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Tannirbhavi Beach, Mangalore

Visit Tannirbhavi Beach, Mangalore: Witness the Surreal Sunrise and Sunset Views (2023)

If you are travelling to Karnataka and are a true beach lover, then the stunning Tannirbhavi Beach should be a must-visit place in your itinerary. Sporting a mesmerising coastline with fine golden sand and cool refreshing air, this beach attracts the attention of a number of travellers. Owing to its great footfall, Tannirbhavi Beach is even considered as one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka. Rejuvenating its visitors with its surreal natural beauty and allowing them to relax with their comfortable seats as well as many other amazing facilities, people love visiting the Tannirbhavi beach. Over the past few years, the beach has witnessed a rapid increase in its popularity.

One of the reasons behind this can be the installation of several modern facilities such as proper washrooms, lifeguards, parking spaces, eatery stalls, a couple of concrete benches, sheds and a lot more. In this article, we have brought for you all the necessary information which you must know about the Tannirbhavi beach before actually visiting it. Continue reading to know more! Tannirbhavi Beach, Mangalore

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Why Should You Visit The Tannirbhavi Beach In Mangalore?

Since the Tannirbhavi Beach in Mangalore holds so much importance and love in the hearts of a huge number of travellers, locals and tourists, there obviously has to be a reason behind it and there actually is. Tannirbhavi beach is considered as one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka, especially for all the water and beach babies. The natural beauty and the plethora of facilities provided here enhance your overall experience manifolds. If you are still searching for more reasons to visit this amazing beach, then continue reading because we have already made a quick list for you.

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  1. An Offbeat Natural Haven: For all those people who are looking forward to escape the chaos of their monotonous lives for a while and enjoy the beauty of natural serenity in total peace, will absolutely love Tannirbhavi beach in Mangalore. It is an offbeat location with a calming and peaceful atmosphere. One of the reasons behind it is that due to its isolated region, the beach has always remained a bi desolate and kept apart from the many other frequently visited places.
  2. Safe Beach: Tannirbhavi Beach is ideal to visit for all, no matter whether you are visiting with family, kids or special someone. It is considered to be pretty safe. For instance, the beach has professional lifeguards on site who always remain alert and rescue in case of an accident. Recently, even tall light masts have been installed on the beach for the safety and convenience of visitors. Hence, when at this beach, you can let go of your worries and enjoy an exceptional experience with a peace of mind.
  3. Thrilling Water Sports: Those of you who wish to try their hand at something thrilling, would love to know that the beach is quite popular for its water sports. Though entering the sea is not recommended, some of the water sports that you can try here include boating, motor boats, kayaks and jet skiing. Exploring the beautiful Arabian Sea and the extension of the Malabar Coastline will probably quench your thirst of some adventure.

Tannirbhavi Beach Visiting Hours

There are as such no specific timings for visiting the Tannirbhavi beach. You can visit it anytime you wish, since the beach is open 24 hours a day. Moreover, it is open on all days of the week too. So, the beach literally welcomes visitors always, no matter when they come. However, the prevalent visiting hours among travellers are from 6 AM till 10 PM.

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What Is The Best Way To Reach The Tannirbhavi Beach In Mangalore?

If you are worried about reaching the Tannirbhavi Beach in Mangalore would be difficult, then you are worrying for absolutely nothing. It is one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka and is well accessible with multiple means of transport. You can reach it by:

  1. By Air: The nearest airports for reaching the Tannirbhavi Beach in Mangalore are the Bengaluru International Airport and the Mangalore Airport. Bengaluru airport is about 340 km away from the beach, while the Mangalore airport is located at a distance of just 9 km from the beach.
  2. By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach the Tannirbhavi beach is the Mangalore Central Railway station. This station provides you with plenty of trains connecting many major cities of the country to the area.
  3. By Road: Mangalore city is well connected by road too. One can reach the Tannirbhavi beach by personal vehicle, by auto or by hiring a cab. You can reach the beach by travelling via Kuloor Bridge by land. You can also take a bus from State Bank to Sultan Battery and then take a ferry ride across the Gurupura river.

Best Time To Visit The Tannirbhavi Beach In Mangalore

Tannirbhavi beach is always stunning and mesmerising. So, no matter whenever you visit it, you will absolutely love it. However, it is often recommended to visit the beach during the early morning hours or in the evening as it will give you a chance to witness surreal sunrise and sunset views.

Where To Stay Near The Tannirbhavi Beach in Mangalore?

There are many great accommodation options available near the Tannirbhavi beach. Some of the hotels that you can consider staying at are-

Hotel Brigade Royale (about 4.1 km away) and Sai Arya Lodging and Hall (about 6 km away).

What Are The Different Places To See Near The Tannirbhavi Beach?

Many interesting attractions are located near the Tannirbhavi Beach. Some of them which you can include in your itinerary when visiting this top tourist place in Karnataka are:

  1. Tree Park: This is a 15-hectare wide piece of land near the Tannirbhavi Beach which is worth visiting because of their wide collection of trees from the Western Ghats. They even include some exceptional medicinal plants and special herbs. It is maintained by the Forest Department of Karnataka.
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  2. Panambur Beach: Located about 9 km away from the Tannirbhavi beach, this is another serene beach in Mangalore city. It is popular for hosting a series of exciting events including kite festival, sand sculpture competitions and even boat racing. Moreover, this beach is known to be quite clean as well.
    Amazing Place To See Near The Tannirbhavi Beach-Panambur Beach

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No matter whether you just wish to lie down on the sand and bask in the sun or spend a fun day near the shores with your loved ones, the Tannirbhavi Beach should be your go-to place in the Mangalore city.

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