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Yercaud Lake - Top Must-Visit place In Yercaud

Top 5 Must-Visit places In Yercaud (2022)

Yercaud is a beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu, located in the heart of the Shevaroys Range of Hills in the Eastern Ghats. The Yercaud hill station is located at an altitude of 1515 meters above sea level and is a very popular destination for trekking. But what is so special about Yercaud? There are many wonderful places to see in Yercaud, and tourism has been growing in numbers here due to the magical charm of this tiny hill station. Is Yercaud really worth visiting? See for yourself in these best places to visit in Yercaud.

Top 5 Must-Visit places In Yercaud

1. Yercaud Lake

One of the most famous and beautiful places to visit in Yercaud is the Yercaud Lake. The lake is hugely popular because of the stunning and panoramic views of the lush green lawns and majestic hills of the hills station. The Yercaud Lake is also one of the most sought after tourist spots in Yercaud and remains somewhat crowded, especially during the summer evenings.

The lake is surrounded by dense woods and lush gardens, which provides a soothing and peaceful experience, and you will find many people meditating in the gardens near the lake.Yercaud Lake - Top Must-Visit place In Yercaud

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Located in the heart of Yercaud, there are many eateries and shops selling knick-knacks near the lake. Visitors to the lake will get to taste some of the best and delicious food of Tamil Nadu. Due to this, the Yercaud Lake is also popularly known as a culinary destination.

There are many activities that take place in the lake, including boating. The water body and the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings ensure you have one of the best boating experiences in all of Tamil Nadu. The lake is also the perfect place for clicking photographs.

The Yercaud Lake is open 24 hours and is located on the Salem-Yercaud Ghat Road.

2. Killiyur Falls

The state of Tamil Nadu is famous for being home to some of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in all of India. The Killiyur Falls of Yercaud will make you realize how true this is. The waterfall comes cascading down from a great height of 300 feet and serves as one of the popular tourist attractions in Yercaud near Salem. Many people are surprised to find swimming and boating activities here. These waterfalls are a part of the Shervaroyan Hill Range of the Eastern Ghats.

Top Must-Visit place In Yercaud-Killiyur Falls

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The water of this Killiyur Falls comes from the Yercaud Lake and drops down 300 feet to the Killiyur Valley, thus forming the waterfall. To reach the point of the waterfalls, you will need to walk down at least 200 to 250 steps. There are many resting and seating places near these stairs to allow older adults to take rest while visiting the Killiyur Falls. The Killiyur Falls is the ideal place to visit with your family.

The best way to reach the Killiyur Falls is to drive down to the place. Taxis and buses ply the route regularly. There is a lot of parking available here for private vehicles.

It takes around two to three hours to visit the Killiyur Falls. It is best to visit the waterfall during the day as the water activities are only carried out at that time. There is no entry fee here.

The best time to visit the Killiyur Falls is during the monsoon season when the water levels are at maximum. Just after the monsoon, the flow of water at the Killiyur Falls is at its peak and offer an even more beautiful view.

3. Lady’s Seat

Lady’s Seat is a famous viewpoint of Yercaud. Overlooking the renowned winding ghat road of Yercaud, the viewpoint offers one of the most spectacular views of the Salem town and Mettur Dam. There is also a viewing tower with a telescope to take in the view. The viewing tower is open for tourists during the day. Though the destination is known as Lady’s Seat, there are actually three different viewing points in total, known as Gent’s Seat, Children’s Seat, and the Lady’s Seat. These are located in the south-west of the Shevaroy Hills. These viewpoints are actually names given to a group of rocks that are located on the Yercaud Hill.

Visit Place In Yercaud-Lady's Seat
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The place gets its name from the legend that an English lady used to spend her evenings at the Lady’s Seat, watching the beautiful sunset from this rock.

While at Lady’s Seat, swing the telescope to the extreme right to get a view of the famous Mettur Dam on the Cauvery River. This spot is also ideal for taking some excellent photographs of the river, especially during the late afternoon as the sun’s rays reflect and bounce off the waters, creating a magical experience. Due to this, it is recommended that you visit the lady’s Seat on a sunny day. When going here, keep an eye out for monkeys as they often grab stuff out of your hands and swing away into the nearby greenery.

While here, you will be surprised to see many statues of many characters from Mahabharata and Ramayana. You don’t need to bring snacks or drinks along with you as there are several shops selling bread omelet, tea, coffee, and other small snack items.

4. 32-km Loop Road

The 32-km Loop Road is a 32-kilometer long stretch that starts from the Yercaud Lake and takes you through some of the most beautiful agricultural plantations of Yercaud. Yercaud is known for its tea and coffee plantations, and the 32-km Loop Road is where you can get a perfect view of these plantations.

Best Visit Place In Yercaud-32-km Loop Road
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The 32-km Loop Road may not seem like your typical tourist attraction, but this is actually one of the best tourist spots in Yercaud. Not only does it offer some of the most unique and beautiful views of these tea and coffee plantations, but it also gives you a glimpse of the lives and heritage of the people of Yercaud.

The Loop Road offers you an insight into a bygone era as you get to see first-hand the views of the local people, their languages, their foods, and the way in which they live and earn a living from the plantation.

The 32-km Loop Road leads to the villages of Nagaur, Semmatham, Manjakuttai, and the Kaveri Peak. As you travel through these villages, you can stop to taste the many varieties of coffee. After all, no one can resist having a cup of coffee as the aroma of fresh coffee beans fills your senses as soon as you embark on the 32-km Loop Road.

5. Bear’s Cave

A must-see place in Yercaud, the Bear’s Cave, is located within a private coffee estate near the Norton Bungalow. On the way to the Shevaroyan Temple, the Bear’s Cave is so named because the caves were believed to be home to bears at one point in time. Now that it is a private estate, there are no bears residing here, but the owners have opened the estate to tourists.

Amazing Place To Visit In Yercaud-Bear's Cave

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The main part of the cave is located around seven feet below ground level, and the deeper gorge is also visible. The locals of the area believe that there was a path located inside the Shevaroyan Temple that once led to the Bear’s Cave.

There are many other beautiful attractions in Yercaud that one must visit when in Tamil Nadu. Attractions like Pagoda Point, Rose Garden, Silk Farm, and the Kottachedu Teak Forest are some of the other tourist attractions that will surely leave their magic on you once you visit these places. You may be wondering which month is the best to visit in Yercaud? October to February is typically the best time to visit this place.

Yercaud serves as the perfect weekend getaway for working couples and families. With its majestic peaks, cascading silver waterfalls, lakes, lush gardens, and the aromatic tea and coffee plantations will draw you to Yercaud again and again.

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