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Chaparai Waterfalls, Araku Valley - An Incredible Tourist Destination of Andhra Pradesh

Visit Araku Valley: An Incredible Tourist Destination of Andhra Pradesh (2023)

South India is pretty famous as a vacation destination for housing a variety of attractions such as amazing beaches, mesmerising hill stations and enchanting temples as well. Portraying the ancient traditions as well as rich cultural heritage, a trip to South India can be exceptional. If you are also planning a vacation, then Andhra Pradesh is a wonderful option for you to consider. This is because there are a number of exciting tourist places in Andhra Pradesh and exploring them can be a real fun experience. Out of the many attractions, Araku Valley located in the gentle hills of Eastern Ghats in the heart of Andhra Pradesh are undoubtedly one of the most serene and beautiful tourist places in Andhra Pradesh. Surrounded by mighty mountains, lush green forests and sporting foggy clouds as well as a pleasant climate, Araku Valley provides its visitors a refreshing break from the daily monotonous lifestyle.

Visit Araku Valley: An Incredible Tourist Destination of Andhra Pradesh

Other than its supreme beauty, Araku Valley is also known to be a home for a number of tribal people as well. Since Araku valley is comparatively unexplored hill station, the greenery and natural beauty of the place is intact. It is mostly frequented by the local people for a weekend getaway. You will be further pleased to know that the Araku valley also houses a few tribal caves as well as an informative museum of tribal arts. If you are a true coffee lover, then it will come as a pleasant surprise that the destination is pretty well known for its exquisite coffee and the subtle aroma of it make you crave for a cuppa. Araku Valley is known to offer some adventure sports, hence all those travellers seeking for some thrill in the vacation won’t be disappointed at all. Want to know more about this stunning place? If yes, then continue reading because we have gathered all the important information about it.

Places To Visit In and Around Araku Valley

Encircled by the mountain ranges of Eastern Ghats at a height of about 2,990 feet, Araku Valley is an ideal getaway for anyone and everyone. There are a lot of exciting hotspot destinations that are located in the nearby area which you can visit with your loved ones when here. Some of the exciting places that you must not miss visiting at Araku Valley are:

Chaparai Waterfalls

Also known locally by the name of Dumbriguda falls, this waterfall is considered to be one of the most scenic attractions to visit in the Araku valley. Encircled by lush green forests on all sides, Chaparai waterfalls is an ideal spot for those travellers who are looking forward to spend a quality and fun time with their loved ones in natural serenity.

  1. Location: On the way to Araku Valley
  2. Distance from Araku Valley: approximately 5 km away
  3. Opening hours: 8 AM till 6 PM
  4. Entry Fee: Rs. 10 per person

Ananthagiri Hills

Nestles between Araku and Vizag, Ananthagiri is a small but a beautiful hill station. Owing to its natural beauty, this hill station is often referred to as one of the most attractive tourist places in Andhra Pradesh. You will be pleased to know that the place is also a home to many coffee plantations and mesmeriisng waterfalls, that blend together to offer a memorable experience.
Place To Visit In and Around Araku Valley-Ananthagiri HillsImage Source

  1. Location: Andhra Pradesh, South India
  2. Distance from Araku Valley: approximately 26 km away
  3. Opening Hours: It is open throughout the day.
  4. Entry Fee: Visitors have to pay no entry fee for visiting.

Borra Caves

If you are further planning to visit the nearby city of Vizag, then visiting the exceptional Borra Caves is one of the best experiences to have. Being referred as the largest as well as the deepest caves in the entire country, Borra Caves origin dates back to around 1807. Made of karstic limestone, the real beauty of the place comes out in natural skylight.
Best Place To Visit Around Araku Valley-Borra CavesImage Source

  1. Location: Andhra Pradesh, 531149
  2. Distance from Araku Valley: approximately 36 km away
  3. Opening hours: 10 AM till 5 PM
  4. Entry Fee: For adults- Rs. 40 per person; For kids- Rs. 30 per person; For those with camera: Rs. 25

Things To Do At Araku Valley:

Admiring the natural beauty is just like the tip of iceberg, when at Araku valley there is a lot more that you can do. After all, there has to be a reason why the place is a delight for every kind of traveller. Some of the activities you can indulge in when here are:

  1. Explore the Coffee Plantations: If you are travelling to Araku Valley from Borra Caves, then you will be pleased to know that the way is lined with a number of beautiful coffee plantations that are a delight for every coffee lover to explore.
    Things To Do At Araku Valley-Explore the Coffee Plantations
    Image Source
  2. Try Some Of The Adventure Activities: For all the adventure junkies who are looking for some thrill and wish to pump up their adrenaline levels a little, there are a lot of activities. You can go for an exciting trek or hike through the mountains. Swimming is also a great option.
  3. Click Some Pretty Pictures: Araku Valley is a naturally scenic destination with green coffee plantations, mighty mountains and pretty clouds. There is a lot for you to capture in your cameras.
    Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh-Click Some Pretty Pictures
    Image Source
  4. Visit the Araku Tribal Museum: All the travellers who are interested to know about the tribal cultures and traditions, this museum is just the ideal place for you. This museum is one of the most popular stops for getting to know about the lifestyle, culture and historical past of Araku Valley.
    Best Things To Do At Araku Valley-Visit the Araku Tribal Museum
    Image Source

    1. Opening hours: 9 AM till 7 PM
    2. Entry Fee: For adults- Rs. 40 per person; For kids- Rs. 20 per person
  5. Try Bongulo Chicken: If you are a true foodie, then your trip to Araku Valley is incomplete without trying their local delicacy. Bongulo Chicken is the famous dish of Araku Valley and this is the ideal place for you to taste the best version of this dish. Here, it is prepared with a unique cooking method. Some other dishes you can also try here include Teepi Avakaya and Madugula Halwa. These delicacies are easily available throughout the place.
    Try Bongulo Chicken-Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh
    Image Source

Araku Valley to Visakhapatnam Distance: Araku Valley is situated approximately 120 kilometres away from Visakhapatnam.

Best Time To Visit Araku Valley:

Though this place welcomes visitors throughout the year but if you are looking forward to have the best experience then it is recommended that you visit Araku Valley between the months of September and May. During this time, the weather turns balmy and pleasant enough to travel, explore, go sightseeing and indulge in adventure activities such as trekking and caving too. However, most of the travellers as well as local people prefer visiting Araku Valley during the winter months which begin from December and last till February. Though the place experience freezing temperatures during this time that sometimes go below 5 degree Celsius, but one can enjoy an exceptional sightseeing experience.

Yet to be explored to its full potential, the serene and tranquil environment of Araku Valley will make you happy right till your soul.

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