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Sightseeing Destination in Rupnagar - Archaeological Museum

Visit Rupnagar (Ropar): History, 5 Beautiful Sightseeing Destinations in Rupnagar (Ropar), How To Reach There (2023)

About Rupnagar (Ropar):

Rupnagar or previously known as Ropar, is a city in the municipal corporation of the district of Rupnagar. It is one of those old age cities of Punjab which has been developed. It is one of the newly made fifth divisional headquarters of Punjab. It comprises Rupnagar, Mohali and many adjoining districts. Ropar or Rupnagar is also one of those sites that has a bigger belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. It’s almost 43 kilometres to the northwest of the state’s capital Chandigarh. The town shares borders with the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north and Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district in the west. There is a lot of worshipping and historical places in Rupnagar, including gurudwara, temples and mosques. Gurudwara Bhhatha Sahib and Gurudwara Tibbi Sahib are among the best sightseeing destinations in Ropar.

History of Rupnagar (Ropar) :-

In the ancient era, the town of Rupnagar and its people believed that its name by a Gujjar ruler named Rokeshar. He ruled Ropar in the eleventh century and derived its name according to his son Rup Sen. According to many historians, Ropar is one of those Indus Valley sites that lies along the beds of Ghaggar-Hakra. The Archaeological museum opened in 1998 for the general public records every bit of information related to Rupnagar (Ropar). It further exhibits the archaeological remains of the site excavated which is the first Harappan site of independent India.

These extracted sites reveal a cultural time from Harappa to the mediaeval period. Some important things of Harappan times are the gold coins of Chandragupta, copper and bronze coins of the Sikhs. King Hari Singh conquered Ropar in 1763 and built his state, but his son Charat Singh made Ropar as the capital of the country.

5 Beautiful Sightseeing Destinations in Rupnagar (Ropar):-

Situated along the state border on the eastern side is the city of Rupnagar. The town lies between the Sutlej river and the Shivalik range. Major tourist attractions like Anandpur Sahib, Mahadev temple and so on are present here. Even during your tour, you can come along with family and children to enjoy the scenes of Rupnagar. You can also visit the state capital Chandigarh, Shimla and Kasauli to make your trip memorable. If you are one of those tourists interested in seeing Rupnagar, then here is a list of the attractive sightseeing destinations in Ropar.

  1. Archaeological Museum- Archaeological museum’s location is in the southwestern part of the city of Rupnagar. It set up by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1998. It exhibits all the well-known ancient excavations from the first Harappan site near the city. Various attractive things like vina fading, gold coins of Chandragupta certifies the museum. You can visit this symbolic museum and exclaim the beautiful structures of the old age rulers. Apart from this, you can also catch a glimpse of many famous preserved monuments of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Tourists majorly come here to visit these world heritage structures. Sightseeing Destination in Rupnagar - Archaeological Museum Image Source
  2. Anandpur Sahib- Anandpur Sahib’s location is in the lower part of Himalayas and is just 4.1 kilometres away from Rupnagar. It is also considered as the holy city of Bliss. Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru, founded Anandpur Sahib. According to many historians, it’s believed that Dowager Rani Champa of Bilaspur gifted a piece of land to the Guru for attending her husband’s funeral. The ninth Sikh Guru promoted this village of Chakk Nanaki near the remains of Pakhowal which later on went to be known as Anandpur Sahib. The yearly festival, also known as Holla Mohalla attracts a lot of tourists to this best sightseeing destination in Ropar. You can tour with your family and kids to this immense location for the best of your time.
    Beautiful Sightseeing Destination in Rupnagar-Anandpur Sahib
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  3. Gurudwara Sadabarat- Gurudwara Sadarabarat’s location is in the Nangal road, just some kilometres away from Rupnagar. Its construction was done way back in 1930. It was once the biggest halting station for those people travelling to hill stations during the winters. You can visit this gurudwara along with your family and get involved in the community kitchen or otherwise known as Langar. It started when Raja Bhup Singh was the leader. Majority of the tourists come here during the Lohri Maghi in January; this is the biggest festival of this area.
    Must Visit Destination in Rupnagar-Gurudwara Sadabarat
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  4. Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib- Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib is one of the prime destinations of the Sikhs. This place has many beliefs about being the birthplace of Khalsa. The following Sikh shrine is one of the five holy destinations for Sikhs and is the best for you to tour along with family. Its thought to be sacred because at this place Guru Gobind Singh Ji baptised five Sikhs during Baisakhi. Its location is in the Rupnagar Nangal road beside the Darshan Deorh. Many major attractions like the marbled quadrangle, and the twelve weapons in the central hall attract tourists towards this sacred place.
    Amazing Destination in Rupnagar-Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib
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  5. Mahadev Temple- Jateshwar Mahadev Temple or also known as Shiv Mandir is an ancient temple amid Jatwara village. It is like six kilometres away from Rupnagar. It’s believed to be an ancient building, but the present structure seems to be not more than a hundred years old. The temple holds much significance and is visited by many devotees all around India. During the month of Sawan, you can come along with your family to pay homage to Lord Shiva on every Monday. Every year in Shivaratri in February it is jam-packed with tourists to commemorate Lord Shiva.

How To Reach Rupnagar?

Rupnagar (Ropar) is located near Chandigarh in the golden state of Punjab. It has a proper connection of all means of transportation to every part of the state as well as the country. Rupnagar is one of the best tourist destinations in Punjab. Here are some of the best ways to reach and visit the best sightseeing destinations in Ropar.

  • Via Rail- The railway station of Rupnagar lies in the zone of Northern Railways. It has one of the best facilities of Indian Railways. It’s connected to the state capital Chandigarh by a single railway track. Significant cities like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Morinda, Jalandhar and Nangal Dam are well connected to Ropar.
  • Via Road- Travelling via road is the best medium for travelling, and every Indian loves it. The city of Ropar has good road connections to nearby villages and towns. It connects itself to many districts along with towns like Uni, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Baddi and Delhi. The modern Rupnagar connects itself by the national highway to many nearby villages. National Highway number 205 connects Kurdi, Chandigarh to Himachal Pradesh and Kiratpur Sahib via Ropar. NH103A connects Rupnagar with Hoshiarpur. The NH344A joins Rupnagar to Phagwara, Jalandhar with the combination of Balachaur, Nawanshahr and Banga.
  • Via Air- The airport of Chandigarh is the nearest flight destination from Rupnagar (Ropar). You can take any domestic and international flights from here. Services are available anytime for your convenience. It is just an hour’s road journey from Rupnagar to Chandigarh airport.
    Rupnagar is a small town in Punjab, and it has a significant role in the glorious past of Indus valley civilisation. It’s located on the Chandigarh to Ludhiana highway and is a significant treat for your eyes to visit Rupnagar during the rainy season.

If you want to leave behind the city life and spend some quality time with family, then Rupnagar is the best you can choose. It has a lot to offer you from good Punjabi dishes, beautiful gurdwaras and temples to dams.

So, what are you thinking? Pack your bags and head towards Rupnagar and enjoy the most beautiful time of your life. For any assistance, we are always there to help you.

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