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Anadi Cabin - Street Food Shop In Kolkata That Will Make You Drool

11 Street Food Shops In Kolkata That Will Make You Drool (2023)

Apart from being the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is undoubtedly the street food capital of India. People who have not visited Kolkata before in their lives may think people in Kolkata only eat ‘Mishti,’ but it is a gross misconception. Local people in Kolkata love to eat spicy food. The cuisine over there goes way beyond Bengali cuisine. From Mughal to Chinese, from continental to Indian, Kolkata has every imaginable category of dishes. Even though there are a lot of high-profile restaurants in Kolkata city, but the street food over there stands out the most. In India, street foods are one of the most consumed items, and Kolkata is similar.

As Kolkata is filled with people from different regions of India, the street food over there is reminiscent of that. Every corner of any street in Kolkata, you will find a stall selling something delicious. The best part about the street food in the city is that they come in a wide variety. You will be able to have a hearty lunch and light snacks on the streets of the city of joy. Moreover, every item on the menu of the roadside stalls is incredibly cheap. Even if you have a few bucks in your wallet, you will have a full meal without any difficulty. If your mouth is watering by reading all this and want to know about the Best street food joints in Kolkata, then you are in the right place. Here, you will get to know about the hottest and most popular street food stalls in Kolkata.

11 Street Food Shops In Kolkata That Will Make You Drool

The sites mentioned below in the blog are top-rated street food joints among both the locals and tourists visiting Kolkata.

1. Vivekananda Park

One of the most famous street foods in Kolkata is Puchka. Usually, in other parts of India, this dish is known as Golgappe. But there is a vast difference between the Golgappa in Northern India and the Puchka in Kolkata. In the city of joy, the sellers use a lot of tamarind-infused water to serve the fried round dough filled with tangy and spicy potatoes. If you are excited about Puchkas, then Vivekananda Park is the right place for you. Several locals in the city, consider this place to be the best place to sell Puchkas. If you go there, also do not forget to try Churmur over there.

Vivekananda Park | Street Food Shops In Kolkata That Will Make You Drool

Credit : Food at Street  Image Source

Address: Southern Ave, lake Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029.

2. Fairlie Place

Fairlie Place is one of the busiest streets in Kolkata, and every day several thousand people go there to work. That is why it is quite natural that there are so many street food stalls over there which serve lip-smacking dishes at extremely affordable prices. You will find a large number of shops selling a wide variety of recipes if you go there.

You can have a steaming plate of the ever famous Luchi Alur Dom over there, or you can have a thali of Mach and Bhaat. The place will offer you a lot of different options, even if you are a vegetarian. For that, go to the road in front of the Stock Exchange of Kolkata.

Address: Fairley Place, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

3. Anadi Cabin

Dharmatala is yet another busy place is Kolkata, which is the workplace of several different people in West Bengal. Anadi Cabin is one of the most famous food stalls in Dharmatala, which encounters a lot of customers in a day. The most famous dish of the booth is the Moghlai Paratha, which is incredibly tasty and surprisingly cheap. Usually, they stuff a lot of eggs, mutton, and spices inside the crunchy dough to make the Moghlai Paratha taste spectacular. It is one of the Best street food joints in Kolkata.

Anadi Cabin - Street Food Shop In Kolkata That Will Make You Drool

Image Source

Address: 9A, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Esplanade, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700013.

4. Lord’s More

Lord’s More is a street which is located right opposite to the luxurious and massive South City Mall in Kolkata. One of the most exciting things about the locality is that despite South City Mall having many different restaurants inside it, people still prefer to eat in the roadside stalls of Lord’s More. The reason for the disparity is that there are many different shops in the Lord’s More, which sell a wide variety of dishes from different cuisines. From Puchkas to Momo, from Chinese dishes to Mughlai dishes, you will find everything in the small by lane. Most people love to order the spicy Dragon Chicken in one of the stalls in Lord’s More.

Lord’s More | Street Food Shops In Kolkata That Will Make You Drool

Credit : Veggie Paaji  Image Source

Address: Kolkata, West Bengal 700045.

5. China Town

China Town is one of the most historically significant localities in Kolkata. It was once home to over 20,000 Chinese people, but now the numbers have declined. But still, the Chinese are an integral part of the culture and tradition of Kolkata. The reason China Town is so immensely popular among the people in Kolkata is that it is one of the few places in Kolkata where you will get to eat authentic Chinese dishes. Even though there are a lot of small restaurants located over there, people still prefer the roadside stalls which sell breakfast every morning. If you are planning to have some soup and dumplings in China Town, remember to go there before 7 AM.

Address: Terita Bazar, Tiretti, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073.

6. Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja

Telebhaja is one of the most favorite street foods for the people in Kolkata. In other parts of India, the dish is usually known as Bhajia or Pakodas. Kalika Mukhorochok is one such roadside Telebhaja shop in the city, which has been immensely popular for the past 50 years. The shop is one of the Best street food joints in Kolkata because it has maintained its quality over the years. If you decide to have some Telebhaja over there, try to visit there before 7 PM. The shop is open only from 4 PM to 8 PM, and the stock gets finished well before 7.30 PM. Most people love to have the famous brinjal fries, fish chops and mutton chops in Kalika Mukhorochok.

Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja | Street Food Shops In Kolkata That Will Make You Drool

Image Source

Address: 29, Surya Sen St, College Square, Kolkata, West Bengal 700009.

7. Balwant Singh Eating House

When it comes to street food places in Kolkata, Balwant Singh Eating House cannot stay behind. It is the best place to have a cup of steaming hot tea in the city. The shop is usually pretty crowded by people from all over the city because the tea over there tastes impressive. Many people also love to order the Malai Lassi over there. Apart from tea, if you go to the stall before 11 AM, you will get to try a tasty plate of Kachori. That also is pretty popular among college-goers. Also, remember to order the tea in a Bhaanr or earthen cup as the taste will be quite different.

Balwant Singh Eating House | Street Food Shops In Kolkata That Will Make You Drool

Image Source

Address: 10/B, Harish Mukherjee Rd, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700025.

8. Mitra Café

People in Kolkata love to consume non-vegetarian dishes. In the street foods as well, you will be able to notice the inclusion of protein quite abundantly. If you, too, are a fan of non-vegetarian dishes, Mitra Café will be able to diminish your hunger by serving lip-smacking non-veg street food dishes. Mitra Café is quite famous in Kolkata, and there are many branches of the restaurant. Even though it is not a street food stall, the price of the food is incredibly low. If you visit the Golpark branch of Mitra Café, remember to try out the fish fingers, chicken roll, and Moghlai Parathas over there.

Address: 23/37, Gariahat Road Near, Golpark, Kankulia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068.

9. New Market

Even though New Market in Dharmatala is especially known for the wide variety of fashion stores, but it is a paradise for street food lovers as well. It is one of the Best street food joints in Kolkata because there are many different options available in the stores over there. Not only branded stores but cheap roadside stalls are quite noticeable in the New Market area. The entire locality is filled with bakeries that serve delicious baked goods and cakes. You will be surprised to know that New Market is the only place in India, where you will get to have ice creams at INR 6 only.

Address: Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal

10. Zaika

Kathi Rolls have been part and parcel of the heritage of Kolkata for a long time. The culmination of eggs, chicken Kebab, onions, and chilly, wrapped up in a crispy Paratha, is not only appealing but incredibly fulfilling. Zaika is the best place to have a massive Kathi roll because it serves the most authentic one. The store is located in Park Street, and many people also prefer to have the egg roll out there. Even though you would find many roll shops in the city, you will not find the same one served by Zaika.

Address: 1, 1, Park St, Dharmatala, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016.

11. Dacre Lane

Like Fairlie place, Decker’s lane is yet another street food place in Kolkata where you will find a myriad of dishes. From Chinese to Mughlai, from continental to Bengali, you name the cuisine, and Decker’s lane has it. If you plan on visiting there, try not to eat much from beforehand. You should go there with an empty stomach as there are so many options over there. Remember to try the famous fish roll, Schezwan chicken, Jhaal Muri, and other items over there.

Address: James Hickey Sarani, Esplanade, Kolkata 700069.

All the places mentioned in this article are the Best street food joints in Kolkata. Hundreds of customers per day visit them. Most people have their daily meals in these shops as the taste of the dishes offered over there is incredible.

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