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Is Tosh Better Than Kasol? (2023)

Near Kasol lies a small township called Tosh. This village destination is a great trekking track that offers stunning sights for the human eye. Many tourists call Tosh the unexplored “Green trek or green treat” because of the view of the magnetic lush greens and hilltops. The alluring sight captures the breath and captivates the visitor into silence with its splendor.

Both Kasol and Tosh are a class apart with exquisite scenic beauty and mesmerizing views. These unexplored townships are worth visiting and have lots to offer to the stressed visitor. Remember, people, travel miles to view the gorgeous countryside. The constant cacophony of the vehicles on the roads and their hectic corporate lifestyles irritate them.

Undefiled and Untouched Tosh and Kasol

Kasol and Tosh are Himachal Pradesh’s famous unexplored tourist places which are slowly gaining popularity. These are the ultimate trekking and hiking routes that provide a stunning view of the valley, lush green meadows, gurgling rivers, and majestic mountains.

To top it all off, there is a free flow of marijuana, rare and banned, in India. Be careful to avoid the illegal areas, and you are good to go. It is easier to reach Kasol because of the well-maintained link road. To reach Tosh you have to cross Kasol and Barshaini to move on to Tosh. During the winter season, the area gets covered with snow, and Tosh can become difficult to access. Moreover, the roads may get snowed out, so drive carefully during the chilly weather.

Attending offices, and running around for household and lifestyle chores, we get tired and need a rejuvenating break from our humdrum lives. Nature acts as a balm, and we can heal our souls in the natural world. Take a break, head for the beautiful Kasol and Tosh.

Overview of Kasol and Tosh:

Kasol is at about 1580 m from the sea level. Perched in the Himalayas, this quaint village is located along the Parvati River. With a beautiful view of the Parvati valley, Kasol is very near Kheerganga, the famous town of the healing hot springs.

The landscape is incomplete without the colorful apple orchards and the elegant vistas. Higher up in the mountains at about 2400 meters is Tosh, the laid-back small hamlet with an enthralling view of the mountains, the Tosh river, and the valley.

Though the town is unexplored, many come here in search of peace.

Tosh is nearly 28 km from Kasol. When you reach the hamlet leave your vehicle in the allotted parking place below the township. There are pathways that you cannot take your car to. In fact, you have to enter the village on foot. Then stay in a cozy wooden guest house or a traditional hill house to enjoy a stay in the wilderness. Some of them have modern facilities whereas others don’t, choose as per your needs!

The Beautiful Tosh Trek From Kasol:

If you want to savor the best of this picturesque place, March, November, and February are the ideal months to be here. Trekking up the hill to reach Tosh is an exhilarating activity for a visitor.

The view from the hilltop is refreshing and delightful. In fact, this is the best Kasol trek you can grab. Plenty of people staying in Kasol include this uphill trek in their itinerary. The land is amazingly picturesque with radiant greens and high mountains!

Tosh is a hub of café culture; as a result, there are plenty of thriving cafes with excellent food in this quaint unexplored hamlet. The whole ambiance of this town is a reflection of European countries, so it is worth a visit.

Which Place is Less Crowded, Tosh or Kasol?

Kasol is a serene place that is comparatively more crowded than Tosh. Thus, if you are fond of excessive silence and love to retreat into the wilds, Tosh is where you should be for a vacation. The glorious mountain ranges stand opulently in front of this small village-cum-town, strong and regal, wooing the audiences.

Tosh From A Height:

Tosh stands at a higher altitude than Kasol. The beauty of the place from high up the hill is unimaginable and insanely beautiful. Glorious landscapes and the sight of the white snow-capped mountains is stunning. Also, the visitor can easily spot the enchanting Parvati River gushing through the dense pine forests in the Kasol valley. The whole panoramic view with the forests, rivers, and high mountains can mesmerize the traveler into silence. There is no doubt, that it is spell-binding!

The Kheerganga Trek and Manikaran Gurudwara:

Making this your base, you can explore Kasol and the Kasol valley to your heart’s content, visit the Kheerganga and Manikaran, Gurudwara, and also trek uphill to Tosh.

The KheerGanga trek is not easy, but it is exhilarating. The view from the KheerGanga meadow is astounding, with the widespread lush green meadow and dense forests to greet the visitor.

Just about 6 km from Kasol lies the Holy shrine of Manikaran Sahib. You can drive down or trek to this spiritual abode of the Sikh Gurus. The fast-flowing Baes River, healing hot springs and tall mountains in the backdrop are splendidly beautiful.

Camp in Style at Kasol

But scenic beauty is not the only thing Kasol is about. There is so much to keep you busy, beautiful locales, superb food, Israeli culture, and loads of parties and musical fun. Kasol is a great place to be in if you like interacting with visitors from all over or camping in the wilds.

Gazing at the open skies as you lie down below is bliss unexplainable. Also, you wake up to the sun’s rays shining brightly on your face. The Valleys are splendid and the mountains beautiful- a visit to Kasol is a great adventure go for it!

Take the picturesque drive to Tosh and see the sensational Dhauladhar ranges and the tranquil valley. If you are in the region, trek to the Tosh waterfall. Just be careful because the trek is steep and the area narrow, but the sight at the end is worth a visit.

Keep your bags at the campsite and then freshen up in the fresh mountain waters and savor your meal in the wilderness. If you are exhausted and beaten by paradise, retreat to your tent and grab some shut-eye!

You can trek to Chalal through the dense coniferous forests and get a brush of the beautiful Kasol from far off. The sight is breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerizing. Chalal is encased deep inside the forest and has an eye-striking glory that is unmatched by others.

The small interesting town offers plenty of scenic spots for the artists to paint. Once tired and spent, you can return to base camp and rest peacefully. This holiday is all about the exploration of natural beauty and natural surroundings.

Is Tosh Worth A Visit?

Undoubtedly so! Tosh, a non-descript village near Barsheni, offers a panoramic view of the Kheerganga and the hot springs. If you are interested in trekking and hiking, you can make Tosh, the base village. After your strenuous and exhausting Kheerganga trek, you can come back and take a rest at the base camp.

Group Travel Preferable in Tosh and Kasol:

Tosh and Kasol may be beautiful places and a paradise for many, but it is the hub of hash and drugs. Visitors here often indulge in wine, drugs, and smoking for fun. At times, some of them may be a little too glad and unruly because of the parties, wine, and drug environment at the restaurants. Thus, it is safer to travel in a group!

Tourists from near and far add this to their travel destination bucket list because of its quaint European culture and superb Israeli food. Travelers heading from all over the globe, visit these two hill stations in Himachal Pradesh because they are slowly getting recognition and becoming popular.

The Best Time To Visit Tosh and Ksol

The two towns are gloriously beautiful throughout the year. Though you may not be able to trek comfortably in the winter season, the white cap snow peaks make up for it in beauty. The charm of this white wonderland is incomparable to other hill stations and leaves the traveler spellbound.

To enjoy Kasol at its best, make your travel plans around April. The whole region enjoys about 26- 27 degrees temperature, and is the best time to trek and hike! So, visit the beautiful Kasol and Tosh this season, and unwind as you take in a fantastic view of the Bunbuni Mountain.

The Unique Distinct Kasol and Tosh:

If you want to enjoy graffiti scribbled streets lined with cool cafes or if you want to spend the evening at a theme restaurant, then you need to be here at Kasol. With fabulous bright handmade clothes made by the locals or munching on Israeli cuisine, you can get an enthralling experience here.

Cultural Influence in Tosh and Kasol:

Tosh has more European influence than Kasol. On the other hand, Kasol is influenced deeply by the Israelis. Marijuana plantations are common in the regions, though the air around Tosh has a distinct smell of this plant. Tosh overlooks the Tosh waterfall and the river because it is on a hilltop.

People from different walks of life and cultures have made Kasol their home. To savor the town to the fullest, walk along the mystic streets to feel refreshed and alive. Kasol and Tosh do this to you. These hill stations infuse happiness and delight in the visitor and have a unique standing among different hill stations of Himachal.

Visit The Nearby Villages:

Even if the traveler is not interested in trekking, a walk provides amazing picturesque scenic spots to admire. For an extra dash of quiet, drive down to or trek to Tosh and spend a few peaceful hours of ecstasy. There are plenty of scenic villages around the region. Chalal, Katalga, “Little Greece” Malana, Tulga, Choj, Kutla, Kalga, and Rasol are worth visiting.

Sit back in the wilderness with a cup of coffee in your hand and look over the gorgeous river and the majestic mountain ranges. Make the Tosh Kasol trip memorable by treading the off-beaten path in the wilds, savouring the mouth-watering cuisine, and clicking beautiful memories for a lifetime.

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