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Regal Hotel - Top Restaurants in Matheran

Top 9 Restaurants in Matheran (2023)

If you are in Matheran, you should gear up for some spicy food that’s as rugged and rustic as the area itself. Matheran is a tourist spot, so you will find hotels and restaurants that cater to all budgets and offer all kinds of cuisines. Here’s a list of the top ten restaurants in Matheran.

The hotels and resorts in Matheran offer a comfortable and memorable experience. The restaurants are a different story, though. Don’t expect much in terms of service and ambiance in restaurants in Matheran unless you go to some in-house restaurants of some of the top resorts in Matheran. Many of these are hyper-low-budget, family-run restaurant businesses in Matheran, for whom the taste comes first and the decor later.

Top 9 Restaurants in Matheran

1. Pooja Pav Bhaji

Address: MG Road, Bazar Peth, Matheran

Phone: +91 94233 75898

Best Restaurant in Matheran-Pooja Pav BhajiImage Source

Feeling the need for some iconic Mumbai dishes in Matheran, Pooja Pav Bhaji has your back. The place has economically priced dishes, and has some excellent fare for those looking for Mumbai dishes like the pav bhaji, batata wada, parathas etc.

2. Regal Hotel

Address: Kasturba Road, Matheran, via Neral (C.R.), Tal Karjat, Raigad 410102

Phone: (02148) 230243, 230287, 230143

Website: http://regalmatheran.com/reservations.htm

Regal Hotel is a premium location in Matheran, that offers accommodation and has a restaurant. The cuisines available in this hotel are Punjabi and Gujarati. Along with this, there’s a special section that has Gujarati delicacies like Ghatiyas, Puris, Sev, Khaman, etc.Regal Hotel - Top Restaurants in Matheran

Image Source

To add to the value, Regal Hotel has an ice-cream parlor offering some amazing ice cream in a variety of flavors and a Bakery as well.

The Bakery has some of the most enticing freshly made cream rolls, donuts, muffins, cookies, and biscuits.

This is a far cry away from the local cuisine, so it makes sense to experience it at least once during your visit to Matheran.

3. Panorama Restaurant

Address: 78, Kasturba Road | Hotel Panorama, Matheran, India

Phone: 91-952148-230254

Top Restaurant in Matheran-Panorama RestaurantImage Source

Panorama Restaurant is a hyper-budget food destination that offers vegetarian as well as meat cuisine. Panorama is most popular for its vegetarian fare.

4. Shabbir Bhai Biryaniwala

Address: Near Masjid, Matheran

Phone: +91 84461 12305

Shabbir Bhai Biryaniwala-Top Restaurant in Matheran

Photo From Kamal Khan abkamalkhan  Image Source

As the name suggests, the specialty of this restaurant is biryani of all types. The restaurant offers several North Indian dishes in vegetarian and meat flavors. The place also has an assortment of kebabs and tandoori dishes that are as delectable as they are exotic. This is a hyper budget restaurant and offers good value for money. It is best for small and large groups.

5. Garden View Restaurant

Address: MG Road, Matheran

Phone: +91-2148-230550

The Matheran Market area is home to several shops and restaurants. One of them is Garden View, which should be a welcome respite for those who would like to indulge in vegetarian food. They have Indian, Chinese, and Punjabi cuisine.

6. Konkan Katta

Address: Bazar Peth, Opposite Matheran Railway Station, Matheran India

Phone: +91 97646 05917

Seafood lovers will like the Konkan Katta, the place that specializes in seafood and is very near the Matheran station. A smallish restaurant, the Katta also offers vegetarian and vegan fare. The ambiance is not something to write home about. But walk in to get a taste of some of the most delicious seafood in a while.

7. Matheran Market Kiosks

Address: In Matheran Market

Best Restaurant in Matheran-Matheran Market KiosksImage Source

Matheran is an extremely chilly area, with the temperatures dipping during the winter and monsoon season. A respite during such cold weather is the food kiosks in the Matheran Market, which dish out delectable locally famous dishes like all kinds of Maggi, South Indian delicacies, etc. The entire market has several local kiosks, so take your pick.

8. Kumar Plaza Restaurant

Address: Plot no 149 opp telephone exchange Mg road, Matheran 410102 India

Phone: +91 97626 64845

Website: http://www.kumarplaza.com/

Kumar Plaza Restaurant-Top Restaurant in MatheranImage Source

Kumar Plaza is one of the better-maintained restaurants in Matheran. That’s because of its part of a Hotel. Even so, it is not very expensive and offers Indian, Italian, Chinese, Asian, Punjabi, and finger food cuisine. The place also has a bar and a party area.

9. Vihang Matheran

Address: MTDC Resort, Dasturi Naka Near Aman Lodge Railway Station, Matheran 410102 India

Phone: +91 2148 230 277

Website: http://www.maharashtratourism.gov.in/

Top Restaurant in Matheran-Vihang MatheranImage Source

This one is an MTDC run hotel and offers some delicious South Indian, Punjabi, and Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices. It has meats as well as vegetarian fare. The ambiance is a typical Dhaba.

These are the top and well-known restaurants in Matheran. As informed earlier, there are several small eateries in the Matheran Market as well, so you can easily plan your gastronomic adventure with street food in the evening and wandering into one of these restaurants for dinner. Most hotels in Matheran have in-house restaurants that offer scrumptious food. Its a misconception that hotel food is expensive or unhygienic. Unless you are staying at a five-star property that has some hefty service charges, the cost of ordering in should not be a problem. Therefore, venturing out to these hotels is more of an adventure than a necessity. And what’s a tour with a little bit of an adventure? On that note, Happy Matheraning!

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