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Awesome Weekend Destinations from Ahmednagar

6 Awesome Weekend Destinations from Ahmednagar (2023)

Ahmednagar is a city in Maharashtra that’s home to several tourist spots. Ahmednagar also surrounds itself with places of tourist interest. If you are in Ahmednagar and looking for weekend excursions from Ahmedabad, read this list to decide.

6 Awesome Weekend Destinations from Ahmednagar

Below Mentioned are 6 Weekend Destinations in Ahmednagar:

1. Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is not exactly a hill station, but when it comes to greenery and scenic beauty, it stands as tall as the hill stations in this list and any other. Just like how Nagpur is famous for oranges, Ratnagiri is famous for mangoes, and you will see the mango orchards lining any road that you travel through in Ratnagiri. Tourists say that Ratnagiri is Goa on a budget, as the coastal town has beaches like Anjarle, Bhatye, Guhagar, Mandavi, Kunkeshwar, and also the fort that’s on the beach, the Ratnadurga fort. And of course, Ratnagiri is home to the very famous Ganpatipule, a location that’s gaining popularity among tourists from nearby places like Mumbai, Pune, etc. Ratnagiri is also home to the Thiba Palace, the royal residence of the exiled King of Burma in 1886. Ratnadurga Fort - Weekend destination from Ahmednagar

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Ratnagiri is about 200 km away and one of the most interesting weekend tourist destinations near Ahmednagar. Ratnagiri has forts as well, the Sajjangarh Fort and the Vasota fort, and the Ajyinkatara fort. Because there are so many places of tourist interest here, the number of hotels are several. You will find hotels offering accommodation right from 1000 rupees per night to 5000. The various hotels here are The Mango Villas, Hotel SunStar, Hotel Shalom Stay, Hotel Aasra Inn, etc.

2. Kolhapur

Kolhapur is an extremely popular tourist location, as well as a religious one in Maharashtra. A visit to the Mahalaxmi temple is part of any Maratha and Hindu family in India. There are other temples here, like the Temlabai Temple and the Jyotiba Temple. So many important temples in the vicinity have made Kolhapur somewhat of a pilgrimage location for Indians. Kolhapur is also the home to the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Museum, which still has artifacts from the life and times of the Maratha empire. Along with all this, Kolhapur is also famous for footwear, with Kolhapuri chappals being part of Indian pop culture today. Kolhapur is one of the few places that still have a rustic feel to it, and all this makes it a quaint and must visit weekend destination from Ahmednagar.The various hotels in Kolhapur offer accommodation for anything between 1000 to 4000 rupees per night. The various hotels here are the Hotel Maratha Regency, the Hotel Aashish Deluxe Lodging, Hotel Kohinoor Square, and then some others. Kolhapur is about 280 km away from Ahmednagar.
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3. Satara

Another popular weekend destination near Ahmednagar is Satara, the sister city of Sangli. Both Satara and Sangli have several places of religious interest and places that have a natural beauty as well. The most tourist location near Ahmednagar in Satara is the Kas Plateau, also popular as the valley of flowers. The Kaas Plateau is something like 25 km away from Satara city and is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2012, and tourist interest in this location has increased ever since. It has more than 800 different species of flowering plants.

Satara is about 180 km away from Ahmednagar. Because of the tourist locations like Kas Plateau, there’s a lot of tourist activity here, which has slightly increased the price of hotel accommodation that’s available here. The hotels here are the Hotel Maratha Palace and Hotel Preethi Executive.
Best Weekend Destination from Ahmednagar-UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, SataraImage Source

4. Lonavala

About 150 km away from Ahmedabad is Lonavala, one of the more popular hill stations. You can explore the whole of Lonavala within a day. If you reach early in the morning, you can hire an autorickshaw that takes you to all the places of tourist interest in Lonavala, beginning from the Tiger Point to the Narayani Dham temple. Lonavala is also famous for its chikki and fudge, So, make sure that you pack more for your friends, as they are bound to ask you for some if they know you are planning a trip to Lonavala, one of the most beautiful weekend outings near Ahmednagar. While you can spend one day traveling to the tourist locations, you can spend a lazy morning and afternoon just taking in the greenery of the Lonavala Valley. Since Lonavla is a popular weekend tourist location near Ahmednagar, you will see several hotels and resorts offering accommodation for all budgets. Make Lonavala is a well laid out city, and there’s one main road that passes through the entire city. The hotels nearby this street has rooms on slightly higher budgets.Awesome Weekend Destinations from AhmednagarImage Source

5. Mahabaleshwar

At just about 180 km away from Ahmednagar, you cannot ignore Mahabaleshwar while making a list of must-visit weekend destinations near Ahmednagar. Mahabaleshwar is a hill station with a stunning view of the valley and a road that wraps around hills all along. In Mahabaleshwar, there are several points at the hills from where you can see the valley. In Mahabaleshwar, you also have a lake that allows you to go boat riding, and nearby, you will see options for horseriding. The main street has several restaurants and hotels and other options for shopping. Like how Lonavala is famous for chikki and Nagpur is famous for oranges, Mahabaleshwar is famous for strawberries and you will see shops selling these all along. Mahabaleshwar is a popular weekend tourist location from Ahmednagar, and there are several hotels here, and the prices depend on how far they are from the city road. These hotels charge you anything from 4000 to 2000 rupees for a day’s accommodation. The various hotels here are the Hotel Treebo, Regal Hotel, Saket Plaza, so on and so forth.Mahabaleshwar Image Source

6. Aurangabad

Aurangabad is another excellent weekend destination near Ahmedabad that has enough places to keep you busy for the whole weekend. The most famous tourist destination in Aurangabad is the Ajanta and Ellora temples. Though they are named together, Ellora and Ajanta are cave structures that are quite far from each other. While you can visit the Ellora temple and the Daulatabad fort that’s nearby in one day, you will need a whole day just to visit Ajanta and then return. Aurangabad is about 100 km away from Ahmednagar. These places are farther away from Aurangabad city. If you have an afternoon to spare, you can visit Bibi ka Maqbara and Panchakki, both historical locations within the city limits. Bibi ka Maqbara is the tomb of the Mughal Queen Dilraz Banu Begum, commissioned by her husband, King Aurangzeb. Locals regard this as the Taj Mahal of the West and the Konkan. Panchakki is a water mill that’s within the dargah of Baba Shah Musafir.
Famous Weekend Destination from Ahmednagar-Daulatabad Fort, AurangabadImage Source

These are the top places for anyone looking to spend a weekend away from Ahmednagar. Ahmednagar connects well with all these places, and you can travel along this route via train or bus. Many adventurous souls take road trips from Ahmednagar to any of these places for a long weekend. Ahmednagar does not have an airport.

7. Nashik

Nashik is another must-visit weekend destination from Ahmednagar and is at a distance of about 200 km. The city is famous for its vineyards and the number of temples that it has. Nashik has the Sula Vineyards, which is a day trip that tells you about the process of making wine and you can buy wine at economic rates as well.Nashik

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As is obvious, the best time to visit the Dudhsagar falls is during the monsoon season, as that’s when it is in all its glory. Nashik has some destinations of historical importance as well, like the Nasik Caves, known as the Pandavleni Caves as well. These caves date back to the 3rd century. The most prominent historical location in Nashik is the Sita Gufa, which experts concede is the spot from where Ravana kidnapped Sita.

The caves are a tourist spot and one of religious importance and have idols of Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana. It also has a Shiv ling, which devotees believe was one that Sita worshipped.

8. Shirdi

Shirdi is one of the most important tourist locations in Maharashtra. It is also a weekend destination from Ahmedabad. Shirdi is a must-visit for anyone looking to understand the dynamics of a village that has religious tourism as an integral part of their economics. The Sai Baba Shirdi temple is one of the best-maintained temples in Maharashtra, and devotees can complete their ‘darshan’ of the Sai Baba idol within an hour if they do it right. Shirdi is about 80 km away from Ahmednagar.Shirdi - Awesome Weekend Destinations from Ahmednagar

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9. Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur is probably the most famous destination of religious and tourism interest in the Maharashtra state. Lore states that the people here believe that their patron deity, Lord Shani, looks over the village and therefore no thief can steal anything from their houses, creating a scenario where most of the houses, as well as the shops, don’t have doors. Very recently, a bank that opened their branch in this village now has locks on their doors, but that’s because it’s their security policy. Shani Shingnapur TempleImage Source

The prominent tourist location here is the Shani Shingnapur temple, which was once upon a time one of the few open-air temples, as lore said that Lord Shani wanted to see all over the village and didn’t want anything to impede his view. While a majority of that structure is intact, there’s a small shelter built now.

Shani Shingnapur is about 40 km away from Ahmednagar and connects via road and rail. If you are planning to travel by air, you will need to fly to Aurangabad airport, which is about 100 km away from Shani Shingnapur. By rail, you can get down at Shirdi, Shrirampur, or Rahuri, which are within 50 km from Shani Shingnapur. You will need to cover the last mile by private car or taxi.

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