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Eklingji Temple in Udaipur

Visit Eklingji Temple in Udaipur: History, Architecture, Timings, Fee (2024)

Housing a plenty of exciting sightseeing attractions, the city of Udaipur is often referred by the name of City of Lakes. Surrounded by beautiful Aravalli hills from all directions, the natural beauty and the extraordinary charm of the place undeniably makes it the crown jewel of the Rajasthan state.Located at a distance of about 22 km from Udaipur, Eklingji temple is one of the most popular pilgrim spots of Rajasthan. Eklingi temple not only holds an interesting past but also a strong religious belief among people. In fact, people from far and away come to pray and seek blessings of the almighty at this beautiful temple. Want to know more about this exceptional Eklingji temple in Rajasthan? If yes, then don’t worry because we have already gathered important information about the place for you. Continue reading to know more!

Overview of the Eklingji Temple

As soon as you hear the name Eklingji, it is natural for you to wonder about the meaning of this unique name. Eklingji is made up of two words- Ek which literally means ‘one’ and ling which meaning ‘lingam or the phallic symbol of Lord Shiva’. So, as you will be able to deduce from the meaning of this unique name that the Eklingji temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is one of the prominent gods of the Hindu mythology. While the names of the lord may change from one place to another but the feelings, respect and devotion that the God has in the heart of his devotees remain the same. Apart from its religious significance, this majestic temple also boasts of having a marvellous architectural beauty. Situated right at the banks of the serene Indersagar Lake, the temple is bound to offer multiple scenic views to its visitors. The atmosphere here is so soothing and peaceful that it will almost instantly make you forget all about your previous worries. Boasting of having about 108 shrines in total, a visit to this temple will surely be a pleasant and refreshing experience. Eklingji Temple in Udaipur Image Source

History of the Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

Talking about the history of this ancient Eklingji temple, it is known to have been recorded in the EkalingaMahatmya which is a historical text that was written long back in the 15th century. According to this historic text, the original Eklingji temple was established somewhere in the 734 A.D. by the great ruler Bappa Rawal. It is believed that Eklingji has been the ruling idol of the brave Mewar rulers. When talking about the past, it is necessary to mention that the Eklingji temple has been a pitiful victim of loot and plunders, especially during the rule of Delhi Sultanate. In fact, the original structure of the temple as well as the initial idols were known to have faced a lot of physical damage. It was in much later years that the temple was renovated, restructured and modified by a series of Kings in order to preserve the glory as well as faith of people in the power of Shri Eklingji. This renovation also aimed for cleansing the remnants of annihilation which were made by the physical attacks of the enemies. While the Eklingji temple originally belonged to the Pashupatasector, but then it went under the control of the Nath sector. However, post the 16th century, the temple has been managed and controlled by the Ramanandis.
History of the Eklingji Temple, UdaipurImage Source

Architecture of the Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

If you are a fan of architectural brilliance, then we will be pleased to tell you that the Eklingji temple is not just a religiously significant place but also boasts of immense architectural beauty. The temple is basically a double story building with a colossal pyramidal style roof and a remarkably carved tower which not only enhances the beauty of the temple but also points towards the finesse and calibre of the artists and architects of the bygone era.

When you look at the exterior of the Eklingji temple, all you will notice the strong walls of the temple that are stretched with a flight of stairs which descend directly into the waters of the Indersagar lake.
Architecture of the Eklingji Temple, UdaipurImage Source

The main inside structure of the temple has a pyramid style and is further supported by a hefty pyramidal style roof. As you enter the Eklingji temple, you will be greeted by a mesmerising silver image of Nandi that will welcome you inside the temple. According to the Hindu mythology, Nandi (the bull) is believed to be the gate guardian of the Mountain of Kailasa, which is the humble abode of Lord Shiva. There are two other stunning images of Nandi that are carved in the temple walls in the black stone and brass.

As you go further inside the temple premises, as you will reach the middle of the temple, you will come across a striking four – faced idol of Lord Eklingji or Lord Shiva himself. Made up of black marble, with a height of about 50 feet, this idol is located right inside the main temple and is placed in a towering pillared hall which is referred as a mandap. This four-faced idol of Lord Shiva is believed to depict the four forms of the Lord Shiva. While the western side of the idol recognises Lord Brahma who is the ultimate creator, the eastern side refers to Surya or the Sun. The northern side depicts Lord Vishnu who is the supreme being and last but not the least, the southern side represents Rudra who is considered as the mightiest of the mighty. This four-faced Eklinga statue is further garlanded by the silver snake, which serves as the highlight.

Moreover, the statue is encircled with idols of Goddess Parvati who is the wife of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikay, who are the two sons of Lord Shiv.

Opening Hours of the Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

The Eklingji temple doors open for visitors right from the early morning hours but there are three shifts for darshan. You can visit the temple in between 4.30 AM till 7 PM. Then the temple is closed for a while to open again from 10.30 AM till 1.30 PM. After this the temple again shuts for about a few hours and reopens in evening at 5 PM and remains open till 7.30 PM. However, since the temple is open on all days of the week, you really don’t have to worry much. On an average, a visitor spends about 2 hours to explore the temple completely. It is better if you have some extra time in hand as it will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty, the soothing atmosphere, the brilliant architecture and pray peacefully.
Opening Hours of the Eklingji Temple, UdaipurImage Source

Entry Fee for the Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

If you are worrying about paying hefty entry fee to visit this top tourist place in Rajasthan, then we will be pleased to ease your worries by telling you that there is absolutely no entry fee for visiting the temple. In other words, visitors don’t have to pay anything and enjoy exploring this brilliant temple for free. The doors for Lord Eklingji’s humble abode are open for all visitors.

How to Reach the Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

It is natural for one to worry about the travel issues in reaching a place, especially if they are the first – time traveller. However, as long as you are travelling to Eklingji temple in Udaipur, you don’t have anything to worry about. It is one of the top religious sightseeing places to visit in Udaipur and receives visitors from all over the country. Udaipur is well – connected to rest of the country via airways, railways and roadways. Some of the best ways to reach the Eklingji temple are as follows:

By Airways: The nearest airport to reach the Eklingji Temple is Dabok airport which is located at a distance of just about 21 km from the main city centre. This airport is well – connected to some of the major cities of the country such as Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Aurangabad, Mumbai, etc.

By Railways: Udaipur is well – accessible by railways as the nearest railway station is located at a distance of just 3 km from the city centre. This station provides regular direct trains from many major nearby cities including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chittaur, etc. and connect them to Udaipur.

By Roadways: Those planning to travel by roadways will be pleased to know that the Udaipur city is connected to the National Highway 8 and hence is blessed with a prime location. NH 8 is a major Delhi – Mumbai link road, so you will have to face no problem in getting public transport such as cabs, buses or taxis. There is a regular bus service that run from states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh to and from Udaipur. The journey is affordable, comfortable as well as offers plenty of scenic views too. Since the road condition is pretty good, you can even travel by person vehicle from nearby cities.

Out of the many sightseeing attractions to visit in Udaipur, the Eklingji temple is surely a great place to visit.

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