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11 Popular Street Food Dishes From Indore Which Every Foodie Must Try

11 Popular Street Food Dishes From Indore Which Every Foodie Must Try (2022)

Street food delicacies are delicious yet cheap, colourful yet light. Several major cities in India including Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, are pretty well known for their street food dishes. Who would not love to devour a plate or Pau Bhaji from Mumbai or a Kathi Kabab roll from Kolkata? But did you know the most famous city for a wide variety of street food dishes is Indore? Yes, you read it right. The largest city in Madhya Pradesh is probably the street food capital of India. The most interesting fact about Indore is that there are more than 56 shops located in the street food market in Indore named Chhappan Dukaan. If you visit the locality, you will be quite dumb-founded. Every corner of the street is filled with lip-smacking dishes or beautiful aromas.

The Sarrafa Bazaar area of Indore is also quite well-known for the high variety of street food in Indore. Indore is certainly the gastronomic capital for the foodies who are particularly interested in street food. In case you are planning a trip to Indore, keep an entire day free to explore the different road-side stalls in the city. You must visit there with an empty stomach so that you could taste most of the dishes available over there. In this article, you will learn about the best street food dishes to try in Indore as it is pretty natural to get confused with that many options in the market. Not only vegetarian recipes, but you will also find non-vegetarian street-side dishes as well Indore. So, let us begin the culinary journey of your lifetime.

11 Popular Street Food Dishes From Indore Which Every Foodie Must Try

The following street food dishes included in this article are widely popular in India. In case you have not tried any one of them, you will be pretty happy when you will taste them for the first time.

1. Sabudana Khichdi

Tapioca Seeds or Sabudana is one of the blandest foods in the world. Many people hate consuming them. But when you serve them in the form of Khichdi, it becomes one of the tastiest dishes ever. When you will visit any market in Indore, you will find Sabudana Khichdi in almost every shop over there. Prepared with tapioca seeds along with crunchy chips, spices, onion, chillies and other ingredients, this recipe is widely popular among tourists as well as the locals of Indore.

If you want to taste the best Sabudana Khichdi in Indore, you must visit the shops in Sarafaa market. You will return once more to try the dish as it is impossible to consume it only once in your life.

2. Poha Jalebi

Poha is one of the basic staples in Indore. Almost every household over there love to consume it. But Poha Jalebi is a pretty unique dish. As you know Jalebi is one of the most delicious desserts in India and when it is served with steamed Poha, the combination becomes extremely lip-smacking. You will find this dish pretty commonly in the road-side stalls in Indore. Usually, people consume this item for breakfast. When you will taste the tangy Poha prepared with lemon, vegetables, spices along with crunchy Jalebis, you will feel blessed.

Popular Street Food Dish From Indore-Poha Jalebi

Photo by chef girish dubey all food recipe  Image Source

Many people even consume this recipe with hot kachoris. You will get to try this dish in any sweet shop in Indore. But the shops in Chhapan Dukaan are perfect for consuming Poha Jalebis.

3. Khopra Patties

If you are not from Indore, you might not have heard about Khopra Patties but it is extremely famous street food in Indore. Khopra patties are primarily potato pastries prepared with coconut, mashed potatoes, spices and other ingredients served with a fabulous Chutney. It is one of the popular street food dishes to try in Indore. You will find these patties pretty much everywhere in the town. Usually, people consume this any time of the day as a light snack.

Indore Popular Street Food Dish-Khopra Patties

Photo by Swara’s Sweet Delights  Image Source

The combination of the spicy filling of the patties along with the sweetness of the Chutney is utterly fantastic. If you want to get the best Khopra Patties in Indore, you should visit Vijay Chaat house which is located in the Chhapan Dukaan market of the city.

4. Egg Benjos

Most people have no idea that Indore offers a wide variety of non-vegetarian street food recipes along with Chaats. If you have not tried Egg Benjos in your life, you will be pretty surprised that such a simple recipe can be so delicious. Egg Benjos is primarily a masala omelette stuck between two buns which are served with green and red Chutneys. Now the recipe might sound basic, but when you will bite into this sandwich, you will be genuinely happy.

Popular Street Food Dish From Indore Which Every Foodie Must Try-Egg Benjos

Photo by Neha’s Recipes and Videos  Image Source

Most people love the Egg Benjos served in the shop named Jhonny’s Hot Dogs located in the Chhapan Dukkan area of Indore. Many people love to consume Mutton Benjos as well. The ambience of the tiny shop is quite beautiful and youthful.

5. Dal Batti

Even though Dal Batti is a famous dish from Rajasthan, but people in Indore adore this dish. If you do not know what Dal Batti is, it is a dish made of wheat flour, lentils and a lot of Ghee. You will not be able to eat only one Batti. The delicious taste of the recipe will be in your mind for a long time. In the shops in Indore, the item is served with coriander Chutney and a simple salad.

Dal Batti Indore Popular Street Food DishImage Source

In case you are in Indore, you should certainly try the Dal Batti from the Arihant Dal Bati store. It is pretty popular in the town. The best part about this street food dish in Indore is that you will be able to eat at an extremely cheap price.

6. Sarafa Ke Parathe

In India, Parathas are pretty popular and one of the most cooked dishes in every household. But the parathas served in Aadesh Shahi Paratha shop in Sarafaa Market are pretty unique. These parathas are stuffed with fillings like sev or potatoes. You will be amazed after taking a bite from the crunchy dough. Every Indian city has a variation of this recipe and we can assure you that the one found in Indore is one of the best. You will be able to order different categories of Parathas while you are eating at the stores in Sarafa Bazaar.

Indore Popular Street Food Dish-Sarafa Ke Parathe

Photo By Beginners Point Shruti Jain  Image Source

People from all over the world love to devour these fried parathas even though they are not great for their health. You should also try these to be a part of Indore.

7. Dahi Bade

If you are from India, you know that Dahi Bade is one of the most popular dishes in the country. Now, you might be wondering how is the Dahi Bade served in Indore different from the others. When you will eat the Bada for the first time, you will understand why is it so immensely popular. Especially if you consume the Dahi Bade from Joshi Dahi Vada Wala, you will fall in love with this street food instantly. This tangy dish is primarily fried lentil balls dipped in whipped yoghurt.

Even though the item is pretty simple, yet it is loved by numerous people in India. In Indore, the dish is served with four different spices which make this street food dish even more lip-smacking.

8. Lal Balti Ki Kachori

Kachoris are one of the best street food dish to try in Indore. But this version of Kachori is even better. Indore serves these fried doughs with a fantastic spicy Chutney which is made of chillies. Moreover, the Kachoris are stuffed with a wide range of stuffing which makes them highly palatable. When you will visit Indore, you will find different variations of Kachoris throughout the city. But the best place to have this recipe is in one of the shops of the Nagar Nigam Chiman Bagh market area.

People in Indore love to consume this recipe with sprinkled raw onions and fresh coriander. You will love the crispy fried kachoris a lot if you are a lover of tangy street food.

9. Sandwich

Including Sandwich in the list of street food from Madhya Pradesh might seem bizarre but there is a reason for this inclusion. Shyam Sandwich is one of the most popular road-side stalls in Indore which has been there for a long time. People all over the city love to consume the delicious sandwiches prepared by the cooks of this stall. Usually, the street-side sandwiches in Indore are prepared with cheese, vegetables, sev, butter and they are served with tangy Chutneys.

Popular Street Food Dish From Indore Which Every Foodie Must Try-Sandwich

Photo by Aamchi Indore  Image Source

It is a great item to order if you are genuinely hungry after exploring the city. As the sandwiches are grilled, they are even more delicious than regular sandwiches. You can also try the recipe from Ajanta Sandwich Centre.

10. Johny Hot Dog

Located in the Chhapan market area of Indore, Johny hot dog is one of the best stalls in Indore to buy fast food items at an affordable cost. Most people in Indore, love to consume the recipes served in the store. The most popular dish in the shop is also named Johny Hot Dog which is a delicious vegetarian hot dog served with spicy chutneys. Not only is it affordable but also it is an extremely delicious dish. The shop also sells other variation of fast food dishes including vegetarian burgers, French fries and others.

Johny Hot Dog-Popular Street Food Dish From Indore

Photo by Chop Street Roll  Image Source

If you are in Chappan Dukan in Indore, you should try the hot dog available over there.

11. Malpua and Mawa Bati

Sarafaa bazaar is a great place to try some of the best sweet dishes in India. Malpua along with Mawa Bati is a great option for you if you are planning on satisfying your sweet tooth. You will see malpuas being displayed on every stall in Sarafaa bazaar because people love the dish so much.

When you will consume the juicy Malpuas along with Rabdi, you will feel on cloud nine. Many people also consume Mawa Bati with Gulab Jamuns.

All the street food dishes included in this list are extremely delicious and popular in India. If you are a health-freak, you should stay away from places like Sarafaa bazaar and Chhapan Dukkan as every item sold over there are quite unhealthy.

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