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Amazing Resorts in Lonavala For Tourists to Have Memorable Vacation - Green Velvet Resort

5 Amazing Resorts in Lonavala For Tourists to Have Memorable Vacation (2023)

Lonavala is a one of a kind place in Maharashtra that has its peaks and hills but has dams and lakes as well, making it a good option for several tourists – those who want to trek and those who want to dip in the lakes. Some also love to spend time in a resort. If you are wondering what the difference between a hotel and a resort is, we have got you covered.

Typically, a hotel will only have accommodation and food services. A resort, on the other hand, will have a swimming pool, a garden, and other services and amenities for the patron’s entertainment. Resorts are sometimes further away from the city Resorts are also a bit expensive because of the various services and amenities that are available.

Exercise a little more caution while booking a resort than a hotel. Resorts are reclusive places, away from the city. Make sure that the resort you are looking at has an online presence, is safe and hygienic, and the best option for you.

5 Amazing Resorts in Lonavala For Tourists to Have Memorable Vacation

Here are the top 5 resorts in Lonavala

1. Blue Waters Resort Lonavala

Address: Behind Yash Hospital, Near T.C.S. Holiday Home, Valvan II, 410405 Lonavala, India

Phone: 843) 357-5282

Website: https://www.bluewaterresort.com/

Blue Waters Resort is an excellent option for those looking for a resort stay in Lonavala. It around 7 kilometers away from Lion’s Point, and therefore close to one of the most popular tourist spots in Lonavala. The Valwan dam is just a kilometer away as well.

It’s nearby the other spots in Lonavala as well. At five kilometers is the Bhushi Dam, the Kune Waterfalls are around 5 kilometers away, and the Lonavala train station is just 2 kilometers away.

There’s a restaurant on location, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The resort also has a Cocktail Hour. The menu is a Buffet and A La Carte.

Blue Waters Resort has a swimming pool and offers massages, though it doesn’t have a full-fledged spa.

The place has attractions for kids, with an outdoor play area for them, along with rooms for board games and puzzles. For the adults, there’s a nightclub and even a karaoke area.

Places like the Friday Flea Market, Kailash Parbat Hotel, and the Valvan Village Pond are all within a 1-kilometer radius.

The resort has a year-long outer pool and a sitting area with a television, making it a good option for a small group. The resort has a garden as well as a sun terrace. People checking in can spend the sultry afternoons and the cool evenings in the resort itself. All the rooms in the resort are air-conditioned. There is a villa on the property as well.

2. The Machan

Address: Village Jambulne, 8 km Short of Aamby Valley, Taluka Mulshi, District Pune, 410401 Lonavala, India

Phone: 022-35195503

Price per day: 12000

A Machan (treehouse) is a fad that exists in Mumbai as well. Its good to see that there’s a whole resort dedicated to that concept in Lonavala. True to its name, it has tree houses, perfect for those who want to experience some new adventure. The resort has ground-based cabins as well, and the accommodations have the very best of luxury.The Machan - Amazing Resorts in Lonavala For Tourists to Have Memorable Vacation

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This resort is a bit further from the tourist points in Lonavala. Tiger and Lion’s Point is at 4 kilometers, but places like the Kune Waterfalls, Mulshi Lake are around 5 to 10 km away.

All patrons in the machan get a beautiful view of the valley. Every room has the amenities to make every visit a memorable one. It’s different from the hotel rooms, as only one or two sides of the hotel have a view of the valley.

The Machan offers several other amenities as well. It has a library and Yoga classes on-site as well. There’s also a spa and massage center with services like pedicure, manicure, facial treatments, and other beauty services.

The Machan offers special diet meals, kids meals, and has a kid’s friendly buffet as well.

3. Green Velvet Resort

Address: Green Velvet, Pale Pawana, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410406.

Phone: +91 98196 14673

Price Per Day: 5000

Green Velvet Resort is a good option because it is very near Pawna Lake, a tourist location that you must visit when you are at Lonavala.

Green Velvet Resort has an in-house restaurant, so you don’t need to worry about ordering in. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and high tea on a Buffet and A La Carte system.Amazing Resorts in Lonavala For Tourists to Have Memorable Vacation - Green Velvet Resort

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Other places are a bit far from the Green Velvet resort. Lion’s Point is around twenty kilometers, and Tiger’s Point is about 20 kilometers away as well. Mulshi Lake is also twenty kilometers away and its only Bhushi Dam that’s close – at around eight kilometers.

Green Velvet Resort has a large outdoor pool and a garden. It doesn’t have spa facilities, though.

All the rooms have a mesmerizing lake view from the balcony, making the stay as beautiful as its memorable.

4. Meher Villa

Address: Plot No 42, Lonavala Ho, Lonavala – 410401, Pawan Nagar Donger Wadi

Phone: 077770 50186

Price per day: 3000 INR

Meher Villa is another exquisite property that offers you the best comfort and incredible views of Lonavala.

This is a quaint, cozy little place that is suited for small and large groups as well as couples.Amazing Resorts in Lonavala For Tourists to Have Memorable Vacation - Meher Villa

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The resort has two swimming pools and a garden area. The unique aspect of the Villa is that it offers BBQ facilities for a charge. The villa has an activity centre as well and has a ping pong table, a playground as well as a game room. It has a restaurant as well, so you don’t need to worry about eating out. The other tourist spots are a good distance away. Bushi Dam is around 5 kilometres away, Kune Waterfalls are about 6 kilometres away. Lion’s Point is 7 kilometres away, so on and so forth.

5. 7 Apple Resort

Address: Sr No.-30 Sector-E,Gold Valley,New Tungarli, 410403 Lonavala, India

Website: https://www.7applehotels.com/lonavala-resort-overview

Phone: 7767887763

Price: 4000 INR per day

7 Apple Resort is another popular resort in Lonavala. The rooms are tastefully done and offer a mesmerizing view of the Tungarli hills.

It has a picnic area, a terrace and a garden. There is a lot of sports equipment available, including a pool table, badminton and tennis equipment as well as a game room.

7 Apple Resort - Amazing Resorts in Lonavala For Tourists to Have Memorable Vacation

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Along with this, the resort has a restaurant and bar. The resort offers several cuisines, like Chinese, Italian, Thai, Local, Asian, BBQ, and more. It has two swimming pools Patrons can choose from the buffet or take the A La Carte.

These are the top resorts in Lonavala in all budgets. If you plan to visit most of Lonavala city daily during your visit, its better you opt for a hotel near the station. If not, these resorts put you right in the lap of Lonavala’s incredible lush views.

Happy Lonavling!

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