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Naldurg Fort - The Fort with a Dam in Osmanabad

Naldurg Fort: The Fort with a Dam in Osmanabad (2023)

Naldurg Fort is in Osmanabad. The fort is one of the several in the Konkan area that is in the middle of a modern town or city. Due to this, you will find many tourists in this fort. Here is all the information you should know about the Naldurg fort.

Historical Importance of Naldurg Fort

The fort takes its name from the King Nalraja, who built the fort. The fort has not had a stellar history like the other forts in the Konkan area, and historians have remarked only about the unique structures found inside the fort.

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The fort has changed several hands since inception. The Chalukya Kings built it, and later, the Adilshahi took over the fort.

Structures Inside the Naldurg Fort

The Naldurg Fort is well-maintained by the Government, and you will find some modern additions to the fort. For example, every part of the fort has railings. Even the staircases in the Naldurg fort have railings and banisters for support, making the fort one of the many safe forts that you would visit if you are interested in fort tourism in Maharashtra.

Structures Inside the Naldurg Fort

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Naldurg fort has many bastions, more than a 100. Most of the bastions have names that you can read as you move along. You also see a couple of cannons in the Naldurg fort. One of the cannons that you see here is made of five metals and did not heat even after continuous firing. Another one had a changeable range of fire, depending on the amount of gunpowder filled in. There is also a play area inside the fort to keep the children visiting the fort busy. There are other contemporary changes made to the Naldurg fort structure, like a fountain in the middle of the old water structure.

You also see the grave of a British colonel who lived here, Colonel Meadows Taylor. You see the ruins of several other structures, like the artillery room, the Ambarkhana, and the structure that housed the entertainers.

The Naldurg fort is a popular architectural marvel because of the dam, the Pani Mahal that exists inside the fort. The dam was a strategy to bypass the nearby Bori River. Even during the monsoons, the fort does not have any water seepage.

Another structure in Naldurg fort is the Hathi Khana, a place for the elephants. The structure has the carving of an elephant at the entrance.

Naldurg Fort - The Fort with a Dam in Osmanabad

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Nearby is a water body that experts say was a lake for the bathing of elephants. Another structure has twelve doors, though it is not clear what it was used for.

Another aspect of the Naldurg fort is the watchtower, known as the Upli Buruj, at the very top of the fort. You get a great view today, but back then this was a watchtower to keep an eye on the surrounding area. The Upli Buruj has more than 70 steps.

You will also see a court and a prison inside the fort premises. The court gives an idea of medieval architecture and you will also notice that this is a room that echoes, giving you an idea of the thoughts about justice even back in the day.

Tourist Experience of Naldurg

Naldurg is within the city and it is not a trek, as is the case with most other forts in the Konkan area. You will spend just about under an hour in the fort as there are only some structures to see.

While Naldurg fort has its bastions and structures, it also has a backwater area, where the tourists can experience boating. This is a rare occurrence where you have a chance to go boating near a fort, so grab it. The only other fort like this is the Arnala fort in Mumbai.

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The authorities run an informative video about the Naldurg fort and its history. The fort gives you a unique view. From the front, you can see the Osmanabad city. At the back, you will see the Bori river and stunning visuals of the boats coursing their way through.

All said and done, Naldurg fort is a quick, sweet trip that tells you about Indian history. This trip is not for someone looking for a couple of hours of a trek or someone looking to get away from the bustle of the city.

Naldurg is one the most well-kept forts in Maharashtra so you will find tourists who will tell you more about the fort than you can ever find on your own.

Places to Visit Near Naldurg

An hour away from the fort is the Tuljabhawani temple, one of the most famous temples in the Konkan area. This temple is in honor of Goddess Tulka Bhawani. You will get to see a slice of religious life when you visit this temple.

Best Place to Visit Near Naldurg-Dharashiv CavesImage Source

If you are ready to travel for a little under two hours, you can visit Dharashiv Caves, the seven caves in the Balaghat Mountain Range. The caves are an example of Gandharva architecture. You see several wall carvings like a serpent’s hood and a large carving of Gautama Buddha. Experts believe that the caves date back to 5 BC.

How to Reach Naldurg Fort?

Naldurg Fort is in Osmanabad. Osmanabad City is well connected to all the major cities. You will find trains as well as buses that ply directly to Osmanabad city from Mumbai, Pune, and other major cities. The distance between Osmanabad and Mumbai is eight hours. You can take a train from Mumbai to Osmanabad. From Pune, there are six direct trains to Osmanabad. The distance between Pune and Osmanabad is around 200 KM.

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