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Mantra Bar and Restaurant - Best Restaurant In Pattaya

Restaurants In Pattaya: What to Eat and Where When in Pattaya? (2023)

Pattaya is undoubtedly one of the most popular and preferred vacation destinations among tourists from all over the world. Most of the people may visit Pattaya for its tourist attractions or its scenic views but not many know that the place houses a number of excellent dining options including almost every cuisine that you could possibly imagine. Other than the popular Thai food, you can find an array of restaurants in Pattaya catering to international cuisines such as Indian, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German, British, Middle Eastern and Scandinavian as well.

In short, you can say that if you are going for a vacation to Pattaya, then food is the last thing you have to worry about as there is no shortage of dining options.

Restaurants In Pattaya: What to Eat and Where When in Pattaya?

Want to know some of the best restaurants in Pattaya to ensure a good dining experience? If yes, then we have already done the job for you!

1. Mantra Bar and Restaurant

Are you a choosy eater? Do you have a fascination towards a particular type of cuisine? If yes, then this concept restaurant in Pattaya with its extensive menu is going to be just perfect for you. The vast menu covers dishes from Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian and many more cuisines.

You will also be pleased to know that each cuisine type has its own team of specialists preparing the food, so you don’t have to worry about not getting that authentic flavour. Keep in mind that a dress code is enforced here, so don’t just show up at this elegantly decorated restaurant in shorts and flip-flops.

Mantra Bar and Restaurant - Best Restaurant In Pattaya

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2. Indian by Nature

If you are a die – hard fan of the Indian gravies, masala and curries, then probably it would always have been a bit hard for you to survive in foreign countries. However, as far as Pattaya is concerned, this quirky yet classic family – run Indian restaurant is going to absolutely satisfy your taste buds with its innovative traditional dishes blended with modern flair.

Their expansive menu covers all the staples that you would expect for an Indian fare, that too with pretty creative twists. Achari Gobhi and the Shashi kofta are the most preferred dishes of the restaurant.
Restaurant In Pattaya-Indian by Nature
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3. Yes Vegan Pattaya

As you would have guessed from the name, Yes Vegan Pattaya is the first 100% vegan restaurant in Pattaya. This brand – new restaurant is known to serve Asian fusion dishes that are entirely plant – based. The menu is continually expanding but at the moment it has been trending due to dishes including mock meat staples like Hainanese vegan chicken rice, fried vegan duck with basil leave sauce and light snacks such as deep friend sunflower sprouts, deep fried vegan dumplings and so on.

No matter whether you are vegan or not, the food here satisfies both meat as well as plant – based eaters alike. The best part is that in comparison to their top – notch dishes, the prices are pretty reasonable.
Best Restaurant in Pattaya-Yes Vegan Pattaya
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  • Location: Phra Tam Nak 6 Alley, Amphoe Bang lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri, Muang Pattaya, 20150, Thailand
  • Website: http://www.yesveganpattaya.com/
  • Phone number: +66 85 806 6579

4. Bruno’s Restaurant and Wine Bar

Famous for its Italian, European, French and Fusion dishes, this longtime restaurant in Pattaya has remained one of the favourite dining places for customers. The customer services provided here are just top – notch. From the chef greeting the customers personally to the attentive staff providing experienced tips on wine pairings, this place stands up to its high reputation. If you are a foodie, then this restaurant should be on top of your priority list for getting gourmet cuisine at a bargain. All of the courses are even paired with a perfectly matched wine to add on to the charm of the meal.

No matter whether you are talking about the taste, presentation or pairing of the food, the chef ensures a pleasurable experience to the customers.
Amazing Restaurant In Pattaya-Bruno’s Restaurant and Wine Bar
Image Source

  • Location: Thappraya Road, Muang Pattaya, Chang Wat Chon Buri, 20150, Thailand
  • Website: They don’t have a website. Call for any queries.
  • Phone Number: +66 38 119 586

5. BRONX Pizza

No matter which country or city do you belong to, but pizza is that one thing which unites foodies from all over the world together. If you are going for a vacation to Pattaya and crave for a slice of New York style pizza, then you don’t have to just ignore it because this no frills, unassuming storefront is reminiscent of exactly the kind of gem you have been wishing for. Their menu includes promising authentic New York thin crust pizzas made up of high quality and freshly sourced ingredients. Here, you can get pizza as a whole 18 – inch pie or even by slice which is quite rare to find in Thailand.

The owner’s recipes are sacred and unique which are passed down through generations, so you don’t have to worry even the slightest bit for the taste.
Nice Restaurant of Pattaya-BRONX Pizza
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6. Five Star J Restaurant

This small restaurant in Pattaya serves a variety of mostly vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Their menu is so vast and expansive that customers often get overwhelmed with the variety of amazing dishes. It includes almost everything ranging from yummy pizzas, pasta, burgers to plenty of incredible dishes from Thai cuisine.

The owner even features daily as well as monthly specials for the customer too. All of those who are worried about the hygiene and quality of food, would be pleased to know that all of the dishes served here use only organic and clean ingredients with no MSG.
Must-Visit Restaurant of Pattaya-Five Star J Restaurant
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  • Location: 313, 37 South Pattaya Road, Muang Pattaya, Chang Wat Chon Buri, 20260, Thailand
  • Website: https://www.fivestarj.com/
  • Phone number: +66 97 235 4209

7. Café des Amis

Craving the taste of some French cuisine dishes while on a vacation to Pattaya? If yes, then you probably would be quite frustrated as people say it is hard to find good French cuisine dishes in Pattaya. Though hard, it is surely not impossible. You can enjoy all your favourite French dishes in Café des Amis, which is a French Haute cuisine restaurant with a charming Thai – Balinese – style appearance. Do not judge by the exterior, because this is an exclusive experience where customers are offered a selection of fresh seafood, foie gras and several other French favourites.

Your meal is even paired with a finely chosen wine. The beautiful garden outside and the soothing piano music as well as jazz music inside the restaurant keep the atmosphere romantic yet cosy, comfortable and smooth.
Amazing Restaurant In Pattaya-Café des Amis
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No matter whether you prefer the dishes of a 5 – star hotel or the regular junk food, when in Pattaya you will get everything ranging from New York style pizza to food from 5 – star restaurants.

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