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Momos - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

14 Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar (2023)

Bhubaneswar is known for its most delicious street foods. The locals of the city love these foods a lot and it is also obvious that any tourist who is a food lover would definitely love to take a culinary roundup of the city and would also enjoy the delicious street foods. Odia cuisine makes use of plenty of mustard oil, and it goes easy of spice. You can find many street food vendors on the roadsides every morning and evening, selling special street foods of the state including, Dahibara aloo dum, gupchup, bara ghuguni, chenna poda, and many more. So, if you are willing to discover some of the best street foods in Bhubaneswar then read below and also make a plan to visit the city during your next vacation.

14 Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar:

1. Dahi Bara Aloo Dum:

This is one street food that all odia people love crazily. If you are in Bhubaneswar you should taste Dahi bara aloo dum. The fried lentil dumplings are first soaked in water to make them soft and are served in a leaf bowl. The Dahi baras are topped with a spoonful of spicy aloo dum, ghugni, a spicy coriander chutney, chopped green chilli, and onions, some sev, and curd. If you are looking for a perfect street food snack in Bhubaneswar on a hot summer day then this is what would satisfy your taste buds and keep your stomach filled.

Dahi Bara Aloo Dum - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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2. Bara Ghuguni:

Bara is made from fermented urad dal batter (a batter prepared from soaked lentils). Small portions of this batter are fried to form crisp dumplings. These baras are served with Ghugni, that is a lightly-spiced curry of dried peas. Bara ghuguni is a typical Odia combination. We believe you would love this mouth-watering street food in Bhubaneswar.

Bara Ghuguni - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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3. Famous Odia Chat:

When you are in Bhubaneswar, you should surely try Bhubaneswar-style chat which is a variation of the famous chats available across India. In Bhubaneswar, the chat vendors keep dry curry of mashed potatoes along with boiled matar or peas on a hot tawa (pan). When you ask for a plate of the chat, a portion of the curry is heated with a dash of water and served on the plate. Then this is topped with tamarind syrup, tomato syrup, dry spices mix, chopped tomatoes, onions, and coriander, coconut flakes, grated beetroot and carrot, papad, mixture, and curd. The famous Odia chat is sweet, spicy, and tangy. However, you can always customize your plate of chat as per your taste and requirements.

Famous Odia Chat - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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4. Chakuli Mangsa Tarkari:

Rice-flour pancakes, which are slightly thicker than a Dosa, is known as Chakuli. People here eat Chakuli as their breakfast or as an evening snack, generally with sweet tamarind chutney or some aloo dum. However, the best combination that you find in Bhubaneswar is Chakuli with Mangsa tarkari or mutton curry that is cooked in Mustard oil.

Chakuli Mangsa Tarkari - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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5. Gupchup:

Gupchup or Gol Gappas or Puchkas, or Pani Puri, is one of the best street foods in Bhubaneswar that is absolutely a pure delight. You would find a local version of this Pani puri in Bhubaneswar. This is a delightful snack served with a filling of lentils, a sweet sauce, and spicy water. You can find many local vendors all over the city on the roadsides, especially near colleges, offices, parks, and markets.

Gupchup - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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6. Rolls:

Rolls are the most favorite street foods in the city among all college-going students. These street foods are prepared from Indian bread as the base and it is filled with juicy chunks of mutton, chicken, egg, mushroom, cheese, vegetables with roasted onion, and slight lemon juice that gives a twist in the taste.

Rolls - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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7. Chicken Pakoda:

Chicken Pakoda is one of the best street foods in Bhubaneswar that you can find in many places in Bhubaneswar. Juicy chunks of chicken are deliciously marinated and covered with a coating of cornflour and deep-fried and served with freshly chopped onions along with spicy pudina chutney. If you love non-veg foods, then you would find Chicken Pakoda in the city quite appetizing. The tenderness of the meat would make your heart melt and make your taste buds go to trance.

8. Choole Samosa Or Shingada:

Choole Samosa or popularly known as “Shingada” in Bhubaneswar is what you should never forget to try when you are in the city. Thin pockets of maida or white flour are made and are filled with Choole. These thin pockets are then fried deeply and served with chilly chutney. You would surely love the special Choole Samosa in Bhubaneswar.

Choole Samosa Or Shingad - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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9. Idli Dosa:

Odisha is known for its famous Idli and Dosa with Sambar. Though these are basically South Indian dishes, however, you will surely find people loving Idli and Dosa here. You can have side items like Sambar, gugini with white chutney when you are ordering Idli or Dosa.

Idli Dosa - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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Masala Dosa would give you more flavor to your mouth and you would enjoy a delicious snack in the evening or healthy breakfast in the morning.

10. Khichidi/Khicede:

Khicede or Khichdi is the main dish that is offered to Lord Jagannath in the Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha. This is a versatile dish that is loved throughout Odisha, and not just in Bhubaneswar. Khicede is a mash of rice and lentils and it can be eaten on its own or can be served with pickle and papad. This is one of the street foods that you should try in Bhubaneswar.

Khichidi/Khicede - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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11. Momos:

Momos, which is originated from South Asia gets its name from Northern China. Momos mean “Steamed bun. This is very much popular across the Indian Subcontinent, and so also in Bhubaneswar. Momos are a type of steamed dumplings with a mixture of chicken pr vegetables past as a filling, served with sauce. You can find many street vendors selling steam momos and fried momos with hot sauce in Bhubaneswar.

Momos - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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12. Rasabali:

Have you heard of the quote, “You are what you eat. So eat something sweet”? Well, if you want to be a sweet person then you surely need to taste various sweet dishes. And when you are in Bhubaneswar, you have lots of sweet options for you. Rasabali is a well-known dessert that you can find in the city. It is an indulgent sweet prepared from Chenna patties (Chenna meaning fresh and unripened curd cheese), which are deep-fried and dunked in sweet milk and cardamom mixed with it. The Chenna patties absorb the milk, turn sweeter and softer. Rasabali is a sweet made for Gods and it is a part of the Chappan Bhog that is served to Lord Jagannath.

Rasabali - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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13. Arisa Pitha:

Pithas or sweets prepared with rice or any other flour, are an integral part of Odia cuisine. Pithas are usually prepared at homes here during various festivals. However, there is one tasty Pitha that could be found in various sweet shops, and this is the Arisa Pitha. This Pitha is a sweet rice-flour dumpling that is fried and dusted with sesame seeds.

Arisa Pitha - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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The sweet is very crisp on the outside and is soft inside. There are several layers of nuanced flavors inside it, like coconut, jaggery, and saunf.

14. Chenna Poda:

Chenna Poda is one of the best street foods in Bhubaneswar that once tasted, you will remember it for life. This is a special Odia dessert that is slightly sweet, thus making it a perfect evening snack. Chenna or ricotta cheese is mixed milk, jaggery or sugar, raisins, cashews, and mildly roasted in an earthen oven. This sweet and soft dessert is everything warm, and delicious.

Chenna Poda - Best Street Foods In Bhubaneswar

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Final Words:

No matter how luxurious life you live or how sophisticated your taste is, these street foods in Bhubaneswar surely draw your attention towards various street food vendors in the city. Though hygiene standards differ from vendor to vendor, we recommend you strongly to try these street foods by the roadside and experience the pure delicious and best street foods in Bhubaneswar. You will surely come back to the place to taste the street foods again and again!

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