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Best Things to do In Goa During the Monsoon - Visit the Magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Goa in the Rainy Season & The Popular Monsoon Festivals in Goa (2023)

Being one of the coolest beach destinations in India, Goa unravels the best opportunity for you to enjoy pristine beaches and experience the vibrant nightlife. Even though tourists from home and abroad visit Goa in between November and February, Goa is equally attractive during the monsoon. Not only will you get all the benefits of an off-season visit but also will get to experience drenched beaches and swelling waterfalls.

Goa in the Rainy Season

Rainy season in Goa lasts from June to August. Because of its geographical location on the Konkan coast, this beach destination receives an average of 31 inches of rain across the months of June, July, and August. With an approximate of 27 days in a month, July is the wettest month in Goa. After coming from the Arabian Sea, the clouds hit the mountains of the Western Ghats and that’s how rain arrives in Goa. During this time, you will find all the rivers including Chapora, Zuari, and Sal to be swollen. The cloud cover over the Arabian Sea is worth capturing a picture of. Since the monsoon can get unpredictable in this part of the country, you should be prepared for heavy rain and dry weather at the same time.

5 Best Things to do In Goa During the Monsoon

Here are some of the best things that you should try doing during your stay in the monsoon period. Whether you want to explore majestic waterfalls or go river rafting, Goa gives you an opportunity to experience it all.

1. Visit the Magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfalls: Located 28 km away from Goa, Dudhsagar Falls is known for being one of the tallest waterfalls in the country.

Best Things to do In Goa During the Monsoon - Visit the Magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Photo by Joegoauk Goa  Image Source

Surrounded by lush greenery, this waterfall attracts thousands of visitors from different corners of the globe. Appreciated by nature lovers, this fall inside the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary becomes full of glory during the monsoon. The powerful gush of the waterfall here will leave you amazed. This waterfall can be easily reached by train or road through Panaji.

Location: Sonaulim, Goa

Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM (Open All Days)

2. Go River Rafting in Mhadei River: River rafting is one of the most popular activities in Goa in monsoon. As the river swells in the monsoon, you’ll be able to experience the best of water sports. Located 50 km away from Goa, this river presents the best opportunity for you to do justice to the pristine waters here. As you navigate the rapids of the Mhadei river, you will gain an unforgettable experience. Surrounded by dense tropical forests, this river rafting session will offer you pure bliss.

Best Things to do In Goa During the Monsoon-Go River Rafting in Mhadei RiverImage Source

Location: Mhadei river, Valpoi, Goa

Timings: 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

3. Experience Colors of Goan Festivals: Monsoon in Goa calls for celebrations that infuse new life into the local communities. During this time, you’ll get to experience different festivals such as Fertility Feast of Sao Joao, Bonderam Festival, and so on. Celebrated on 24th June, the Fertility Feast of Sao Joao is popularly known for creating floating stages for the purpose of organizing different cultural programs. If you are in Goa in the month of August, you should definitely participate in the Bonderam Festival which makes the entire Divar island alive with music by local bands.

Best Things to do In Goa During the Monsoon-Experience Colors of Goan FestivalsImage Source

Location: Varies

Timings: N/A

4. Visit Chapora Fort On A Cloudy Morning: In case you were a little skeptical about visiting forts in Goa in monsoon, you must know that these forts get a completely different look during the rainy season. Located in Bardez, the Chapora Fort became extremely popular after being featured in the Bollywood film named Dil Chahta Hai. Even though you will not find many barracks and houses that used to be here earlier, the fort you see today was constructed in 1717 for defense purposes. As the rain washes away the dust that usually gathers on the structure, the forts look even more stunning. Apart from Chapora Fort, you can also visit Aguada Fort and Reis Magos Fort.

Best Things to do In Goa During the Monsoon-Visit Chapora Fort On A Cloudy MorningImage Source

Location: Chapora, Goa

Timings: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (Open All Days)

5. Experience Rural Goa on A Bicycle Tour: Whether you have always wanted to roam around Rural Goa on a bicycle or simply want to leave the modern amenities, there can’t be anything better than a bicycle tour during your stay in Goa. Rent a bicycle and roam around at your own pace. This will give you plenty of opportunities to explore the rural Goa, feel the breeze and experience lush greenery, explore magnificent structures, stand in front of a picture-perfect quaint Goan house, and so on.

Location: N/A

Timings: N/A

What Are The Popular Monsoon Festivals in Goa?

To experience the real vibe of Goa, you have to visit the colorful indigenous festivals that happen in Goa during the monsoon. Here are some of the most popular festivals that will make your monsoon trip to Goa even more memorable.

Ponsachem Fest: Taking place in Socorro village every June, the Ponsachem Fest celebrates the best jackfruits of Goa and the items made from it. This festival is also known as the Jackfruit Festival.

Sangodd: Celebrated on June 29 every year, this festival is organized by the local fishing community. The fishermen create makeshift stages by tying their boats together during this festival. Many Konkani artists along with the locals perform on this day.

Popular Monsoon Festival in Goa-Sangodd

Image Source

Chikalkalo: Happening at the end of July every year, this festival is usually celebrated in the Marcel village. Devotees indulge in an activity that requires them to roll in the muck. Chilkalkalo literally translates to play in the mud.

Chikalkalo-Popular Monsoon Festival in Goa

Photo By Joegoauk Goa  Image Source

Touxeachem Fest: Popularly known as Cucumber Fest, the Touxeachem Fest is celebrated at the Church of St Anne. Local couples come here to seek blessings from St Anne who was blessed with a baby after spending 40 years of barren life. Usually happening at the end of July every year, this festival attracts devotees from different parts of the state.

Touxeachem Fest-Popular Monsoon Festival in Goa

Photo Courtesy Goa Tourism  Image Source

Want to fulfill your rainy day wanderlust? Then there is no better way than spending a few days in the monsoon season in Goa. Costing you comparatively less, Goa trip during monsoon unravels the best opportunity for you to experience the rural Goa, witness the colorful festivals, and appreciate stunning structures. Take your friends and family with you to make this trip even more memorable.

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