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Chowmein - Best Street Food Dishes Of Shillong Which Are Delicious

12 Best Street Food Dishes Of Shillong Which Are Delicious (2022)

12. Doh-Khlieh

If you are wondering why every dish in this list is spicy or high in calories, then do not worry, as this dish is perfect for health-enthusiasts. Doh-Khlieh is a salad which is prepared with pork, chillies and onions. Now many road-side stalls also add beans, lemons and carrots to make it more exotic. Even though the food is quite healthy and light, but sometimes it is prepared with pig brains as well. If you are queasy about specific food items, you should avoid Doh-Khlieh. Otherwise, you must try this dish to know the cuisine of Meghalaya genuinely.

After reading this blog, you must know that people in Shillong love pork, chilly and rice. So, in case you are a pork lover, you will be able to taste some of the best pork dishes over there. But all the items included in the list are some of the Best street foods in Shillong. They are quite popular among travellers from different countries.

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