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Jata Shankar Cave - Top Sightseeing Spot In Pachmarhi For A Fabulous Trip

Top 11 Sightseeing Spots In Pachmarhi For A Fabulous Trip (2022)

Madhya Pradesh is the central Indian state, which is quite popular among tourists for several fantastic destinations. But most of them are not famous for their natural beauty. Pachmarhi is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, which is immensely popular among travelers for its gorgeous scenic views and fantastic climate.

Pachmarhi, the beautiful town, is located at the height of 1,067 meters and is commonly known as “Satpura ki Rani” which roughly translates to “Queen of Mountain Satpura.” Apart from gorgeous views, Pachmarhi is also famous for being a part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve. The town is home to endangered bison and leopard. If you are looking forward to spending some peaceful time with your loved ones, Pachmarhi is an excellent choice. In this blog, you will learn about the most popular sightseeing spots in Pachmarhi.

Satpura mountain ranges surround the entire town, and throughout the year, it has fantastic weather. But if you are planning for a romantic trip, try visiting Pachmarhi during the monsoon season. It is pretty gorgeous over there amid heavy rainfall. Many people prefer visiting there during the winter to enjoy the cold climate.

Reaching Pachmarhi is somewhat tricky, considering it does not have any railway station or airport. In case you want to visit there by train, you will have to travel to Pachmarhi from Pipariya as it is the nearest railway station from the hill station. Otherwise, if you are going to avail of flight, you will have to rent a car from Jabalpur as it is the nearest airport to the town. Most people visit Pachmarhi from Jabalpur as there are several modes of transportation available from there.

Top 11 Sightseeing Spots In Pachmarhi For A Fabulous Trip

The places mentioned in the following part of the blog are quite popular among tourists from all over India and the world.

1. Bee Waterfalls

Bee Waterfalls is one of the best sight-seeing spots to visit in Pachmarhi, as it is not only immensely beautiful but also prevalent. Commonly known as Jamuna Prapat, Bee Waterfall is one of the most-visited spots in the tiny town of Madhya Pradesh. Most people visit the falls to have a lovely picnic with their loved ones.

As the waterfall is located amid the lush greenery of thick forests, you will find the surrounding area of the falls extremely calming. Moreover, the waterfall is quite essential for providing drinking water to the entire population of Pachmarhi.

Top Sightseeing Spot In Pachmarhi-Bee WaterfallsImage Source

Address: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881.

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm.

2. Jata Shankar Cave

If you are a spiritual person, you will find Jata Shankar cave pretty interesting. According to local folklore, Lord Shiva hid inside this cave to avoid the wrath of Bhashmashur. That is why this cave is named Jata Shankar cave after Lord Shiva. But even if you are not spiritually inclined, you will find this cave quite beautiful. As the entire cave comprises of stalagmite and stalactite limestones, it looks quite enchanting.

Jata Shankar Cave - Top Sightseeing Spot In Pachmarhi For A Fabulous Trip

Image Source

Inside the cave, you will see a naturally formed Shivalingam and a huge rock that resembles the 100-headed Seshnag. Many Hindu devotees from all around India visit Jata Shankar cave to seek blessings from Lord Shiva.

Address: Jatashankar Road, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881.

Timings: 7 am to 7 pm.

3. Chauragarh Temple

Chauragarh temple is one of the few places in Pachmarhi, which is famous for being a spiritual place and is immensely beautiful. As the temple is located at an altitude of 1326 meters, you will be able to see the surrounding scenic beauty of the structure vividly. The Satpura mountains surround the entire structure.

But you will have to climb around 3000 stairs to reach the temple. If you are not physically fit, climbing that many stairs will be a problem for you. Mostly people from the Hindu religion visit Chauragarh temple during Shivratri or Nag Panchami as festivals are held during that time.

Top Sightseeing Spot In Pachmarhi-Chauragarh Temple

Image Source

Address: Mahadeo Road, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881.

Timings: 7 am to 7 pm.

4. Handi Koh

Handi Koh is one of the top sight-seeing places in Pachmarhi. The reason this spot is so famous in Pachmarhi is that you will get to see a 300-feet deep ravine, which was created by two majestic hills. Many people from the locality believe, the entire area was originally a lake. Latter Handi Koh became the ravine by the drought caused by a snake. None of the said things have any actual evidence, but the local folklore represents the area that way.

In case you are an adventure enthusiast, you will find trekking towards Handi Koh pretty exciting.

Handi Koh-Top Sightseeing Spot In Pachmarhi

Photo by Dinesh Valke  Image Source

Address: Pachmarhi Cantt, Madhya Pradesh 461881.

Timings: 7 am to 5 pm.

5. Satpura National Park

Spread over an area of over 202 square miles, Satpura National park is one of India’s most beautiful national parks. As the gorgeous Satpura mountains surround the entire park, the park is quite obviously named after them. This wildlife sanctuary is exceptionally picturesque, but it is also home to many endangered species of animals, namely spotted deer, leopard, elephant, sloth bear, antelopes, and many more.

You will get to see a wide variety of trees as well while exploring the park. Some of them are Sal, bel, Mahua, Teak, and others. But remember, the park stays closed from July to September to avoid the monsoon season. So, plan your trip accordingly to enjoy the park.

Address: Madai, Sarangpur, Madhya Pradesh 461881.

Timings: 5.45 am to 9.30 am and 3 pm to 6.30 pm.

6. Pachmarhi Catholic Church

Founded over 150 years ago, Pachmarhi Catholic church is the only catholic church in the queen of Satpura. As the church is located amid the forestry of Pachmarhi, the entire area surrounding the building is breathtakingly beautiful. This church is quite gorgeous as it has a neo-gothic altar and tainted windows. Even if you are not a Christian, you must visit the church to admire its architectural beauty. If you genuinely want to visit the inside of the church, make sure to go there on a Sunday.

The church does not open on any day other than Sunday. From the outside, the church might look like a ruin to you, but when you enter the structure, you will find that everything is the same.

Pachmarhi Catholic Church Best Spot In Pachmarhi For A Fabulous TripImage Source

Address: Hoshangabad District, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461001, India.

Timings: Only on Sunday.

7. Chieftain’s Cave

Chieftain’s cave is a unique place located in Pachmarhi. You will get to see prehistoric rock paintings inside the cave. As the cave is located inside the Satpura forest reserve, you will find the entire location quite beautiful. The cave is located at the heart of the forest. That is why it is always suggested to hire a professional guide to explore the forest. When you reach the cave, you will find paintings of animals from the stone age quite abundantly on the walls.

To witness the paintings in the right way, always try to visit Chieftain’s cave in the daytime. Even though the cave is open until 5 pm, you will not be able to see the paintings due to low sunlight.

Top Sightseeing Spot In Pachmarhi-Chieftain's CaveImage Source

Address: Pachmarhi, Pachmarhi 461001, India.

Timings: 6 am to 5 pm.

8. Pandava Caves

When people list the best places to visit in Pachmarhi, Pandava Caves comes on the top of the list due to the sheer brilliance of the location. As the beautiful Satpura ranges surround the caves, the entire area surrounding the caves is hugely enthralling. These caves are part of Buddhist temples that were constructed by cutting rocks. According to common belief, the five Pandavas from the Mahabharata had taken asylum in the caves during their exile.

That is the reason why these groups of caves are known as Pandava caves. You will have to check out this spot while exploring Pachmarhi. Otherwise, you will miss the most important of the hill station.

Pandava Caves-Best Sightseeing Place In PachmarhiImage Source

Address: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881.

Timings: 8 am to 6 pm.

9. Dhoopgarh

You might have noticed that most hill stations in India have a particular sightseeing point famous for sunsets. Similarly, in Pachmarhi, Dhoopgarh is that point where you will get to enjoy gorgeous sunsets. As the point is located at the height of 1352 meters, you will see the entirety of Pachmarhi and the gorgeous Satpura mountains quite vividly. In case you are interested in Photography, try visiting the point an hour before sunset.

You will get to take a lot of breathtakingly beautiful photos in Dhoopgarh. There are some waterfalls located near the point as well. You can easily visit there by trekking.

Dhoopgarh-Top Spot In Pachmarhi For A Fabulous TripImage Source

Address: Pachmarhi, Pipariya Tehsil, Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Timings: Always open.

10. Duchess Waterfall

Located at a distance of only 4 km from the Pachmarhi bus stand, Duchess waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in Pachmarhi. As the waterfall height is around 100 feet, you will find that the cascading water from the falls is exquisitely beautiful. The best time to enjoy the waterfall is during the monsoon season because the volume of water is the most during that time. You can bathe under the waterfalls, but be safe. As many people have encountered accidents by bathing in the waterfall callously.

If you want, you can reach the waterfall by hiking from your hotel. In that way, you will get to see the lives of the local people in Pachmarhi.

Address: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881.

Timings: Always open.

11. Reechgarh

Quite similar to Dhoopgarh, Reechgarh is another sightseeing spot in Pachmarhi, which allows you to enjoy beautiful sunrises or sunsets. As this location is situated 6 km away from the Pachmarhi bus stand, you will have to rent a car or an auto to reach there. The location is quite popular among tourists because it is a cavern with two openings. You can enter from one point and get out to another location. But remember, while exiting the cavern, you will have to cross a stream. So, be prepared to get your shoes wet while exploring Reechgarh.

Try to visit this location during dusk or dawn. If you are interested in Photography, this sightseeing spot will make you quite happy.

The sight-seeing spots included in this blog are trendy among the people of India and different countries in the world. If you visit Pachmarhi, try to keep a few days in your hand. Otherwise, you will not be able to explore the places included in the list.

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