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Jagatjit Palace - Amazing Sightseeing Destination in Kapurthala

Visit Kapurthala: 6 Amazing Sightseeing Destinations in Kapurthala (2023)

The city of Kapurthala is in the state of Punjab. It has its administrative and legislative headquarters of the entire Kapurthala district. In the British era, Kapurthala was the capital of the Ahluwalia dynasty ruled Kapurthala state. According to many historians, the city’s secular and aesthetic mix gives any visitor a nice look. The majority of the buildings in Kapurthala have architectures based on French and Indo-Saracenic designs that narrate its glorious past. In the year 2011’s census, it was found that this Punjabi city is the least populated city in the entire country.

Related History to Kapurthala-

During the pre-independence rule, Kapurthala was the capital of the Kapurthala state. The prominent Ahluwalia Sikh rulers ruled it. Its location is in the Jalandhar Doab of Punjab, which is between the Satluj and Beas rivers. Historians believe that its foundation was in the early part of the eleventh century. It is known to be built by Rana Kapur, one of the Ahluwalia dynasty’s ancestors. Since those days, the Kapurthala flag has two color backgrounds, an emblem and a Motto saying for the king and the country.

Best Sightseeing Places in Kapurthala-

The city of Kapurthala has many buildings and architectural places of interest. It is said to be the Paris of Punjab for its architectural designs. People often visit here due to its evident Indo-Saracen and French-style architecture. Kapurthala is famous for its distinctive architecture and gardens. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Punjab. Here comes the list of some of the best places you can visit during your trip to Kapurthala.

  1. Jagatjit Palace- Jagatjit Palace, commonly known as the Sainik school, is one of Kapurthala’s best-known places. It was formerly the palace of the Maharaja of Kapurthala State, Maharaja Jagjit Singh. The majority of the tourists come here to visualize the beautiful architecture and marble art. Its architecture is based on the Palace of Versailles and Fontainebleau, which adds more creativeness to everything. It spreads over a spacious area of approximately 200 acres. French architect M. Marcel built the palace along with the help of local builder Allah Ditta. Its renaissance style architect with the underwater park in front can attract you towards itself. Jagatjit Palace’s darbar hall is one of the most attractive places in the entire country. The Plaster of Paris scriptures and painted ceilings marks the best of French and Italian architecture. It is the busiest tourist spot in the whole Punjab state. The palace’s work started in 1900, and within eight years in 1908, it was successfully built. Nowadays, the National Defence Academy trains its volunteers here. Jagatjit Palace - Amazing Sightseeing Destination in Kapurthala Image Source
  2. Moorish Mosque- Moorish Mosque is a perfect example of the secular history of Kapurthala. It is a photocopy of the Grand Mosque in Marrakech, Morocco. This ideal mosque was built by the French architect Monsieur M Manteaux. It took almost thirteen years for completion, i.e., from 1917 to 1930. The inner dome of this mosque contains immense decorations by Lahore artists, which are worth visiting. Maharaja Jagatjit Singh, the last ruling king, approved the construction of the city. The Archaeological Survey of India registers this mosque as a national monument because of its attractive structure. Many tourists visit it every day, and even you can see its beautiful gardens with your family.
    Best Sightseeing Place in Kapurthala-Moorish Mosque
    Image Source
  3. Shalimar Gardens- Shalimar Gardens is located in the heart of Kapurthala. It is one of the frequently visited tourist spots in Kapurthala, which gives every tourist a good time away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The gardens contain the memorial of members of the armed forces of the Royal family of Kapurthala. You can even enjoy the beautiful marble stone carvings in the red-stone chambers. Its rich culture and good architecture make it different from others. It was built in the year 1880 and is a worth visiting place for your tour.
    Top Sightseeing Place in Kapurthala-Shalimar Gardens
    Image Source
  4. Panch Mandir- Panch Mandir or the five temples is a holy place of reverence for all believing in faith. Its complex is gratitude to five small temples. Its foundation was during the rule of Sardar Fateh Singh, an eminent ruler of his time. You can visualize the extraordinary thing upon your visit to view all five idols from the entrance door. You can even pay your obeisance and imagine them without going down to the wire. Its bright white structure is seen adequately from many kilometers away, and many tourists visit it every day.
  5. Gurudwara Ber Sahib- The Gurudwara Ber Sahib location is in Sultanpur Lodhi, i.e., one of Kapurthala’s four subdivisions. This historic site is a symbol of importance to Sikhs, and there is a belief that the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, spent 14 years of his life at this place. This place’s name comes from a significant Ber tree planted by Guru Nanak Ji himself. You can visit this place and gain eternal peace along with your family.
    Best Destination Place in Kapurthala-Gurudwara Ber Sahib
    Image Source
  6. Kanji Wetlands- The Kanji Wetlands is on the western part in the outskirts of Kapurthala. It has now got included under the Ramsar Convention. It can be one of the favorite sites for bird watching and boating for you. The Punjab government has undertaken a vast project to make it the best bird-watching spot for every visitor. You can even plan a picnic along with friends and family to this famous picnic destination. Further, if you are a nature photography lover, it is the best place for your photography session because of its massive air fauna and mammalian species.
    Amazing Attraction Place in Kapurthala-Kanji Wetlands, Birds Watching and Boating

    Photo by :bageshwar_singh  Image Source

How To Travel To Kapurthala?

Kapurthala is very well connected with every vital transportation route of Punjab that connects it to other parts of the country. Its location is 19 kilometers away south-west of the city of Jalandhar. These are some of the most accessible routes that can make your travel to Kapurthala easy.

  • By air- If you are willing to travel via air, then the airport nearest to Kapurthala is Sri Guru Ram Das Ji international airport. This airport is located in Amritsar, with an estimate of 75 kilometers from your destination. You can quickly get a taxi, cab, or even government bus service from the airport directly to Kapurthala.
  • By train- The nearest station that connects the city is the Kapurthala railway station. Its location is on the Jalandhar to Firozpur line, which connects the city to India’s corner. Jalandhar and Firozpur are the two most important and busiest junctions in the entire country.
  • By road- The city of Kapurthala is very well connected to all over Punjab and India. The National Highway number 703A and Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Marg( also known as NH 703AA) make your trip quite a bit easy.

Kapurthala is one of the beautiful combinations of both history and culture. Its immense rich culture owing to the reigns of the Sikh kings of the Ahluwalia dynasty makes the city of Kapurthala different from other Indian cities. The city is one of Punjab’s prime tourist destinations due to its eccentric architecture and overwhelming gardens. You can pick your choice from the list of best sightseeing destinations from the city of Kapurthala. So, start making a plan to visit Kapurthala for a beautiful vacation along with family and friends right away. Thank you for going through our article. For any assistance, you can always feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere.

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