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Vengurla's Lighthouse - Amazing Place to Visit in Vengurla

Vengurla Tour: 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Vengurla (2022)

Vengurla is an inviting beach town set in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is about 100 km away from Goa and around 550 km away from Mumbai. Vengurla mesmerizes tourists with its sandy beaches, the hilly view, and the genial hospitality that it offers.

Like Ganpatipule, Vengurla is a temple town with enough beaches and temples and an exotic cultural lifestyle that will keep the tourists on their tours. Vengurla has several amazing places that tourists can visit, and here’s a quick list of the must-see places in Vengurla.

Vengurla Tour: 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Vengurla

1. Nivati Beach

Nivati Beach offers a fantastic experience for tourists visiting Vengurla. It is a white sand beach, making it unique. it’s a secluded beach with just about enough of commercial activity around it. Local, non-franchise owned resorts dot the surroundings, offering tourists economic options for staying at Nivati. Tourists coming to Nivati Beach can experience a slice of rural life as well, watching the Rampani fishing that happens at the beach during the fishing season.

2. Shiroda Beach

Shiroda Beach offers a calm, soothing experience for tourists. It is at a distance of about 20 kms from Vengurla. It is one of the few beaches that is yet to become a traveller’s discovery. The surroundings are immaculately natural as well, with coconut trees surrounding most of the beach.

Best Place to Visit in Vengurla-Shiroda Beach

Credit: Shekhar Mane  Image Source

There are some hotels and restaurants around that offer authentic Konkani and Malvani food – that’s something everyone should experience once in their lives. Shiroda Beach is also one of the last stops before Goa, as it is just seven km from Goa. From Mumbai, it is a good 530 km away.

3. Mochemad Beach

Mochemad Beach is a small beach but is still a must-visit one because of the beach and village life experience that it offers to anyone who visits it. Mochemad beach is just about 10 kms from Vengurla. The beach offers a calm and silent experience and the only hustle and bustle that happens here are because of the fishermen and their fishing activities. There is almost no commercial activity here, so if you plan to spend some time you might need to get your own snacks and beverages.

Top Place to Visit in Vengurla-Mochemad BeachImage Source

4. Sagareshwar Beach

Sagareshwar Beach is another secluded one in Vengurla and is just at a distance of 3.2 kms from Vengurla. It is about two kilometers of a straight, calming, and soothing walk. The beach as well as the water is clean enough and gives you an idea of how beautiful nature can be if humans allow it to be.

Amazing Place to Visit in Vengurla-Sagareshwar Beach

Credit: Priyanka’s Vlogz  Image Source

Though Sagareshwar beach is secluded, there are some places of interest and commerce near it. Several resorts and hotels dot the surrounding area. There is the Sagareshwar temple at a short distance as well, so expect to bump into pilgrims on your way in and out.

5. Vengurla Malvan Beach

The Vengurla Malvan Beach is home to seagulls, so seeing them is a sight. There is enough commercial activity here to keep tourists busy, like boat rides and other water sports. You will see several mango and cashew trees that line the beach, making it a visual delight.

Vengurla Malvan Beach-Amazing Place to Visit in VengurlaImage Source

6. Khazandevi Temple

If you head to Vengurla, make sure you visit the 300-year-old Khazandevi Temple. The temple is one of the last remnants of the Konkan architecture. Khazandevi Temple is located at a distance of 14 kms from Vengurla.

7. Vengurla’s Lighthouse

The Vengurla Lighthouse is one of the remnants of the old lifestyle. It is situated at a distance of 3.6 kms from Vengurla town. A quaint set of steps takes you to the lighthouse, giving a magnificent view of Vengurla and the waters that cover it. The lighthouse offers a great view of the sunset as well. It’s quaint to see the big boats in the sea from the lighthouse, looking like small specks of color in the water.

Vengurla's Lighthouse - Amazing Place to Visit in Vengurla

Photo By Vivek Jadye  Image Source

8. Fruit Research Centre

Vengurla is also home to a fruit research center, where tourists can see the plantations of various fruits. This is as much as a touring experience as it is a learning experience. Tourists also get to know about plant life and how one can save the plants and trees.

Amazing Place to Visit in Vengurla-Fruit Research CentreImage Source

9. Sateridevi Jal Mandir

As the name suggests, the Sateridevi Jal Mandir is situated in a pond. This adds to the Mandir’s uniqueness and is an engineering delight. Like all temples, the Sateridevi Jal Mandir offers a calming, serene atmosphere to everyone who visits there.

Best Place to Visit in Vengurla-Sateridevi Jal Mandir

Photo by Anil Ghadigaonkar  Image Source

10. Redi Ganpati Temple

Redi Ganpati temple is located in a small village called Redi which is about 30 kms from Vengurla. Redi village is rich in iron and ore mines and the big idol of Ganpati was found in one of the mines in the year 1976. A villager named Sadashiv Kambli had a dream of the buried statue of Lord Ganesha in his dream and convinced local workers to dig out the statue from the seashore. The mouse idol was found after 2 months of excavation. After a research it has been found that this big statue of Lord Ganapati was made by the Pandava during their rule. The size of Redi Ganpati statue is approximately 6 ft in height and 4 ft in width.

Top Place to Visit in Vengurla-Redi Ganpati TempleImage Source

These are the must-visit places in Vengurla. We hope you enjoy your stay and make time enough to visit all these places!

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