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Hazara Rama Temple - Places To Visit In Hampi

Visit Hampi (Hampe) : The Ideal Weekend Getaway Destination of Karnataka (2023)

Hampi is one of the most alluring places located in the east-central part of Karnataka, India. The town consists of numerous monuments and temples that were built in different eras. This place has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Hampi is also known as Hampe and is one of the most visited tourist places in Karnataka.

Hampi has a lot of historical importance and has a huge contribution to Indian tradition and culture. In the 1500CE, Hampi was considered as the second-largest city in the world.

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How to Reach Hampi?

The location of Hampi (Hampe) is such that people can easily reach this place with the help of roadways, railways, and also through Airways. Most of the monuments of this amazing place are conserved by UNESCO. The Karnataka government has designed the different modes of transportation to Hampi in such a way that the tourists can easily access it.

By Road

You can easily reach Hampi by roadways. A huge number of bus services are available to Hampi from different parts of Karnataka. A large network of highways is connected to Hampi to make it easier for tourists to reach this place. The bus services of KSRTC helps a lot to connect Hampi with the other parts of the State.

By Plane

Hampi being a small town, does not have any airport services to offer its tourists. The nearest airport to reach Hampi is in Bellary, which is almost 64 km away from the beautiful town. From there, you can easily hire local transport to reach Hampi smoothly.

By Train

Hampi does not have a railway station. The nearby railway station to Hampi is in the town known as Hospet. It is almost 13 km away from Hampi. Hospet is well developed and is connected to a lot of States too. There are overnight trains for Hampi from Goa, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. The train services are much comfortable and cheaper for all tourists. A lot of people prefer to avail of train services to reach Hospet.

Distance from Major Cities to Hampi For Ideal Weekend Getaway:

  • Bellary to Hampi: 61 Kms
  • Hubli To Hampi: 164 Kms
  • Belgaum to Hampi: 266 Kms
  • Tumkur to Hampi: 275 Kms
  • Bangalore to Hampi: 340 Kms
  • Hyderabad to Hampi: 371 Kms

Best Time To Visit Hampi

Hampi is one of the most attractive places in Karnataka. Although tourists visit this place all year round, the best time to visit Hampi is from October till February. The rainy season prevails till mid-September, and after that, the fall comes in. The green fields and trees will rejuvenate the mind and body. Different seasons have different things to speak about in this place.

Best Time To Visit Hampi, Karnataka

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The summers are scorching hot, which often makes the tourists fall ill. The monsoon brings out the charm of Hampi. The monuments and temples look. Beautiful. But during winter, Hampi is at its best. Since Hampi has a pleasant temperature, the tourists can travel easily and enjoy the various festivals of Hampi.

Where Should You Stay In Hampi?

Hampi has both Government as well as private Inns, hotels, and resorts within budget, for a great stay. Being one of the World heritage sites, a lot of places for the night stay are always available at Hampi at reasonable prices. Though there are many places to stay in Hampi, people prefer to stay close to the German Bakery, as it is quite popular for cheap accommodation options.

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Tips For Tourists Visiting Hampi

Hampi is a small town that ensures that the tourists are comfortable. There are many thrilling places to visit in Hampi. However, there are a few tips that you should follow while you are in Hampi. They are:

You must hire a car or cycle or bike while you are in Hampi. This will make your journey easier and smooth.

You must always keep a map of Hampi with you so that you do not lose the path of the places you want to visit. Moreover, the GPS system does not work efficiently in this place. So taking a map along will help you to visit most of the places in Hampi.

You must try availing the boat ride in the Tungabhadra river in Hampi.

Places To Visit In Hampi

Hampi was planned and built from the 14th century onwards. It is one of the most important historical sites in India. The excavations from the monuments have helped historians to find a lot about the culture and traditions of this place. However, the must-visit places in Hampi are as follows:

Hazara Rama Temple

The temple is not only one of the oldest temples of Hampi, but it is also a significant shrine of this place. This temple has deities of Lord Rama and tells us the story of Ramayan through its sculptures and designs. This is a treat for the eyes.Hazara Rama Temple - Places To Visit In Hampi

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  • Time: 6:00 AM to 6 PM
  • The time required to see the temple: 2 hours
  • Entry fee: Free for all
  • Transportation: Car, Cycle
  • Things to do: watch the beautiful scriptures with utmost attention

Daroji Bear Sanctuary

The bear sanctuary has a charm of its own. This is the only sanctuary in the country where you will find the sloth bears. There are a lot of other animals present here too—some of the things that everyone should know.

  • Time to visit: 6:00 AM to 6 PM
  • The time required to visit the sanctuary: 2 hours to 3 hours approx
  • Entry fee: 50/- for all Indians and 300/- for foreigners
  • Things to do: Check the beauty of nature by bird watching, checking other animals without disturbing them

Hippie Island

Hippie Island is located across the Tungabhadra river. This place is extremely safe for all the tourists, especially for all the solo travelers. It is a place that is filled with beauty, and people often refer to it with Goa.

  • Time to visit: 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • The time required to visit the sanctuary: 2 days
  • Entry fee: NIL
  • Transportation: Coracle
  • Things to do: Enjoy the sunset, visit the temples, visit the Pampa Saras


The architectural beauty of Hampi dates back to almost the 14th century. Preserving the sites has helped to preserve the cultures and traditions too in this place. Tourism plays a huge role in the economy of Hampi. All these temples and monuments have helped a lot in the growth of the small city. Now, people from each corner of the country are aware of this World Heritage site and visit Hampi. The people try their best to accommodate tourists and help them in every way possible.

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