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Visit Kapilvastu - Home of Lord Gautama Buddha|Uttar Pradesh Tourism

Visit Kapilvastu: Home of Lord Gautama Buddha|Uttar Pradesh Tourism (2023)

Kapilvastu : Introduction and History

Before attaining enlightenment, Lord Buddha was known as Siddhartha, the young prince of the Shakya clan, which ruled the territory with Kapilvastu as its capital. Prince Siddhartha went on a journey to uncover the philosophy of life and became Lord Buddha after attaining enlightenment.

The young prince Siddhartha spent a significant part of his life here in the capital city of Kapilvastu. Since Buddha belonged to the royal dynasty of Shakyas, he was also popularly known as ‘Shakyamuni.’

Kapilvastu in Uttar Pradesh is undoubtedly an ancient city of utmost prominence to historians and archaeologists who wants to learn more about the previous life and childhood of Lord Buddha. Kapilvastu is also a significant tourist attraction in Uttar Pradesh. It witnesses a massive influx of tourists who love to visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha and the admirers of his teachings.

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The township of Kapilvastu is a classic example of productive administration and known for the collection of artifacts, stupas, and scenic beauty. These things make the town an ideal getaway location for the history enthusiasts and followers and admirers of Lord Buddha. Read on to find out about some of the best places to visit and much more when you plan a trip to this beautiful township- Kapilvastu.

Significant Places of Interest in Kapilvastu

Most of the significant places of interest in Kapilvastu are either associated with Buddhism or attention to historians. Let’s take a peek at some of these significant places of interest in Kapilvastu that you should visit:

Tilaurakot Fort

The Tilaurakot fort of Kapilvastu is a prime tourist spot with an intense connection with Lord Buddha and an important archaeological site in Uttar Pradesh. The fort was the home of the Shakya dynasty’s rulers built on the heart of their capital city, Kapilvastu. The belief is that prince Siddhartha lived in this fort and spent 29 years of his life here. Currently, it is also a great archaeological site to learn more about the life of young Siddhartha and to study the Shakya dynasty.

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Lumbini Garden

The township of Kapilvastu is not just all about archaeological sites and places of historical interest. The Lumbini Garden is a beautiful place to hang out with some breath-taking sceneries and lush green fields. The presence of birds and some wildlife adds to the overall beauty of this destination. The garden is situated just 22 km away from the town of Taulihwa.

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Tilaurakot Museum

Tilaurakot is an important site of archaeological interest, and the museum of Tilaurakot houses the remains, antiques, and a lot of collectibles found from the Tilaurakot Fort. Most of these collections belong to the Shakya dynasty and their rulers. The archaeologists also found some precious collectibles which are exhibited in the Tilaurakot museum.

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Terai Trekking

Are you afraid of getting bored with the talks about the history and all the places leading to the same historical prominence in Kapilvastu? You should try your hands on this trekking adventure that tracks the routes traveled by Lord Buddha when he left Kapilvastu in search of enlightenment. This trekking through the mountains and jungles that connects Bhairawaha and Lumbini is a great adventure to try on.

Piprahwa Stupa

The stupas established in the Buddhist period are renowned worldwide. One of the stupas which hold primary importance in the township of Kapilvastu is known to be built by the Shakya dynasty to preserve the remains of their great warriors. The belief is that the Piprahwa stupa also includes the remains of Gautama Buddha, which makes it a significant place of interest in Kapilvastu.

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Food and Cuisine to Explore in Kapilvastu

Tasting the local delicacy comes in as a package whenever you travel to some new destinations. Let’s take a look at some of the major restaurants and food places to hit to satisfy your cravings during your trip to Kapilvastu.

Hotel Gautam Buddha

Hotel Gautam Buddha is one of the most popular restaurants within the proximity of major tourist destinations of Kapilvastu. It has some great varieties of cuisines which are undoubtedly the best in this region. It is suitable for having an excellent family mealtime and an enjoyable hangout for snacks or fast food in the evenings. It also provides the guests with a great ambiance with both outdoor and indoor seating facilities.

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Lumbini Invitation 365 Restaurant

Located close to the Lumbini Bazar, one of the big marketplaces of Kapilvastu, Lumbini invitation 365 restaurant is another great fast food place you can hit for some delicious food varieties. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods from both North Indian and South Indian cuisines.

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Black Bean Café and Fast Food

If you are planning to visit the other side of Kapilvastu, which is located in Nepal, this is one of the best food places in the border with a lovely ambiance and good quality food. The seating arrangements and lighting are commendable, and you can enjoy some great varieties of food, including Nepali Cuisine.

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Best Places To Go Shopping in Kapilvastu

Your trip to Kapilvastu is never completed without paying a visit to the town’s marketplaces, which offer the finest and unique products available here.

Naugarh Market of Kapilvastu is the prime marketplace which is always busy during the daytime. A variety of shops selling almost all kinds of goods can be spotted here, and they also provide you with the advantage of some bargain shopping. From several local street food stalls to some big shops, the Naugarh market will give you a pleasant shopping experience like nowhere else in Kapilvastu.

How To Reach Kapilvastu?

If you plan a trip to the sacred land of Kapilvastu, you should be aware of the various modes of transportation that connect the town to the other major cities and locations of India. Here are some insights into the multiple modes of transportation to determine how to reach Kapilvastu.

By Road: The availability of several private and public transportation facilities from major cities of Uttar Pradesh, like Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Ayodhya, etc. makes this a great option. Moreover, if you want to travel to other tourist destinations of Buddhist prominence like Lumbini, Sravasti, or Kushinagar, then road transport is safe and reliable.

By Rail: The nearest major railway station for reaching Kapilvastu is the Naugarh railway junction, which is just 20 km away from the borders of Kapilvastu. The abundant availability of local transport can be used for traveling from Naugarh to Kapilvastu.

By Air: The Gorakhpur airport, which is situated just 108 km away from the town of Kapilvastu, is the most significant and nearest airport with airline services to all major locations of the country. You can use local public or private transport to ride the hard two-hour journey from Gorakhpur to Kapilvastu.


The town of Kapilvastu is a significant place of tourist interest associated with the followers and admirers of Lord Buddha and the culture and teachings of Buddhism. Among the other major Buddhist destinations of North India, Kapilvastu is a town of unique prominence. Plan and pay a visit to this majestic township when it is safe to travel again

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