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Visit Hanging Gardens or Phirozshah Mehta Garden, Mumbai

Visit Hanging Gardens or Phirozshah Mehta Garden :Tourist Experience, Places Nearby, & How to Reach Hanging Gardens (2023)

Hanging Gardens, the actual name Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens is an iconic and must-visit tourist location in South Mumbai. Hanging Gardens of Mumbai is a Government structure, so you will see all kinds of tourists come here to spend their time. If you intend to visit the Hanging Gardens, read this article to understand what to expect.

Information About Hanging Gardens

The actual name of Hanging Gardens is Phirozshah Mehta Garden. It takes its name as Hanging Gardens because it is on top of a water reservoir. The garden is just next to the Kamala Nehru Park in Mumbai. You will see all kinds of tourists always visit Hanging Gardens.

The garden has a well-maintained path, making it perfect for a stroll or a jog, Other than that, you will see many people from the city coming here during the afternoon or the evening to while away a bit of their time. This place is one of the few that the tour guides to Mumbai will take you to.

About Hanging Gardens or Phirozshah Mehta Garden, Mumbai
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The Hanging Gardens has a unique prop, topiary, which means you will see shrubs and bushes shaped like different animals. Along with the garden and the path, there are some seating areas in the garden as well. You see colorful trees and plants all around, making your visit a memorable one, so it is an excellent experience for anyone who likes flowers and plants.

The Tourist Experience of Visiting Hanging Gardens

A must-see structure at Hanging Garden in Mumbai is the pillar on which rests a clock. One of the artifacts here is the ancient sundial, which is now on an upright concrete slab. Have fun trying to figure out how to tell the time.

Even though it is a garden, the weather here is extremely hot in the afternoons. The best time to visit Hanging Garden in Mumbai is either early morning for a jog or during the evening, to catch the sunset. There are not many shops right in the vicinity, so make sure to pack enough water and some snacks for your visit.

The Tourist Experience of Visiting Hanging Gardens
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Hanging Gardens or Phirozshah Mehta Garden is an impromptu exercise location as well, as it is clean and well-maintained. You will see health-conscious individuals, as well as entire groups, come here regularly to exercise, jog, and even do Yoga.

It is a bit secluded, but there are some vendors selling coconut water and other such roadside dishes.

And of course, where there are plants, there will be other natural life as well, so take a moment to see the small insects, bees, and birds flying around in the vicinity of the gardens.

Because of the lush greenery and wildlife, the Hanging Gardens also become a perfect place for photography. This place is one of the few that is well suited for macro-photography, of small insects and other interesting objects.

Amateur photographers usually come to Hanging Gardens or Phirozshah Mehta Garden for nature photography as well as candid photography. Many public places in Mumbai do not allow photography. Some frown on it, others charge you a hefty price, and yet others disallow it. So, this is an excellent place to capture the spirit and nature of Mumbai in a safe and hassle-free manner.

Visit Hanging Gardens or Phirozshah Mehta Garden, Mumbai

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You can spend about an hour here. The Hanging Gardens in Mumbai are an excellent place to take a stroll and enjoy the calm, or just move about in a group and chat your heart away. The gardens used to be film locations for romantic songs until Bollywood discovered the lush and beautiful gardens outside the country.

From the gardens, you get an excellent view of the Arabian Sea and Marine Drive. Many tourists also come here to watch the sunset, as one can see the sun setting in the Arabian Sea from here.

Places Near Hanging Gardens, Mumbai

Hanging Gardens is in Malabar Hill, and just next to it is the Kamala Nehru Gardens. A small path separates the Kamala Nehru Gardens and the Hanging Gardens. Other than the Kamala Nehru Park, here are some other places that you can visit in Malabar Hill.

You can visit the Pramod Navalkar Viewing Gallery. The viewing gallery gives an excellent view of Mumbai, the Arabian Sea, and the whole of the Malabar Hill area.

Best Place to Visit Near Hanging Gardens, Mumbai-Babulnath Temple
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You can also visit the Babulnath Temple, which is nearby to the Hanging Garden. You will find devotees flocking to the Temple, but it still gives you a calmness that is rare in the humdrum of Mumbai. The Babulnath Temple is an ancient Shiva Temple.

Must Visit Place Near Hanging Gardens, Mumbai-Bhavan Gandhi Sanghralaya
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Another must-visit place in the Malabar Hill area is the Manu Bhavan Gandhi Sanghralaya. It is a museum based on the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi. It has several artifacts of the time, and you also get to see several movies based on Gandhi as well.

Amazing Place To Visit Near Hanging Gardens, Mumbai-Chowpatty Beach
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Another ten minutes from the Hanging Gardens is one of the most popular beaches, Chowpatty Beach of Mumbai. You can spend the rest of your evening in a calm, serene setting and enjoy the water as well as the delicious iconic Mumbai dishes that vendors sell in the background.

You can also visit the Priyadarshini Park, which is a ten-minute drive from the Hanging Gardens. This park is a unique one for Mumbai, as it has sports facilities and a walking track, along with an AstroTurf.

How to Reach Hanging Gardens?

You can reach Hanging Gardens from either Churchgate or Grant Road. Both these railway stations are on the Western Side. From both these places, it will take you something like ten minutes to reach Hanging Gardens. You can either hire a cab or board a bus to the exact location.

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