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Laling Fort - A Popular Destination Among Bikers and Trekkers in in Dhule District, Maharashtra

Laling Fort Information : A Popular Destination Among Bikers and Trekkers in in Dhule District, Maharashtra (2024)

Laling Fort is in the Dhule district of Maharashtra. The fort of Laling is a hill fort, and there is a little bit of trekking involved. Today, not many tourists visit it, but it is still a fort that has historical importance to the legacy of the Maratha Empire. If you plan to visit Laling Fort, read this article to know what to expect and what not to miss.

Historical Importance of Laling Fort

The Laling Fort has changed several hands during its time. It started with the Faruqi Kings, and then it went into the hands of the Bahamani until the Mughals captured it and so on.

Historical Importance of Laling Fort

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Structures Inside the Laling Fort

The Laling Fort has strong walls and the fortifications are intact. So, you will be able to see how the Laling Fort was in the past. The journey from the base to the Laling Fort is an interesting one as well. Before you reach, you will see a contemporary tomb. As you walk through the Laling Fort, you see a small Lalita Devi temple. If you plan to stay for the night at the Laling Fort, this is the only place where you can get some respite from the natural elements.

An underground path takes you to a couple of caves that experts believe are from the Hemandpant era. A range of steps takes you to the main entrance of the Laling fort. The steps are contemporary and will give an idea of what the authorities plan to do with the fort.

Structures Inside the Laling Fort, Machi Vari Devi Mandir

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You will also see an old Machi Vari Devi Mandir, which is near a set of walls that are now in ruins.

The Laling Fort has a couple of water tanks as well. As you go upstairs, you see the remains of what the storage space for arms and ammunitions and a granary could be as well. While coming down from the fort, we see another structure that has a water tank behind it.

Along the way, you can see a rampart, which is the lone walls standing. It gives a glimpse of what the fortification of the past would be like.

Tourist Experience of Laling Fort

The Laling Fort is not as much of a trek as it is a long walk. The Laling Fort is on a plateau so everyone can explore the fort to its extents.

The best season to visit Laling Fort is the monsoon, as the area inside has lush greenery and all that comes alive during the monsoon season. If you plan to visit during the summer season, make sure that you carry water, caps, and sunglasses, as the sun can be extremely hot during the summer season.

The route to the Laling fort is an excellent road trip as well, so this destination is popular among bikers as well. This makes it an integral part of the fort tourism in Maharashtra.

The entire trip towards the Laling Fort will be very green during the monsoon season. So, plan to wear proper clothing that covers your arms and legs. Also, you will come across some patches that require shoes with strong grips.

You should visit the Laling Fort now if you would like to see the architectural marvels of an era passed. The authorities are already doing contemporary building to make the fort stronger and more formidable. While this makes the fort stronger, it does take away the flavor from a structure that has survived through centuries.


The entire journey to the top of the trek is simple, but there is one part where you have to climb some rocks. There is a ropeway that takes you up, but you need to be careful.

Even while you trek upwards, you get a surreal view of the Dhule area. The entire ascent and the descent from Laling Fort should not take more than four hours, so pack at least four liters of water and anything that will keep you hydrated.

The visit to the Laling fort is an excellent experience for people looking for a medium trek and explore some of the architectural brilliance of an India that few know about.

Places To Visit Near Laling Fort

Laling Fort is in Dhule, a destination that is in the interiors of Maharashtra. You will not find many other places to visit here, but there are a couple where you can spend an hour or two. Here are some of them:

Haranmall Lake

Haranmall Lake is just about 8 KM away from the Laling Fort. You can spend a quaint afternoon here, taking in the excellent view of the Konkan area against the backdrop of a lake.

Nakane Lake

Nakane Lake is around half an hour from the Laling fort. The fort is a favorite among travelers for the scenic beauty and lush greenery that surrounds it.

Indave Temple

The Indave Temple is a famous temple landmark here. It is an ancient temple dedicated to the Goddess of India. You will also be able to see an artificial lake in the vicinity.

Thalner Fort

The Thalner Fort is an under-two-hour distance from the Laling fort. The fort is on a hill fort as well, so you will not be able to do two treks in one day. However, a visit to the Thalner fort is a good idea if you are planning to spend a weekend here. The fort is in a dilapidated state, with few parts of the fort remaining and standing strong.

Bhamer Fort

Another two hours from the Laling fort is the Bhamer fort, another hill fort that is a medium trek. The fort is a perfect example of the ancient architecture and styles of building.

How to Reach Bhamer Fort?

The Bhamer Fort is about seven hours from Mumbai. The nearest railway station is Choupale. It will take about eight hours to reach the Bhamer fort from Pune. You can travel by bus or car on both these routes.

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