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Visit Worli Seaface - Popular Place for Tourists

Visit Worli Seaface: Tourist Experience, Places Nearby, How to Reach Worli Sea Face (2023)

The Worli Sea Face is in Worli, Mumbai, and is one of the more underrated tourist locations in Mumbai. That is because Worli is one of the farthest points in Mumbai, and there are other similar locations – places overlooking the sea – nearer to Churchgate and Bandra Station. Since the Sea Link has connected Bandra to Worli, even the Sea Face has become a popular place for tourists and locals to spend some of their time.

The Worli Sea Face Experience

The Worli Sea Face at the mouth of the Bandra Worli Sea Link, the area overlooks the Arabian Sea, and people enjoy the salty weather that the Sea face allows. Like Marine Drive, the Sea Face is also 3 KM promenade, perfect for a brisk walk or a jog. In the mornings, you will see entire groups and individuals come here for their daily exercise. It is a calm and serene place, and you will not find many vendors here. The only ones you see are the hawkers and a couple who sell eatables on their bicycles. There are several restaurants on the other side of the road, though.

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Also, make note of the fact that Worli is one of the poshest areas, so the restaurants and everything else might be a bit pricer here. Sea face is perfect for many things. It is a host to joggers in the morning. In the afternoons, students and professionals hill and take in the sea waves. In the late evenings, you see entire families visit this place to unwind after a hard day at work or the house. The Seaface is a great place to see the sunset on the city that never sleeps, Mumbai.

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This side of Mumbai has stricter rules and more monitoring, so make sure that you do not throw wrappers, etc., on the ground. There is every chance that some well-meaning citizens might give you an earful if you do so.

The Worli Seaface now connects to the Sea link, so it’s a surreal experience for you to see the cars driving past to reach their destination, while you are at the mouth of the sea, enjoying everyone whizzing past you. With the Sea-Link now functional, you can also see a calming view of the cars passing on the Sealink to reach the other end, Bandra.

Visit Worli Seaface - Popular Place for Tourists

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If you end up seeing very few people here, there is a reason for it. The Worli Seaface is home to the richest of the rich who are very particular about the areas that they reside in. So, you will not see any urchins, beggars, etc., or even squatters at the Seaface, making it one of the best places to visit. One downside is that you miss another iconic part of Mumbai, the roadside vendors. It has also become a perfect option for amateur photographers, videobloggers, and anyone looking to capture the city in a frame. You will see college kids take some memorable selfies at the Worli Sea Face. The Seaface takes a whole new avatar during the monsoons. During the high tide, huge waves lash at the surface, making for a memorable experience for those looking for some fun.

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Tips for a Worli Seaface Outing

Because public places like the Worli Seaface have become a hub for homeless people, you will sometimes see a police patrol driving past, ensuring that the homeless are not planning to spend the night there.

The Worli Seaface is also important because this place, along with Marine Drive and others, becomes the hub of cultural activity. Some two years ago, it became host to some artwork depicting elephants. Depending on your luck, you might see some special programs happening on the Worli Seaface. Along with the Bandra Bandstand and Marine Drive, the Worli Seaface is a place where many aspiring artists render their songs, dance, and other creative skills.

Tips for a Worli Seaface Outing, You Might See Some Special Programs

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Many people come here for midnight walks as well and decide to consume alcohol. Please keep in mind that drinking in a public place is a crime in Mumbai. Do not indulge in such activities or befriend anyone who is doing such activities.

Places Near Worli Seaface

The Worli Seaface is an excellent destination in Mumbai to spend a few hours. But around this place are some more places that ensure you have a memorable time on your Mumbai outing.

A short distance from the Worli Seaface is the Worli Koliwada, a fishing village where you can spend time, taking everything that makes Mumbai an excellent broth of all lifestyles.

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It is an ancient village, and historians believe it is more than 800 years, predating even the beginning of British rule. You will see old buildings and contemporary ones jostling for space, with cultural icons of all religions.

From the Worli Seaface, a ten-minute drive takes you to the Siddhivinayak Temple, a famous spot for the religious-minded.

If you have not visited yet, you could take a half an hour drive and reach Gateway of India from the Worli Seaface. The Gateway of India is a tourist location as well, and it has several restaurants and small hotels nearby for you to gorge on delicious food.

And a seven-minute drive takes you to Nehru Planetarium, an excellent place to spend an entire afternoon. The Planetarium has several programs that give relevant information about science and the world of astronomy.

How To Reach Worli?

Worli is connected well to all the stations in Mumbai. You can travel via train or bus. To travel via train, you need to reach Churchgate station and then take a bus or cab to Worli. If you are traveling by road, you can take the Sea Link from Bandra and reach Worli Seaface in a jiffy. You will also find buses running on this route.

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