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Corbett Waterfalls

11 Famous Waterfalls Destinations Near Delhi (2024)

Waterfalls are one of the most appreciated and loved things of nature which are also a visual treat to the eyes. Such waterfalls are usually found as a part of a rock or a hilly terrain which is another type of natural habitat which attracts a huge number of tourists and travelers. Waterfalls can be found commonly, but the flow of the water, seasonality, and most importantly, the overall magnificence of the waterfalls depends on the location. Considering that case, Delhi is one of the places which have been blessed with easy accessibility to a good number of waterfalls which are some spots of actual retreat. This excellent range of waterfalls attracts a lot of tourists during the monsoon and the winters, the times when the waterfalls can be experienced completely. Now let us take a look at some of the major waterfalls within 600 kms from Delhi, which you might not want to miss.

1. Kempty Waterfall

Uttarakhand is undoubtedly a land of hills, and it does have a good range of waterfalls that directly originate from a great altitude. Kempty waterfalls are one such example which is a popular tourist destination, lying close to the tourist attraction of Mussoorie. The waterfalls originate at the height of 4.5 km above sea level, which is mind-blowing. It is also one of the oldest hubs for a picnic as it’s a popularly known spot from the 1830s. The time between March and June is considered as the best time to visit the waterfalls to experience the waterfalls along with decent weather. Distance from Delhi to Kempty Waterfall is 330 kms.

Kempty Waterfall

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2. Corbett Waterfalls

The Jim Corbett national park is undoubtedly one of the most important and popular national parks in the country. The Corbett waterfalls is a part of the national park and one of the most enjoyed sports in the region. The waterfalls have a height of nearly 66ft, with the entire surroundings covered by lush greenery and trees. This place is also a great option as a picnic spot and even suitable for night camping. The trekkers and the tourists after the long jungle safari can relax here and enjoy the sight. Corbett Waterfalls to Delhi distance by road is 288 kms.

3. Neer Garh Waterfalls

Neer Garh waterfalls are one of the major tourist attractions of Rishikesh, the spiritual city cum hill station. Taking a stroll through the forest to reach the waterfalls is indeed a wonderful experience and can even be termed as an adventure. The colorful ambiance, dominated by the greenery and the flowers, is a mesmerizing sight for any tourist who is visiting Neer Garh. You can even take a bath in it and enjoy the sight with a cup of coffee. The time between September to November would be the best time to visit the waterfalls, right after the monsoon. Neer Garh Waterfalls to Delhi distance by road is 274 kms.

4. Tiger Falls

Tiger falls one of the breathtaking waterfalls in Uttarakhand, covered by hilly terrain all over it. The falls have rocks all over them, giving them a unique and great look. It is going to take quite a good trek for the tourists to reach these beautiful waterfalls, which might take an hour. The unparalleled landscape with fields, cliffs, and above all, the peaks provide great scenery for the trekkers who are going to take them to their destination. The months right after the monsoon are indeed the best time to visit the Tiger falls. Tiger falls to Delhi distance by road is 341 kms.

5. Patna Waterfalls

The Patna waterfalls are a part of the Rajaji national park of Rishikesh, which you can find to be in the ultimate lap of nature. This is a favorite spot for the lovers and fanatics of adventure as it even witnesses a huge influx of tourists round the year. The Patna waterfalls also provide you with a complete package of the real forest experience. It is just more than a nice place to hang out, and you can explore more parts of the caves and waterfalls here. Similar to the other waterfalls of Uttarakhand, the months right after the monsoon would be the best time to visit the waterfalls. Patna waterfalls to Delhi distance by road is 274 kms.

6. Rahalla Falls

Manali is undoubtedly a paradise for every travel aspirant, and Rahalla simply adds more beauty and elegance to the land. The tourists can experience the beauty of the Rahalla Falls, which falls from a height of 8.5 kms. Rahalla Falls is a major pullover that connects the city to the famous Rohtang Pass. Moreover, the place is perfect for planning a trek and even a photoshoot too. The stunning view of the forests, too, is a great experience that any traveler could feel around Manali. The winters, especially the months between November and March, are the best time to visit the Rahalla Falls.

7. Chadwick Waterfall

Chadwick Waterfall is considered one of the best places to visit while you are exploring the landscape of Shimla, a major tourist destination of Northeast India. The bright and beautiful landscape near the waterfall gives it a unique beauty and shine, which is unmatchable. Even though the falls are of a short altitude, tourists prefer to visit the place for its ambiance like nowhere. The colorful flowers followed by the lush green forests also make a visual treat to the tourists on the way to the falls. Another specialty of the place is that you can visit it at any time of the year, and it seems fresh and provides everything to the tourists beyond seasonal or climatic limits. Chadwick waterfalls to Delhi distance by road is 340 kms.

8. Sissu Falls

Sissu Falls can be clearly categorized as one of the best and least explored waterfalls in northeast India. Even though the waterfalls are located in close proximity to Delhi, Sissu Falls, due to its complicated terrain structure and deep forests, fall among the unexplored tourist destinations near Delhi. At the same time, for the adventurers and tourists who are willing to take the opportunity and visit these wonderful falls, it will undoubtedly give them quite a wonderful experience. The place is quite far away from all kinds of hustle-bustle and rush of the city, which makes it an even more attractive option to spend your weekends. The months between September and November are considered as the best time to visit the Sissu Falls, right after the monsoon. Sissu waterfalls to Delhi distance by road is 577 kms.

9. Birthi Waterfalls

Right at the foothills of the Himalayas, the Birthi Waterfalls is indeed a lively experience, which will stay as an unforgettable memory in every tourist’s heart. Originating from the glaciers, this waterfall of 413 ft altitude has wonderful scenery around, which provides a breathtaking landscape to watch at. Similar to most of the other waterfalls and tourist destinations of the area, the tourists need to cross the forests and trek through the rocky terrains to reach this stunning destination. The cliffs are part of the well-known Kumaon mountain range too, which is known as a hub of trekkers. During winters, the snowfall will turn the landscape more beautiful and enjoyable, and the post rainy season is indeed the best time to visit the Birthi Waterfalls of Uttarakhand. Birthi waterfalls to Delhi distance by road is 595 kms.

10. Bundla Falls

If you are looking for one of the best and unexplored waterfalls near Delhi, that too at someplace you can visit and stay at utmost peace, then the Bundla Falls of Palampur is the perfect one for you. This place has some magic that makes you fall in love with the place the moment you enter. The wonderful pool created by the falls is so tempting that you will end up having a nice shower and a dip in the pool. Moreover, on the way to the falls, you will get to experience a nice trek and have quite a photoshoot session at the lap of nature. The months between September and November are considered as the best time to plan a trip to Bundla Falls from Delhi after the monsoon. Bundla waterfalls to Delhi distance by road is 485 kms.

11. Bhagsu Falls

Bhagsu Falls, located in the land of McLeodganj, a rising tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh, is a major attraction of the city. Its proximity to the city of Dharamshala and its serene ambiance has gained a lot of travelers picking Bhagsu Falls for a great weekend trip from Delhi. The beginning of the summer would be the best time to visit the Bhagsu Falls as you can never find a better climate to plan your trip. Bhagsu waterfalls to Delhi distance by road is 475 kms.


Waterfalls are unique wonders of nature, and they should be cherished to reap the best possible mental peace from them. When combined with some trekking and camping, a journey to waterfalls will be a most memorable one. So plan your trip and get your tickets when it’s safe to travel again.

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