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Manipur Directory for Religious Places (2022)

Manipur is known not only for its rich cultural and heritage sites but also for its numerous places of worship as well. The majority of the population in Manipur follows Hinduism, and that is the reason one can find more Hindu places of worship (Temples) here. All religious places have some significance and different beliefs. Every place of worship has its own story and Lord of worship. The capital city of Imphal is the land to most of the holy sites.

Manipur Directory for Religious Places

Here is the list of 12 famous religious places of Manipur:

1. Mahabali Temple

 Shree Hanuman Temple, also known as Mahabali temple, is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and situated in Mahabali Forests in Manipur. This temple is a hut type built-in typical Bengali style and is a major attraction for all tourists. This temple witnesses a large number of devotees as well to offer prayers and seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings.Mahabali TempleCredit: Google Maps Image Source

Location: Banks of Imphal river in Mahabali Forest, Imphal

2. Shri Govindajee Temple

It is the largest Vaishnav Hindu temple in Manipur. It has two gold plates domes and is of utmost significance for the Hindu community in Manipur. This temple worships Lord Krishna who is the main deity of the temple, as it is believed that Govindajee is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. The temple has an elegant structure and has a small pond and is well maintained. Surrounded by greenery, this temple is one of the most popular religious sites in Manipur.

Manipur Directory for Religious Place-Shri Govindajee TempleImage Source

Location: Imphal

3. Vishnu Temple

This ancient temple is built in Chinese style, and the city Bishnupur where it is located got its name from this temple, which means Home of Vishnu. As the name suggests, Lord Vishnu is worshipped in the temple. This temple is now a protected historical monument of Manipur under the Ministry of H.R.D (Archeology).

Temples of Manipur-Vishnu TempleImage Source

Location: Bishnupur

4. Iskcon Temple

Iskcon or popularly known as RadhaKrishna temples have been one of the main attractions throughout the country now, and this temple in Manipur is no exception. The grace and beauty of this temple has its own charm. Not only Lord Krishna’s followers, but people from all spheres of life visit Iskcon Temple and seek Krishna’s blessings and the positivity of this place.

Manipur Famous Temple-Iskcon TempleImage Source

Location: Imphal

5. Phungyo Baptist Church

It is the first church built in Manipur. This church is situated on a beautiful mount or hill known as Phungyo, hence the name of this church.

Incredible Place to Visit in Manipur-Phungyo Baptist ChurchImage Source

Location: Ukhrul

6. Emmanuel Baptist Church

This is one of the biggest churches of Manipur. It has a blue domain on the top and is a well-kept and beautiful church.

Biggest Churches of Manipur-Emmanuel Baptist ChurchImage Source

Location: Tamenglong

7. St. Joseph’s Cathedral

This church in Manipur is created in the Anglo-Manipuri fusion architectural style. It is an amazingly constructed site and is one of the most significant places of worship for the people of Imphal and Manipur. Devotees gather here in large numbers to offer daily prayers. The calm and spiritual atmosphere of the church will fill your heart and soul with peace and make you visit this place again and again.

Amazing Place to Visit In Manipur-St. Joseph's CathedralImage Source

Location: Imphal

8. Jama Mosque

 Imphal city, the capital of Manipur, is a destination for many religious places of worship for all religions. Jama Mosque is one such mosque situated in Jama Masjid Road, Imphal. Its construction and the magnificent domes are praiseworthy. Daily prayers are offered by the local Muslim community who also celebrates their festivals in this grand mosque, which can hold large gatherings.

Amazing Destination to Visit In Manipur-Jama MosqueImage Source

Location: Jama Masjid Road, Paona Bazar, Imphal

9. Sacred Jackfruit Tree Site

This tree growing on the small hill of Kaina was used to carve images of Hindu Lord Krishna. The statue of Lord Krishna in the famous Shree Govindajee Temple has been carved from its wood and is the first image carved out of this wood.

Must-Visit Attraction of Manipur-Sacred Jackfruit Tree SiteImage Source

Location: Kaina Hill, Thoubal

10. Babupara Mosque

It is one of the most significant places of worship for Muslims in Manipur. From daily prayers to celebrations, this religious place of worship has been one of the main attractions of Manipur. Muslims believe in one God, “Allah,” and offer their prayers to that almighty.

Significant Place of Worship for Muslims in Manipur-Babupara MosqueImage Source

Location: Imphal

11. Nityananda And Narasimha Temple

This is a very famous temple of Manipur. It is believed that every prayer in this temple, is fulfilled, and that is the reason for the large footfall in this temple. The beliefs and the simplicity of this place attract not only locals but tourists from all locations.

Location: Imphal

12. Sanamahi Temple

The beauty and the unique construction of this temple is a major attraction for tourists in Manipur. This temple is made in an Octagonal shape with roofs in a pyramid form. Lord Sanamahi is worshipped in this temple and is one of the oldest temples of Manipur.

Famous Temple in Manipur-Sanamahi TempleImage Source

Location: Imphal

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