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Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur Beach (Porbandar) Travel Guide (2024)

Madhavpur Beach is in Gujarat, close to Porbandar. The beach is part of the village Madhavpur Ghed, which has a mythological connection to India’s history. After the Dandi Beach, the Madhavpur beach is one of the few tourist locations that have two interesting aspects attached.

According to lore, the Madhavpur Village is the one where Lord Krishna married Rukmini, and there’s a temple, the Madhavrai Temple, at the village to mark this event. If you plan to visit the Madhavrai temple, read this article to know what to expect.

According to lore, the Madhavpur Village got its name when Lord Krishna vanquished a demon named Madhu, who lived here.

The road to Madhavpur Beach is a breeze to drive on. The good part of the journey to the beach is that you don’t need to meander through internal roads, as it is on the main road.

The Madhavpur Beach Experience

Madhavpur Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the vicinity. The long shoreline and the absence of any commercial activity make this a must-visit beach in the Gujarat state. The Madhavpur beach is not just nature’s retreat; it is the location for some temples as well.

The route to Madhavpur Beach is via NH 51. The pristine beach is perfect for long walks and a dip in the water as well. However, the beach is not safe for deep water swimming, as there are no lifeguards nearby, and the beach doesn’t have many tourists around to rescue anyone. Madhavpur Beach (Porbandar)

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Madhavpur Beach doesn’t have a rocky terrain, and tourists can spend hours at the hem of the beach. Because the Madhavpur Beach is almost a virgin one, you can see the fresh, clean blue waters that we only see in beaches outside the country.

Madhavpur Beach is the perfect location for a day out, as it has some shops that sell food and beverages, making it easier for people to spend a quiet evening or a quick afternoon at the beach.

Madhavpur Beach is famous among people who are looking for photography options for cheap. All around, you will see people clicking photographs of the beach or creating profile photos for themselves.

The beach made headlines a few years ago when some ancient sculptures washed ashore. Also, there were rumors that the villagers got the noserings and the gold rings that washed ashore – but those rumors never got a confirmation.

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Madhavpur Beach is a perfect beach location because it offers watersports as well, and the rates are pretty affordable. Taking a camel ride along the calming and serene beach-shore is a surreal experience. Some others have horse rides as well.

You can spend about an hour and a half here, exploring, having long walks along the shore, and engaging in water sports. You have some other places nearby that you can visit, like the Rukmini Temple, the Madhav Rai Temple, the Osho Ashram, and the Turtle Hatchery.

Madhavpur Beach makes its way on any of the tourism packages that offer you a quick tour of Porbandar city, it is a beautiful location and has a place in India’s history as well.

Places to Visit Near Madhavpur Beach

Experts say that there is a nearby temple, where Lord Krishna and Rukmini got married, and every year, there’s a fair on the occasion of the Chaitra Shukal Baras.

Place to Visit Near Madhavpur Beach-Huzoor Palace in Porbandar
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Madhavpur Beach is near Porbandar, and there are other places that you can visit in Porbandar to make the most of your visit. You have the Madhavpur Turtle Hatchery and the Chowpatty Beach. You have the Huzoor Palace in Porbandar and the Porbandar beach.

The Turtle Hatchery is one of the rare opportunities to see turtles in India. It’s in Pata, on the Porbandar Verawal Highway. It is one of the few places where turtles are bred and hatched, which helps in their conservation. The Huzoor Palace is one of the few places in Gujarat and in India that give the viewers a grandside view of the royal life, back in the day.

Hotels Near Madhavpur Beach

Hotel Near Madhavpur Beach-Hotel Kuber
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There are several hotels in Porbandar that offer you accommodation at budget prices. Near the city center, you have the Hotel Kuber and the Hotel Balaji Palace. The other hotels are the Hotel Atithi, which at the time of writing this article was an OYO Hotel. The price range for a room in these hotels ranges from 1000 rupees to 3000 rupees. If you are looking for budget stays, you can look at the dormitories that are becoming popular in Porbandar and all over India. These dormitories are large halls that offer you a cot and a place to store your belongings. The dormitories are very cheap, and they even offer you a place to say for as low as 400 rupees per day. These are best for backpackers and groups of people looking for budget stays. There are some downsides to it, for example, you won’t have private washroom facilities, and some of them won’t offer you food services. Also, most dormitories have a system wherein you need to return by a particular time during the night.

How To Reach Madhavpur Beach?

Reaching Porbandar is simple, as it connects well with other cities via road, rail, and bus. You will see Porbandar on several road routes of State Transport buses as well as private buses. Several railway routes have the Porbandar railway station as well. Porbandar connects well with cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and others. Porbandar has an airport as well, and there are connecting flights to Mumbai, Ahmedabad.

Madhavpur Beach is about 58 Km away from Porbandar. It is about 300 km away from Ahmedabad and 102 km away from Rajkot.

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