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The Dambulla Cave Temple - Place to Visit in Sri Lanka To Make Your Vacation a Memorable One

Sri Lanka Travel Info: Top 8 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka To Make Your Vacation a Memorable One (2023)

Popularly known for being home to exotic beaches, Sri Lanka attracts thousands of visitors from different parts of the globe with its golden sun, magnificent coral reefs, and diverse wildlife. When you want to leave everything behind and just want to go on an idyllic beach relaxing, there can’t be a better destination than Sri Lanka. Adorning itself with picturesque topography, this country is for every kind of traveler. Whether you simply want to soak in the sun or learn surfing, Sri Lanka will never disappoint you. Get ready to go on a virtual tour and have a glimpse of the places that you must visit during your stay here.

Sri Lanka Travel Info: Top 8 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka To Make Your Vacation a Memorable One

1. The Dambulla Cave Temple

Known for being the largest temple complex in Sri Lanka, the Dambulla Cave Temple is popularly known as the Golden Rock Temple. Located on a black rocky mountain, the temple complex is believed to be home to statues and paintings from the 12th century AD. Five rooms inside the temple complex adorn themselves with a sculpture of Buddha in different positions. It has been declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO. You’ll also get to experience a number of paintings here that take you through the majestic manifestation of Buddha’s first sermon. During your visit here, don’t miss the Golden Temple Buddhist Museum which is known for featuring a spectacular entrance embellished with the golden mouth of a beast like lion.

The Dambulla Cave Temple - Place to Visit in Sri Lanka To Make Your Vacation a Memorable One

Image Source

Location: Kandy – Jaffna Highway, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM (Open All Days)

2. Yala National Park

If you are into wildlife, you shouldn’t miss the Yala National Park during your stay in Sri Lanka. Unraveling the best opportunity for nature lovers to learn more about wildlife, this national park is popular for being home to Sloth Bear, Elephants, Leopards, and a wide variety of birds. You’ll also gain insights into earlier civilization as you pass through the cultural ruins here. Besides attracting photographers from across the globe, this park is undoubtedly the best spot when you want to witness elephants taking a bath or lazy leopards on tree branches.

Top Place to Visit in Sri Lanka-Yala National Park

Photo by Patty Ho  Image Source

Location: Katagamuwa, Yala, Sri Lanka

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

3. Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa

Shall you desire to experience ruggedness amidst lush greenery, head to Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. This World Heritage Site adorns itself with a giant rock formation that overlooks the surrounding area. Once you get to the top, the spectacular view of the nearby sights will definitely amaze you. You will also get to see the Sigiriya Fort which is known for being historically significant. During your visit here, you shouldn’t miss Polonnaruwa which is another ancient city adorned with robust columns and magnificent architecture. As you visit both of these places, you’ll gain insights into the history and culture of Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa Best Place to Visit in Sri LankaImage Source

Location: Rock Front, Sigiriya 21120, Sri Lanka

TImings: 7 AM to 4 PM

4. Galle

Want to get a European vibe in Sri Lanka? Visit the Old Town of Galle to experience the works done by Europeans. Combining European architecture with South Asian traditions, Galle stands as the perfect example of elegance. Most of the fortifications here were the brainchildren of the Portuguese and then further developed by the Dutch. Besides being the cultural World Heritage Site, Galle is home to numerous attractions such as Galle Dutch Fort, Dutch Reformed Church, The National Museum of Galle, Jungle Beach, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Old Gate, Galle Fort, Historical Mansion Museum, Galle Fort Clock Tower, Sea Turtle Hatchery, and so on. Don’t forget to witness the spectacular sunset during your stay here. You will also find a number of shops and galleries here that are perfect for buying souvenirs for friends and family back home.

Galle Amazing Place to Visit in Sri LankaImage Source

Location: Galle. Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Timings: N/A

5. Royal Palace of Kandy

Dating back to the 14th century, the Royal Palace of Kandy is another popular tourist attraction that you can’t miss during your stay in Sri Lanka. Unraveling the best opportunity for you to experience the glory and glamor of the kingdom, this palace is known for being the last reminiscence of the reigning King of Kandayan, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. Even though the palace has witnessed many wars in the past, the interior still remains the same. The Royal Court here has been a witness of many meetings and conventions including the one that declared the end of the Kandyan Kingdom. During your visit here, don’t miss places such as the Temple of Tooth, Queen’s Bathing Pavilion, etc.

Top Place to Visit in Sri Lanka To Make Your Vacation a Memorable One-Royal Palace of KandyImage Source

Location: 15 Raja Veediya, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

Timings: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

6. Bentota

Bentota is for those who want to soak in the sun and rejuvenate their soul on the golden sand. With the waves of the Indian Ocean crashing against the shores, this beach destination in Sri Lanka attracts thousands of visitors who want to have an extraordinary experience by the sea. You can also go for adventure sports here. Adorning itself with palm trees, this place is home to popular attractions such as Brief Gardens, Galapata Vihara, Sea Turtle Project, etc. The seafood dishes available at the nearby restaurants will take you a gastronomic journey for sure.

Location: Southern Province, Galle District, Sri Lanka

Timings: N/A

7. Anuradhapura

This World Heritage site is home to the famous Bodhi Tree which is popularly known as the Tree of Enlightenment. Being one of the popular places to visit in Sri Lanka, this monastic city is also known for featuring the Ruwanwelisaya which is a magnificent stupa. The tree has been well protected from the wild elephants during the rulership of King Kirthi Sri Rajsingha. The tree cutting was brought to Sri Lanka by Sanghamitta.

Location: Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Timings: N/A

8. St. Clair’s Falls

Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for you to get away from the urban noise, St. Clair’s Falls at Tawalantenne is one of the most widely visited tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Popularly known as the Little Niagra, this waterfall consists of two waterfalls i.e. Maha Ella and Kuda Ella. Located along the Kotmale river, St. Clair’s Falls is one of the cascading waterfalls that have been created by the Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project.

St. Clair's Falls Amazing Place to Visit in Sri LankaImage Source

Location: Tawalantenne – Talawakele Rd, Sri Lanka

Timings: Open All Day

Whether you want to spend a laid back vacation by the beach or are keen to know more about the cultural heritage, Sri Lanka offers it all. While there are numerous places to visit during your stay here, you shouldn’t miss these 8 places at all. Keep this list handy and make memories to cherish forever.

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