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Maharaja Restaurant - Eat Chicken Tandoori in Chikmagalur

Foods In Chikmagalur: What to Eat & Where in Chikmagalur? (2023)

Do you, by any chance, want to take a week-long break from your day to day routine life and spend quality time with your loved ones? Are you in search of a place that serves delicious food in heaven? Would you want to go to a hill which offers food which makes you feel as if you are on top of the world? The quest ends here at

Chikmagalur! In Karnataka, you won’t have a hard time finding the best places to eat in Chikmagalur. The mouth-watering food you all are waiting for all your life happens to be made in Chikmagalur. It’s hard to be in the same place mentally after trying various delectable cuisines from this earthy place.

What to Eat & Where in Chikmagalur?

If you are a real foodie at heart, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to try these best places to eat in Chikmagalur. Here are some hand-picked places for your taste buds for the out of the world experience when in Chikmagalur:

1. Maharaja Restaurant:

Maharaja Restaurant is the place to stop at if you are a fan of this aromatic and textured Mutton Biryani. The wood flavored chicken tandoori is to die for; think again, you would want one more plate of it. It’s a great place which offers you great value for your money. Did you ask how? For a full tummy of 6 members, it will only cost you 1000 bucks. A true Maharaja treats serving to its name.

Maharaja Restaurant - Eat Chicken Tandoori in Chikmagalur

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Specialties: Mutton Biryani, Chicken tandoori

2. Kanha:

If you are following a particular lifestyle of being a vegan, you will find plenty of options to chew on in Chikmagalur. The vibe is clean and sober. And if you want to stay at this place, that’s an available option too. You will be served with breakfast in bed at eight and lunch past 12. The combo of Ghee roasted chicken and Ghee roasted paneer, that also with lachha paratha adds another dimension to it. The proximity of a bus stop is within walking distance. So, you preserve the best experience of food for a longer time.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Chikmagalur

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Specialties: Vegan friendly

3. Town Canteen:

This is the place you want to go right after you get up in the morning for breakfast. This is considered one of the best places to eat in Chikmagalur for its crispy dosas with butter and a cup of filter coffee to wake you up from your sleepy state completely. The soft idlis make you order more than what you want. And now, how can the breakfast be completed without their steamy Gulab Jamun. This canteen dated back in the 1960s; you can taste the legacy in their service.

Specialties: Fresh and hygienic breakfast

4. The Estate Coffee:

When you are on the road from Chikmagalur to Bhadra Wildlife, it suddenly appears from nowhere. Amidst this lush green scenery, you only want to sip hot chocolate and write a novel about it. In this cozy get up The Estate Coffee offers noodles, pakodas, parathas, and a variety of cold coffees. Coffee Arabica is known as amongst their best servings.

Specialties: Mesmerising view with coffee

5. Mayura Deluxe:

This place defines the word Brunch in a different way. Be it for satiating breakfast or appetizing lunch. Mayura Deluxe has everything to offer under the sun, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan. Seviya bath and goli bhaji have been among their trademarked dishes. Biryani lovers can opt for any type of biryani they want, they have got it all. Their North thali is a surprise in the lot.

Mayura Deluxe - The Best Places To Eat Goli Bhaji In Chikmagalu

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Specialties: Everything under one roof

6. Vishnu Delicacy:

This place always runs out of tables, extremely busy; you need to wait for some time to get in. A paradise for vegetarians, with a reasonable price of Rs. 170 you can eat three delicious Rotis with Dal Tadka. Again, the tourist from the north won’t miss their home after having a meal or two. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, everything is covered here. The ambiance is pretty decent, which gives you this sense of Chikmagalur.

Vishnu Delicacy - The Best Places To Eat In Chikmagalu

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Specialties: South and North Thali

7. Odyssey, The Serai:

If this place could be described in one word, that would be A Fine-dining resort in Chikmagalur. They seem to know the meaning of the word ‘Atithi.’ You will be highly pampered and made reluctant to leave this place any time soon. Serai makes sure you have the time of your life staying and eating there. The ambiance and peaceful environment is their virtue. Along with Indian, their Italian cuisine is succulent. SPA, play area, swimming pool gives you a memorable time.

Odyssey, The Serai - A la Carte and Buffet in Chikmagalur

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Specialties: A la Carte and buffet

8. Food Palace:

For a place situated in a small area of a Chikmagalur town, it serves some flavourful south Indian dishes. Excellent food at the reasonable rate where their Dosa, Idlis, and Vadas won’t let you forget the typical Karnataka culture. Hygiene is adequately maintained for a small place that it is. They have got this first particular floor for the family seating.

Food Palace - The Best Places To Eat Dosa Idlis And Vadas In Chikmagalu

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Specialties: Defines culture of Karnataka from their food

9. Siri Cafe:

If not anything, this place is extravagant in nature. If you are tired from a long drive through in the Ghats, this is the place to come to. One can relax having different flavors of coffees, seeing your children playing in the play area. It gives you this satisfaction with the whole trip to the cafe. This cafe in Chikmagalur deserves ten on 10 for just the ambiance, and it’s thus, a perfect hangout place with your buddies.Siri Cafe - Try Different Flavors Of Coffees When In Chikmagalu

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Specialties: Rich in Nature

10. Cafe Agape:

A fast-food personified restaurant is Cafe Agape. A thin crust yummilicious pizza is their king of the menu. They also serve the Pasta in both the gravy, which makes it finger-licking. Bruschetta with a grilled bread with a variety of toppings like tomatoes, vegetables, beans, and cheese, is one dish that makes most of the restaurant’s noise. You would be delighted to come here again.

Cafe Agape - Italian Food and Coffee Restaurant In Chikmagalu

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Specialties: Italian food and coffee

11. Mysore Foodz:

Everything that Mysore represents this restaurant in Chikmagalur offers. This is actually like the homage to the city. Be it Mysore Masala Dosa, Mysore Bhaji, or Mysore Bonda, and everything is delightful and delectable. Talking about the staff and service, they are far from being arrogant. They always maintain this calm posture while helping you.

Mysore Foodz - Masala Dosa, Mysore Bhaji Try To Eat When In Chikmagalu

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Specialties: Aesthetics and Mysore touch

12. Annapurna Veg:

It’s a pure vegetarian restaurant located in the center of the Chikmagalur city. They are known for their quick service and a neat and tidy approach about their place. They use this right mix of spices so that the food tastes divine and, at the same time, simple also. Their meals are super fulfilling, and the place is crowded on the weekends, but on weekdays it’s no problem.

Annapurna Veg - Pure Vegetarian Restaurant In Chikmagalu

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Specialties: Simplicity in their food

13. Salpicon, the Burger Shop:

As the name suggests, their main item on the menu is A Burger, and varieties of those too. They also offer a coffee that washes down all the junk food you had. Seeing the quality of a Burger, it will seem like they have under-priced it. Along with the burgers, they also keep this instant packs of chicken and prawns. Wraps and fries on the sides make it more glorious. If you are a junk food enthusiast, you should visit this eating joint in Chikmagalur at least once.

Salpicon, the Burger Shop - Try To Ent When In Chikmagalur

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Specialties: Chicken Burger and wraps

14. Greens Family Restaurant:

Greens family restaurant is multi-cuisine, which specializes in the finest style of south Indian dishes. This place also provides catering services to marriage function, events, parties, and special occasions. They operate on all the days of the week; it’s commendable. Rates are also not that costly. Be it Veg or non-veg food, they cover it all, for any celebrations that are to happen in that place.

Specialties: Perfect place for celebrations

15. Vintage Cafe:

With a soothing atmosphere, this cafe tops as one of the best in Chikmagalur. Especially for young adults and teenagers, this is their place to hang out for each time they make a plan. With a variety of tea, milkshakes, filter coffee, and juices to offer, Vintage Cafe keeps adding flavors on the menu every couple of months. It’s good to have a chilled sip of different cocktails and mocktails here after a long hard day at the office. Staff and the serving people know their customers pretty well; they adjust to the customer’s behavior and the mindset.

Vintage Cafe - One Of The Best Cafe In Chikmagalur

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Specialties: Cocktails and Mocktails


So, while going through this list of the best places to eat in Chikmagalur, you are definitely having a ball in Chikmagalur. Strengthen your relationships with your loved ones as the quality time you will forever remember while hogging on to the inviting dishes in Chikmagalur. One thing is sure: you will definitely forget the name of almost all the places you visited, but instead of the name, you will assign the flavor and the dishes to these places you had the food in.

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