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Shivgadi Temple - Must See While Visiting Bindudham

Bindudham or Binduwasini temple in Jharkhand Travel Guide (2024)

Jharkhand is one of the unique states in India. Even though the entire state is mostly known for magnificent forests, but it holds a strong historical and religious significance to the people of India. Although nowadays many tourists in the world visit different destinations of Jharkhand, yet there are many sites located there, that are not that popular in the world. Some of the spots have immense architectural and historical value. As Hinduism is one of the most prominent religion in Jharkhand, there are many Hindu temples over there that holds great religious significance. You might have heard about some of them, while others you might be unfamiliar with. Bindudham or Binduwasini temple is one such temple in Jharkhand that is quite unknown to many wanderlust travelers. This Hindu temple is located in the Barharwa region of the Sahibganj district of Jharkhand. Even though Bindudham temple is quite well-known to the Hindu devotees of Jharkhand, but it is not that famous among other tourists. Apart from being religiously significant, Bindudham is also quite historically important.

Bindudham or Binduwasini temple in Jharkhand Travel Guide-Massive Statue of God Hanuman
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Unlike other major Indian temples, this monument is not dedicated to one God. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Maha Lakshmi, Maha Durga, and Maha Saraswati. All the deities are worshipped in the temple in the form of Tridevi. Apart from the said Goddesses, the temple is also dedicated to God Surya. There is also a massive statue of God Hanuman erected over there that is also the main highlight of this temple. As Bindudham is located in the Sahibganj district of Jharkhand, the scenic view surrounding the site is quite pretty. The entire district is surrounded by the beautiful Rajmahal hills. That is why while exploring the temple, you will get to view other naturally beautiful spots as well. In case you are planning on visiting the Binduwasini temple, it will be better for you if you study this blog. Here, you will find important information regarding the temple. Not only will you get the important information regarding the temple, but also, will you get the information that is important for you to spend a few days in Sahibganj. So, let us delve into the history of this ancient underrated temple of India.

The Interesting Mythology and History Behind Bindudham

First of all, we want to mention that the exact history of Bindudham is not known to anybody in the world. Everything mentioned in this blog is gathered from popular beliefs and mythology. It is believed that Bindudham is an immensely ancient temple. It is so ancient that nobody knows the date of formation of the site. Many believe it has been created thousands of years ago and the topic of its creation is quite controversial in India. Once upon a time, this site was quite religiously significant in India, but with time, it became unpopular.

Now, according to mythology, Bindudham temple has been in existence for eternity. It was due to the perseverance of Swami Hariharanand Giri, Bindudham temple gained recognition. The saint was popularly known as Pahari Baba. One day he realized the importance of this site and renovated the temple. The original history of this temple’s creation is related to Goddess Sati. It is believed that three drops of blood fell onto the surface of the temple when her corpse was severed by Lord Vishnu. That is why many people believe this site to be a Shaktipeeth. Even though Bindudham did not get the recognition of Shaktipeeth, but local Hindu devotees consider it to be one. Sati Peeths are considered to be the sites throughout the world where body parts of the deity were found after being severed by Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu severed her to prevent the world from the wrath of Lord Shiva. After the death of Goddess Sati, Lord Shiva was so disturbed and infuriated that he started doing Tandav Nritya with her corpse. Then, Lord Vishnu had to step in by severing her corpse. All of the said statements are a massive part of Hindu Mythology. Even though there is no proof of their truth, but Hindu devotees believe them by heart. As there were no body parts of Goddess Sati found in the Binduwasini temple, it is not technically a Shaktipeeth. The name Bindudham came from the fact that three drops from Goddess Sati’s body fell on the site. That is why the name of the hill where the temple is located is also known as Binduwasini hill.

Important Events Held In Bindudham or Binduwasini Temple

Bindudham is quite popular in Jharkhand for its celebration of Chetra Navaratri Durga Puja. You might have heard about Durga Puja or Navaratri that takes place in the month of October every year. This Durga Puja held in Bindudham is quite different from the aforementioned Puja. This celebration happens for the first nine days of the Chaitra month from the Hindu calendar. Chaitra month falls between March and April. In Binduwasini temple, Yajnas are organized every year between March and April for nine days. The last day of the festival is known as Ram Navami and thousands of pilgrims gather there to take part in the festival. Not only to worship the deities, but people visit there to take part in the Ram Navami fair as well.

Apart from the said festival, other festivals are also celebrated in Bindudham. Some of them include Khatu Shyam Pujan, Guru Purnima, Govardhan Puja, Rani Sati Pujan, and others. Hindu devotees and tourists visit the temple during the said festivals to know about the culture and heritage of Jharkhand.

The Best Months To Visit Bindudham

Sahibganj in Jharkhand is a warm state. That is why tourists should visit there from November to February. The weather of the area at the said months is quite comfortable. If you visit Barharwa during that time, you will get to explore the region comfortably. But if you are a religious person, it will be better for you if you visit Bindudham throughout the year. As the temple holds a wide array of religious celebrations throughout the year, you will love this region at any time of the year.

The Easiest Ways To Reach The Binduwasini Temple

There are three ways through which you will get to travel to Barharwa to explore the Binduwasini temple. The first route is by availing the roads. In case you live in Jharkhand, you will have no problem reaching Bindudham by car or bus. The public transportation system in Jharkhand is quite good. As the temple is located in Sahibganj, you will have no shortage of public transport that will take you over there.

In case you want to go there by availing trains, you will have no problem. As the temple is located pretty close to Barharwa railway station, reaching there by train will not be a big deal. Barharwa railway station is quite well connected to different Indian towns and cities. The last option to visit Sahibganj is by availing airplanes. As the nearest airport from Barharwa is located in Bagdogra in West Bengal, you will have to rent a car to go there. The distance between Bagdogra and Barharwa is 280 km. Although, finding a car to rent from Bagdogra will not be a major hassle for you.

Places You Must See While Visiting Bindudham

The places that we are mentioning in the following section of the blog are all not that far away from Bindudham. By renting a car in Barharwa, you will get to see all of these places in a day.

1. Moti Jharna

Moti Jharna is the highlight of Sahibganj. The name of the waterfall is Moti Jharna because Moti in English means pearl. As the cascading water from the height looks like a pearl on a sunny day, the name of the waterfall is named after that. If you visit Moti waterfall, you will genuinely be awe-struck. Not only the fall but also the area surrounding the fall is extremely beautiful. You can have a great picnic with your loved ones at the site of the fall. As the waterfall is quite popular, it can get a lot crowded. That is why it will be better for you if you visit there after 2 pm.

Place You Must See While Visiting Bindudham-Moti Jharna

Photo by prithwi Image Source

The distance between Bindudham and Moti Jharna: 45 km.

2. Shivgadi Temple


Shivgadi Temple is another major temple located in Sahibganj that is visited by many Hindu devotees throughout the year. As the Shiva Lingam is located inside a cave, many thrill-seeking people are also curious about this site. To reach the temple, you will have to get inside the cave. One of the most astonishing things about the temple is that the Shiva Lingam is composed of the falling water droplets of the mountain inside the cave. If you visit there during Mahashivratri, you will get to see the true popularity of the site among Hindu devotees.

Shivgadi Temple - Must See While Visiting Bindudham

Credit By Shivgadi DHAM Image Source

The distance between Bindudham and Shivgadi Temple: 26 km.

3. Fossil Park

Sahibganj is located by the foothills of Rajmahal hills. But did you know that the hills are home to some plant fossils that are over 140 million old? If you visit the Rajmahal hills in Sahibganj, you will get to see some fossils by yourself. These plant fossils are so famous among archaeologists and paleontologists, that they have been displayed in the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany in Lucknow along with other remarkable fossils from all over the world.

The distance between Bindudham and Fossil Park: 27 km.

Most Comfortable Places To Stay Near Bindudham

Even though there are not many high profile hotels in Sahibganj, we are providing the best places to stay over there in the following section of this blog.

1. Hotel Kalinga International

Located right beside Sahibganj railway station, Hotel Kalinga International is one of the best hotels to stay to explore Bindudham. This property has such an amazing location, that all the sightseeing spots of Sahibganj will be at your arm’s reach while staying there. Apart from luxurious rooms and a front-desk facility, this hotel also has a restaurant. You will have a pretty comfortable stay while staying in Kalinga International hotel.

Most Comfortable Place To Stay Near Bindudham-Hotel Kalinga International
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Sashi Bhushan, Bhola Yadav Commercial Building, Near Town Thana, JN Roy Rd, Sahibganj, Jharkhand 816109.

Phone number: 06436 222 857.

Website: Not available.

Price of a room per night: INR 2000.

2. Lodge Royal Diamond

Lodge Royal Diamond is one of the most affordable yet luxurious hotels located in Sahibganj. As the hotel is situated right beside Sahibganj railway station, locating it is extremely easy. All the rooms of this establishment are well-maintained and clean. The service provided by the staff of the hotel is so hospitable that you will have a comfortable stay over there. Most of the famous spots of Sahibganj are located quite close to the property.

Place To Stay Near Bindudham-Lodge Royal Diamond
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Barharwa, Main Road, Sahibganj, 816101.

Phone Number: Not available.

Website: Not available.

Price of a room per night: INR 2000.

3. Priya Hotel

Located quite close to Sahibganj railway station, Priya Hotel is one of the cheapest hotels to stay over there. With clean and well-maintained rooms, this establishment is for you if you want to explore Bindudham under budget. But do not be fooled by the low tariff of the property, as the service provided by the staff is extremely hospitable. Moreover, the location of the hotel will allow you to explore all the sightseeing spots of Sahibganj quite easily.

Best Hotel Place To Stay Near Bindudham-Priya Hotel
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Address: West of the railway station, Station Road, NH80, Sahibganj, Jharkhand 816109.

Phone Number: 06436 223 369.

Website: Not available.

Price of a room per night: INR 890.

With mysterious mythology and immense religious belief, Bindudham is the object of curiosity for many Hindu devotees in India, but this temple deserves much more popularity and praise. Bindudham is not only one of the oldest temples in India, but also it is a fantastic tourist spot. We can guarantee you that by visiting this location, you will gain a lot of new information about Jharkhand and Hindu mythology. We hope by reading this blog, you get to learn a lot of different information regarding Bindudham temple.

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