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Pelling Travel: 10 Must-Visit Places in Pelling(Sikkim)

Pelling Travel: 10 Must-Visit Places in Pelling(Sikkim) (2023)

Any traveller who intends to visit Sikkim would commonly decide to visit its majorly renowned destinations such as the Gurudongmar Lake, Gangtok, or Tsomgo! Some of them would even think of considering Namchi and Ravangla in their bucket list. But how many people also think about wandering the extreme western areas of Sikkim? Well, quite a few of them certainly plan that. Undoubtedly, Sikkim is awesome and a beguiling place, irrespective of its directions you explore!

There are many quaint places tucked in Sikkim that hail with unspoiled beauty. They are untouched, and thus, their names are added to the list of offbeat places in Sikkim. One such destination is Pelling. An offbeat destination, more enchanting and serene as ever- that’s what explains the surreal charm that lies here! While being indulged in

Pelling Travel, you are going to experience the thrill lying in the amazing trekking trails lying here. Your visit to this fantastic destination stays unfulfilled if you haven’t visited its palace ruins and the monasteries yet. Well, the list doesn’t end here.

Pelling Travel: 10 Must-Visit Places in Pelling (Sikkim)

There is a whole array of places to explore during Pelling Travel. Get to know more about them in detail below:

1. Sangachoeling Monastery:

The Sangachoeling Monastery was established in the 17th century, and an essential feature is none other than it’s the Buddhist Pilgrimage Circuit. It has got a serene aura, and while you are here, you will surely attain your peace of mind. You shall pass amidst the hilly terrain and the lush green forest cover when you are journeying towards the amazing spiritual pilgrimage. The moment you reach this divine hub, the overall view from the above is something that you wouldn’t have even witnessed before.

Sangachoeling Monastery

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2. Singshore Bridge:

The Singshore Bridge is considered to be the highest Sikkim bridge that lies at the height of 198 m above the ground level. On reaching there, you will have a look at the spectacular views and the photogenic sights. The whole bridge is encompassed with the mighty green hills which have got the waterfalls dotted on their sides. Pelling has always recognized the Singshore Bridge as one of the finest touristic attractions, especially for the astounding views that it facilitates.

Singshore Bridge

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3. Chenrezig Statue:

The Chenrezig Statue is the recently added beauty to the list of touristic attractions in Pelling. It was unveiled in the month of November 2018 and has a surprising elevation of 98ft. Being one of the three Buddha deities in Sikkim, it is just leaving everyone awestruck with its perfection. You can have a look at the heart-stealing view of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga from the statue’s complex. The complex is adorned with plenty of natural décors, including the amazing landscaping, flower trees, and the waterbody. The other deities in Sikkim apart from the Chenrezig Statue are none other than those of Lord Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava.Chenrezig Statue Image Source

4. Sewaro Rock Garden:

If you intend to spend some time with your family at a picnic spot, you can head towards none other than Sewaro Rock Garden. It is a fun-filled place that’s going to be more than enough to fill up your time with an array of memories. The destination is lined with the fantastic fountains, pristine streams, and extensively spread gardens. Well, not only your family, even if you are on tour to Pelling with your soulmate or friends, the Sewaro Rock Garden is a place to be! It is highly recommended to attend the Maghe Mela that is held with great enthusiasm and zeal every year on 14th January.

Sewaro Rock Garden

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5. Darap Village:

Anyone who wants to stay away from the hustle-bustle and the highly monotonous city life will surely fall in love with the Darap Village. This culturally rich village is gradually coming up as one of the most popular rural settlements in Sikkim. Also, travelers have started opting for it since it is known to be a notable homestay. There are a good number of ethnic communities residing in the Darap Village, and these include the Tamangs, Chhetris, Gurungs, and the Bhutias as well. If someone asked us to explain the beauty of this amazing place, we would fall short of words. It’s because the underlying beauty of this destination is the utmost!

Darap Village

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6. Rimbi Waterfall:

On mentioning one of the best places present in Pelling, you cannot forget about the gorgeous Rimbi Waterfall. It is surely no less than a blessing to your eyes, and it shall really prove to be a refreshing retreat if you spend your time here. The waterfall accumulates at the bottom and transforms into the Rimbi River. You are going to spot a variety of fishes here, and you shall surely love the same whether you love fishing or not. We would recommend you not to visit this waterfall during the monsoon season since the water current near these falls increases.

Rimbi Waterfall

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7. Kanchenjunga Fall:

Have you ever heard about the milky stream of Sikkim? Well, yes, that’s none other than the Kanchenjunga Fall. This Himalayan stream sings a song while gushing down to the ground. The song is so soothing that you would always want to listen to it on a repeat mode. The sound of nature would still prove to be a retreat for your ears. It would only take a single hour for you to reach this waterfall, and the whole route is quite scenic. It’s the best place for coming up closer and communicating with nature. Apart from that, if you are an adventure junky, you can try out rope sliding here. The ideal time for visiting these waterfalls is none other than the monsoon season.

Kanchenjunga FallImage Source

8. Khangchendzonga National Park:

Do you want to take one step close to our beautiful and pristine nature? If yes, then you can head towards the natural settlement, Khangchendzonga National Park. Here, you can witness the snow leopards, musk deer, wild cats, and other wild animals engaged in their daily activities. Spending some time with nature, closing your eyes, and hearing the continuous chirping of birds- isn’t it mesmerizing? Well, that would be the best feeling ever when you personally get to experience the whole scenario. This forest is expanded across an area of 849 km sq. and the trekking experience of this national park would give you the best time.

9. Hee Bermiok:

If you are fond of trying out the adrenaline rushing activities, you would definitely get fond of the Hee Bermiok town. It is located near Pelling and acts as a sheath for various activities such as nature walks, trekking, hiking, mountain biking, and many others. While being a part of the adventure activities here, you would be able to witness the overall beauty that lies in Pelling. Apart from that, you can also expect some showcasing of the culture and traditions associated with the people residing here. Some other places to explore here are the Phang Dorji Falls, Hee Khola Water Garden, Chhayatal lake, and many others.

10. Geyzing:

Being a shopaholic, you would have always searched extensively for the best shopping places in Pelling. For your information, such a place exists here, and that is none other than Geyzing. Here the market area is filled up with plenty of products sold at reasonable prices. Such a commercial destination would never leave you dissatisfied, and thus, you would head back to your home with so many gifts brought from here. You can get a variety of handmade products as well as handicrafts from Geyzing. Apart from that, you could also rely on this marketplace for buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pelling is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt regions in Sikkim, and wandering this place would no longer prove as satisfaction for you. Whether you are a foodie, a natural buff, a history lover, or an adventure enthusiast, nothing can stop you from loving it. Not only one, but Pelling has always promised zillions of reasons to love it! Its touristic attractions would make you go ‘Wow’ with their beauty! What are you waiting for? Call your travel mates, pack your bags, and gear towards one of the best destinations in Sikkim!


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