, etc., then this complex is the ideal place for you.

People heading to Andaman and Port Blair have this games hub in their schedule, and this is why it is gaining popularity with each passing day. Summers are the best time to be here because the complex has plenty of water to organize the games to perfection.

4. Chatham Saw Mill:

Chatham Saw Mill was set up in 1883 by the Britishers. This mill is famous all over Asia for its wood processing and is a favorite place for people of all age groups, due to its magnificent glory and historical reference.

Port Blair has serene beaches to offer its visitors, but the rustic and beautiful Chatham Saw Mill of the pre-independence days attracts plenty of travelers. While you are here, visit the Japanese bomb crater created by the bombings during World War II. You can also take intricately designed wood articles from the souvenir shop back home.

5. Japanese Bunkers:

Japanese Bunkers are relics that can be associated with World War II. At one time, Andaman and Nicobar Islands were attacked by the Japanese. This foreign invasion during the World War II speaks of the independence struggle of the people living here.

The Japanese army constructed these bunkers in Port Blair during their siege. Actually, these bunkers instantly attract attention and are a tourist attraction. You can spot them easily when you are moving towards Corbyn Cove beach and Ross Island. It is definite that Port Blair’s sightseeing list is incomplete without stopping and visiting these historically significant relics reminiscent of the War.

6. Murugan Temple:

If you are looking for a religious excursion in Port Blair, head to the Murugan Temple. The temple has stunning Dravidian architecture and is devoted to Lord Shiva’s son Murugan. This biggest pilgrimage place in Andaman falls in the center of Port Blair.

The sight is exquisite during festivals and the grandeur is indescribable. The complex around the temple offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for the visitor. The cuisine served is authentic and a reflection of different cultures so there is something for everyone here.

7. Manglutan Village:

The Manglutan Village in the southern part of Andaman has an astounding length of rubber Plantations. The picturesque sight of the plantations and the small stream flowing through the village is awesome. The scenic phenomenon stretched over 60 acres makes it a must-visit for the visitor. People are inquisitive by nature and can fire questions about the plantation process and learn everything from seed extraction to rubber production.

8. Corbyn’s Cove:

Corbyn’s Cove is one of the most talked-about and visited areas of Andaman. It’s a traveler’s delight and the ideal place to head for a swim or bask in the sun’s rays in Port Blair. With stunningly beautiful surroundings, the Cove is a quaint expanse that boasts of enticing palm and coconut trees all over. If you are lucky, you may spot a crocodile, though you need to be vigilant always. Don’t stray too close it may be dangerous!

9. Madhuban Ranges and the Mount Harriet National Park:

The Mount Harriet national park contains the Madhuban ranges that offer the most spectacular view of Port Blair. If you want to catch a glimpse of this breathtaking sight, then either drive to the mountain top or trek the recommended trails.

The whole area is a photographer’s delight. Go ahead and let your cameras do the clicking of the beautiful natural surroundings, flora, and fauna of the region. You can capture the best in your camera and enjoy the city’s attractiveness and the Madhuban ranges when you go back home. Take back the memories of these exquisite sights and relish them long after!

But before you head here, make sure you apply for a permit or pass because this area does not permit free entry. It is under the Forest Division and is a restricted zone, so make preparations beforehand!

10. Ross and Smith Islands:

Islands and beaches with their glorious scenic magnificence are great places to relax, and Port Blair offers you the best options. Escape from your stressful life in the city and spend a few hours in the lap of nature at the twin “Ross and Smith Islands”.

A 50-meter-long stretch of sand connects these islands. The sandbar along with the dense tropical forests in the backdrop is a sight to behold. If you want to hike, the inner islands in the area can provide you with the best hiking experience.

11. Marina Park and Aquarium:

Marina Park and Aquarium is home to nearly 350 different fish and other aquatic creatures like sharks turtles, and crabs. Get ready for the adventurous expeditions organized here.

Tourists and kids love to watch the marine life in the aquarium. If you want to take a stroll, head straight to Marina Park, you will find many people strolling around hand in hand, enjoying the scenic beauty of the area. Also, if you plan to proceed further to the Ross Island and North Bay, then catch the speedboat from here!

12. Butler Bay Beach:

Butler Beach is a surreal destination amongst the various tourist spots in Port Blair in Andaman. In fact, it has earned the name “The Gem Of Andaman” and provides the best surfing experience in India.

The crystal clear waters, sandy stretches, and gushing waves are great for fantastic surfing and swimming. The beach expanse is stunning with its inward moulded shoreline, and the quaint beach huts and cottages are a wonderful place to be in to spend some leisure days.

For a fabulous beach and snorkeling time, welcome to this haven in Port Blair. You can get the best clicks of your vacation here, so don’t miss clicking pics while surfing on top of the waves.

13. Little Andaman Island:

Let the magical spell of the magnificent little Andaman Island weave its magic on you. This isolated island offers a bunch of tourist attractions, though it is unexplored and undefiled by the crowds. Try out the Kalapathar limestone caves or bathe in the white surf waterfalls, Little Andaman Island promises to woo the tourist!

14. Karmatang and Aamkunj Beach:

Welcome to the nesting ground of thousands of turtles. The Karmatang Beach in Port Blair is serene and beautiful and can be named the Turtle paradise. Take your picnic basket here and relax back on this lavish stretch of sand.

The area offers all the amenities and best tourist facilities to make the voyager comfortable. The party lovers love it here because of the interesting beach parties. Surf or swim in the blue waters or you can indulge in sea diving or walking- each is better than the other.

Honeymooners relish the serenity and quiet of the region and plan a visit here for their enjoyment. Explore the region, to your heart’s content, you will love it here!

15. Parrot Island:

If there was heaven on earth then it may be the Parrot Island of Port Blair. Birdwatchers and nature lovers find this an absolute wonder and often engage in clicking pictures of this bird paradise.

Nature photography is the much-loved pastime of the people who come to see the thousands of parakeets here. Not only this, but people also visit Parrot Island for its quiet shores and a fabulous sunset. The natural beauty of the island is indescribable and is a sight to be seen. Take out a boat to the sea to connect truly with nature!

16. Chidiya Tapu:

Chirping and bird sounds greet the visitor heading to Chidiya Tapu. To see the best view of the coastline of the Andaman Islands you need to be at the Chidiya Tapu. There are nearly 40 species of regional birds on this island that intrigue the bird lovers. Also, the Munda Pahar beach here is a favorite picnic spot for explorers.

Birds can be heard chirping everywhere and the tourists love to see the seashells and eye-striking star corals on the beach. Watch the most breathtakingly beautiful sunset from Chidya Tapu, it will leave you spellbound. Isn’t this exquisiteness a balm for the sore eyes?

17. Diglipur Island:

Diglipur Island is a crowd-puller and a great place for the eco-lovers who are in search of serenity and peace. Nature lovers love to head to the tranquil beaches on this island. Exotic marine life and lush greenery in the backdrop add beauty and spunk to the Diglipur Island.

People coming here wait their turn to visit the Saddle Peak Mountain National Park and its magnificent flora and fauna. Andaman’s largest Archipelago, clear blue waters, sandy beaches, and the National Park scenic spots will keep the traveler busy for days and days. Diglipur Island is a blissful visit for the holidaymakers.

Besides these places, Port Blair offers the visitors an enthralling experience of the thrilling Cinque Island, the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Lamiya Bay Beach, the paradisaical Katchal Island, Rutland Island, tranquil Ferar beach, Samudrika Marine museum, and Anthropological Museum exhibiting the sculptures and paintings of the old native tribes of Andaman.

There is no end to the beauty of Andaman and Art enthusiasts enjoy their time here though they may not be allowed to click pictures everywhere. But the memory camera can help you capture all those breathtakingly beautiful sights forever and ever in your heart. Visit all the places to visit in Port Blair and sink yourself in their scenic brilliance and natural beauty.

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