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Nohkalikai Waterfalls in Cherrapunji

Visit Nohkalikai Waterfalls in Cherrapunji: Things To Do, Entry Fees, Timings, Best Time To Visit Nohkalikai Waterfalls, Nearby Attractions (2023)

Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on earth, is land to plenty of beautiful waterfalls surrounded with lush green forests. The remarkable waterfalls and majestic caves are the major places of tourist’s interest.

About Nohkalikai Waterfalls:

Nohkalikai waterfalls are one of the highest falls in India, and the beautiful falls with the dense green forests which make an incredible view. It is located about 7-8 km away from Cherrapunji.

The water drops from a height of more than 1,100 feet, and while looking at its beauty from far off, it looks like a white rope. The force of water has carved a waterhole that remains blue in the winter and turns green in the summer months. A spot that is particularly famous for its photogenic beauty. The rays of the sun shining on the Nohkalikai waterfalls make the view even more enthralling.

Visit Nohkalikai Waterfalls in Cherrapunji
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It is believed that a woman named Ka Likai jumped from these falls and so the waterfalls got its name as Nohkalikai waterfalls. A young woman who lost her husband remarried, thinking her daughter will get a father was not aware that her new husband does not like her daughter. One day when she was out, he killed her daughter and cooked her flesh. On returning home, he served her wife the same meal. Later she found her daughter’s fingers in the basket and filled with guilt and remorse, she ran to the cliff and jumped from there.

Things To Do At Nohkalikai Waterfalls:

Trekking, camping, bird watching, landscape photography, and swimming. Nohkalikai waterfalls is the place for all nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Entry Fees at Nohkalikai Waterfalls:

A minimal amount is charged as an entrance fee and for carrying a camera.

Best time to Visit Nohkalikai Waterfalls – June to September

Timings: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

5 Attractions to Visit Nearby Nohkalikai Waterfalls:

  1. Kynrem Waterfalls – India’s 7th highest waterfall, and the beauty of these falls are surprising. A three-tiered waterfall, where water flows through a height of 300 meters.
    Attraction to Visit Nearby Nohkalikai Waterfalls-Kynrem Waterfalls
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  2. Thangkharang Park – It is a very popular tourist attraction in Cherrapunji. Many rare and exotic orchids and some rare species of plants specific to this place are found here. A mesmerizing view of the plains of Bangladesh can be witnessed from this park.
    Amazing Attraction to Visit Nearby Nohkalikai Waterfalls-Thangkharang Park

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  3. Mawsmai Cave – One of the most popular landmarks in Cherrapunji is this beautiful limestone cave. The cave is well lit to enable the tourists to explore the complete view. An area of 150 meters only is open for tourists. The cave’s size varies as you move forward, and you will be required to squeeze and bend to move forward in the cave. There is water constantly dripping from the roof.
    Must-Visit Attraction to Nearby Nohkalikai Waterfalls-Mawsmai Cave
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  4. Ka Khoh Ramhah – A place famous for its beauty and picturesque spot. It attracts a large number of tourists and is a very popular picnic destination. This place is also known by the names Mothorp and Pillar Rock. The interesting fact is that the shape of the rock is similar to that of a giant cone. Two small rocks in the same shape bound the larger rock. It is believed that this rock is haunted by an evil spirit. A thrilling experience for all adventure lovers makes this visit exciting.
    Best Attraction to Nearby Nohkalikai Waterfalls-Ka Khoh Ramhah

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  5. Double Decker Living Root Bridges – A trek route that leads to the Double Decker Living Root Bridge in Nongriat village is very popular amongst the tourists. A tour guide is easily available to guide you through the trek.
    Top Attraction to Nearby Nohkalikai Waterfalls-Double Decker Living Root Bridges
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This iconic bridge is made of 2 tree root entanglements. 100 feet high, it is a 150-year-old human-made natural wonder.

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