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Kangla Fort - Place That Are Worth Visiting

One-week Itinerary for Manipur Trip: 6 Places That Are Worth Visiting (2023)

Manipur, one of the most beautiful states in India’s North-eastern part, is land to beautiful landscapes, lakes, hills, and heritage sites. There are a lot of things to enjoy and experience when in Manipur. From thoroughly enjoying the lush greenery to rejuvenating one’s mind and soul in the peaceful hills to exploring the rich history and heritage and taking back lovely memories in the form of gifts and souvenirs, Manipur is a place for one and all. The warmth of the people of Manipur and its beauty and culture always brings us back to this place.

Plan a trip for at least a week to experience all that Manipur has to offer.

One-Week Itinerary for Manipur Trip – 6 Places That Are Worth Visiting in Manipur

2 Days in Imphal: 6 Exciting Places To Visit In Imphal

Imphal is the capital city of Manipur and is the most popular destination in the state. From temples to markets to heritage sites, Imphal is a place that has something interesting to offer to all.

1. Kangla Fort – This Fort is situated on the banks of river Imphal. The heritage site opened for the public in 2003 and is witness to some of the greatest war stories. Also, there are a lot of religious places in and around the temple. It would make up for a delightful sight on a half-day tour to this Fort. Kangla Fort - Place That Are Worth Visiting

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2. Shaheed Minar – The Minar, which is 11m tall, is built in memory of brave soldiers who died during the Meitei war of 1891. It is situated in Bir Tikendrajit Park and is the symbol of the sacrifice and courage of the people of Manipur.

Place That Are Worth Visiting in Manipur-Shaheed Minar
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3. War Cemetery
– The cemetery in Imphal is in the memory of brave hearts who lost their lives in the battle of Kohima and Imphal during World War II. It is of historical significance and displays the struggle of the Manipuris.

Best Place That Are Worth Visiting in Manipur-War Cemetery
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4. Shree Govindajee Temple – The largest Hindu Vaishnav temple in Imphal, dedicated to Lord Krishna. The people of Manipur believe that Govindajee is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. The temple is beautiful and simple in architecture with two gold plated domes

Amazing Place That Are Worth Visiting in Manipur-Shree Govindajee Temple
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5. Ima Keithel
– A unique and popular destination in Manipur, this market is famous for its interesting marketing style. It is run entirely by women only and is the largest Asian market run by women sellers. All the essential items like textiles, fruits, and vegetables, are sold in this market. This is close to Kangla Fort, and so after visiting the Kangla Fort, this place is a must-visit in Imphal.

Place to Visit in Manipur-Ima Keithel Image Source

Timings: 4:00 AM to 6:00 PM

6. Khwairamband Bazar – Manipur’s oldest market is also unique in its style of operation. Just like Ima Keithel, this market is also run by only women vendors. Anything from daily groceries to handicrafts, this market offers a great variety. This market is in close vicinity to some of the best restaurants in Imphal. Also, the products available in the market are affordable and make the shopping experience worthwhile.

Best Place to Visit in Manipur-Khwairamband Bazar
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4:30 AM to 6:00 PM

2 Days in Ukhrul: 4 Exciting Places To See In Ukhrul

The highest hill station in Manipur is a perfect place to recreate and rejuvenate. The beauty of this place is incredible.

1. Khayang Peak – Khayang peak is the highest peak in the Ukhrul district. It is a place for trek lovers, and the view from the peak is beautiful. Watching the sunrise from the peak makes for a memorable and eye-pleasing experience.

2. Khangkhui Cave – This case was used by the people for shelter during World war II. It is made of natural limestone.

Place To See In Ukhrul-Khangkhui Cave

Credit: SH Tom KHARAM Image Source

3. Kachouphung Lake – An interesting fact about this place is that the lake’s shape resembles that of Indian map. A large variety of fishes can be found in Kachouphung Lake in Ukhrul.

4. Shirui Kashong Peak – It is more than 2800 m above sea level and is famous for Shirui Lilly, which is grown only on Shirui Hills. The natural beauty of this place is phenomenal.
Top-Rated Place To See In Ukhrul-Shirui Kashong PeakImage Source

1 Day In Bishnupur: 5 Amazing Places To See In Bishnupur in Manipur

Bishnupur is land to most of the religious places of worship and has large forest areas and greenery.

1. Vishnu Temple – A Chinese-style-built temple is home to Lord Vishnu, and that is how the city got its name from. It has now been protected as a historical monument under the Ministry of H.R.D (Archeology).

Amazing Place To See In Bishnupur in Manipur-Vishnu Temple
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2. Moirang and INA museum
– A small town in Manipur, famous for Loktak Lake and its floating islands. INA museum is dedicated to soldiers of the Indian National Army.

Best Place To See In Bishnupur in Manipur-Moirang and INA Museum
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3. Keibul Lamjao National Park
– It is world’s only Floating National park, which is famous for the endangered species of deer called Sangai. A Safari ride is a must to this park. To get a glimpse of Sangai deer, the park must be visited from morning 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM as the Sangai Deer usually can be spotted during this time.

4. Loktak Lake and Sendra Island – It is the largest freshwater lake in Northeastern India and is famous for its floating islands. Sendra Island is one of the islands on this lake that offers the bird view of this lake’s astounding beauty.

5. Loukoipat – A very small natural lake famous for its picturesque spot, which has now been developed into an ecological park. One can relax in a boat ride in this lake,

1 Day in Andro and Thoubal

Andro – This place represents the richness of art and culture of Manipur. A small village whose glory is in the artistic crafts created by the locals. If you have an interest in pottery, this is the perfect place, and also you can take back with you your crafted pottery collection.

Thoubal – A place of natural lakes and rivers is home to simple, fun-loving people. It is perfect for trekking and hiking. Outdoor activities can be planned in Thoubal.

Places To See>: Thoubal river, Thoubal Bazar and People’s museum

1 Day in Dzukou Valley

This valley is located on the border of Manipur and Nagaland. It is known for its natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. It has a variety of flowers and is named after Dzukou Lilly, which is found only here. This place is a nature’s paradise, and the beauty is spell bounding. Manipur’s highest peak is also behind this valley. The trek to the valley is a great experience that can be cherished forever.

During a week’s stay in Manipur, whichever time of the year you are in, make sure to enjoy the local festivals of the Manipur state and also, if you are lucky enough and a Polo match is being played in Imphal’s Polo ground, do not forget to be a spectator and watch the live Polo match as this is the place where Polo was originated.

Best Time To Visit Manipur : October – February

Languages spoken : Manipuri is the primary language. However, English and Hindi are also understood and spoken by people.

Food : Manipuri cuisine and spicy food is what one can relish while in Manipur.

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