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Kihim Beach - Beach Destinations Near Pune

8 Beach Destinations Near Pune (Within 200 kms) (2022)

Pune City is on the Konkan Coast but does not have many beaches. That is one of the reasons that Punekars look for beach locations around them so that they have an exciting and memorable weekend. All the places mentioned in this list are less than a 10-hour drive, making them perfect for a weekend outing. Most of the beaches on the Konkan coast have commercial activity on and around them, but some are popular because there are secluded, and there are no shops or even hawkers in the vicinity. In some places, there is an absence of franchise hotels and resorts. You will find people with row-houses renting out – or a room – for changing and sometimes even napping purposes.

The best part about the beaches in the Konkan area and around Pune is that you will find all kinds of boarding and staying arrangements that cater to all budgets. Here is a list of all the beaches near Pune that you must visit once the summer makes the city all sultry and dry. One aspect that you need to keep in mind while making your plans for beaches is that some of them might close down post 8 PM. Post that, you will not be allowed to venture out on the beach. Many young groups might plan to reach a place in the afternoon and then head to the beach in the late evening, which is sometimes not possible.

Top Beaches Near Pune

1. Kihim Beach

Kihim Beach is the nearest to Pune. At 140 km, it is somewhat of a three-hour drive from Pune to Kihim. You can also reach the place from Alibaug, which is 10 km away. One of the more exciting ways to reach Kihim is the recently started catamaran services from the Gateway of India in Mumbai. Kihim is famous for birdwatching. The beach is perfect for a long stroll by the beach. Tourists usually come here to take in the sunset, as well as soaking in some sun during the daytime. Kihim Beach is around 11 km south of Alibag.

Kihim Beach - Beach Destinations Near Pune

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There are other places that you can visit while at Kihim Beach as well. You have the Kihim Pond, the Kankeshwar Temple, and the Karmarkar Museum. Along with a beach paradise, Kihim is also home to several temples like the Kalbhairav Temple and the Gaodevi Temple. There is also the Bhileshwar Temple.

2. Alibaug Beach

Alibaug beach possibly offers the most exhilarating experience when it comes to beaches in the Konkan area. The place has a charm of its own, and tourists agree that Alibaug stands its own, even when compared to the beaches in Goa.

The Alibaug beach has a commercial activity like water sports like banana boat, parasailing, and in some cases, even paragliding. These sports are available at a flat price, so they end up being cheaper than in other places. Alibaug is a tourist hub, so there’s are several resorts, hotels, and cottages nearby.

Alibaug Beach-Best Beach Near Pune

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The distance between Pune and Alibaug is 140 km, and it takes about 3 hours. You can also complete the journey via bus. There is no train station at Alibaug, so you would need to travel to Panvel from Pune and then take a bus or a cab.

3. Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach is famous among Bollywood buffs. That’s because the 90s action thriller, Agneepath, was set in Mandwa and was all about the scenic location. The place offers a perfect option for a quick dip and a walk by the seashore with the special someone. Mandwa has watersports as well, even though the beach is a little less crowded as compared to Alibaug or the other more popular places. There is a clump of resorts, hotels, and resorts spotting the beach, so you can easily plan a weekend retreat to Mandwa.

Mandwa Beach-Top Beach Near Pune

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Mandwa is about 130 km away from Pune, which makes it a three-hour drive from Pune. To travel to Mandwa via train, bus, or taxi, you will need to come to Mumbai first and then proceed to Mandwa.

4. Murud Beach

Tourists claim that Murud is one of the most underrated beaches in the Konkan area. Not as famous as the Alibaug beach, Murud offers a calm experience, away from the hustle and bustle. It is less crowded and doesn’t have much commercial activity on the beachfront. Because of the sparse public, Murud Beach becomes an excellent option for taking a dip in the water, sunbathing, and other fun and frolic under the sun and near the sea.

Murud Amazing Beach Near Pune

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Murud Beach is slightly farther than the others. It is a five-hour drive. You can also travel to Murud from Pune via bus.

5. Dapoli Beach

Dapoli Beach is another perfect option for anyone looking for a weekend getaway from Pune. This beach is a virgin beach and has a sizeable amount of commercial activity, including some nearby shacks offering delicious fish and local cuisine. The beach is calm and secluded and is perfect for families and couples to chill in the hot sun. There are a couple of resorts and hotels in the vicinity, making it simple for you to settle down for the weekend.

Dapoli is around 190 km from Pune and a four-hour drive. The nearest railway station to Dapoli is Khed.

6. Kalamb Beach

Kalamb Beach brings you almost to Mumbai, as it lies in the Nalaspora area in Thane district. However, the Kalamb beach is a stark difference to everything you know about Mumbai or Thane. It is a tranquil beach that offers respite from the busy lifestyle of the city. The Kalamb beach is a unique beach with black sand, something you don’t get to see on the other beaches of Mumbai. The beach has its fair share of commercial activity, like food shacks and restaurants, so that’s that.

You can reach Kalamb beach via train or bus or even a road trip of five hours. Top travel by train, you will need to get to the Nalasopara station, a suburb in Mumbai.

7. Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar Beach lies in the Raigad district, a place famous for its forts and its temples. The beach is clean and offers a tranquil experience. It’s not very crowded, but because of its popularity, there’s some specific commercial activity available, like watersports. Also, there is the Harihareshwar Temple right across, so you can give your spiritual side a recharge as well.

Top Harihareshwar Beach Near Pune

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Harihareshwar is 170 km away from Pune. The road trip is a little over 5 hours. For bus and train transport, you will first need to reach Khed and then take a taxi to Harihareshwar.

8. Velas Beach

And now comes the beach that is unique for its aquatic life, Velas Beach. At the right time, you will be able to view turtles moving all around the shores, something that’s a rare sight in the entire Konkan beach area. You will find many species of turtles in Velas, like the Olive Ridley, the Green Turtle, the Hawksbill, the

Leatherback, and others. Velas is a rustic little village at heart, so you should have your fill of authentic, Konkani food and a lifestyle that everyone yearns for and can experience only for a limited time.

Best Velas Beach Near Pune

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Velas Beach is 190 km away from Pune, and the road trip takes about 5 hours. By road, the route will be Pune to Baner to Khopoli and finally to Velas.

These are the top beaches to visit near Pune. We hope you have a great time visiting these.

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