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Danang Beach - Amazing Beache in Vietnam

10 Amazing Beaches in Vietnam (2022)

Vietnam is a tropical paradise in the Asian part of the world. With the prosperity of natural beauty, Vietnam is surrounded by metropolitan cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The rural area of Vietnam, such as Cat Ba Island and Hoi An is yet to be explored. You get to see the trees which were present hundreds of years ago. These tamarind trees are supposed to heal you when in its presence, older people believe so. The mountains towering the whole surrounding area is one of the few attractions in Vietnam. The spell that the Vietnam beaches cast on you is permanent. We will look at 10 best beaches in Vietnam and find out what is yet to be explored.

10 Amazing Beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is blessed with a long coastline, which makes it one of the best beach destinations to visit. White sand of the beach and a warm breeze will soothe your senses and make you calm inside. In some places in Vietnam, beaches are accompanied by rice paddy fields and boats made up of bamboo baskets.

1. Danang Beach:

Danang beach is also called Da nang by the residents of it. Sometimes they call it My Khe. This is one of the prime beaches of Vietnam. It is located exactly in the middle of the south and north side of the country. This beach is spread over more than 30 kilometres, the soft sand of it is the highlight of the beach. You get to see the people who are taking shelter under the big shed of coconut palm trees. You can see the horizon ending in the dense forest near the beach. The blue ocean dissolves into the beauty of Danang Beach. The backdrop of the lush forest makes you want to stay longer than you plan. This is the regular meeting point for the locals, they have employment there, and they enjoy most of their day at this place.

Danang Beach - Amazing Beache in Vietnam

Photo by Paul Arps  Image Source

2. Con Dao Beach:

It is a pleasant beach, idyllic in almost all the weather. This is one of the amazing beaches in Vietnam. The highlight of this beach is blessed with the silence and calm vibe. Many people will see reading on the shore of the beach rather than taking a deep dive in the water. This is also called an archipelago of the south region of the country. Geographically speaking, it is way out of the road, separated from all the lands. The transportation from land to the island is very limited. You won’t see many people on the beach; we think that is the reason for the silence that this beach observes throughout. The transparent blue is ideal for swimming, and it mesmerizes you into it.

Amazing Beache in Vietnam-Con Dao BeachImage Source

3. Long Beach:

The island called Phu Quoc has many beaches, and it is popular for its scenic beauty. But it can be seen that most of the people prefer going to the long beach. This is blessed with the shore of 20 kilometres. You can swim calmly and get immersed in that experience. This Long beach has got everything to offer like any beach, restaurants with fresh seafood, tropical experience, cafes which are in front of the beach, and lounge chairs to just lie around. The people welcome you with a friendly smile and make you a part of them. We can easily use the metaphor of a lagoon for the long beach. Relaxing, reading, and casual swimming are the three things people would want to do on this beach.

Amazing Long Beach in Vietnam

Photo by Michael Tyler  Image Source

4. Sam Son Beach:

This beach is the perfect combination of the local scene and beach experience. You can relax on the soft sand and observe life go in front of you forever. This is situated in the coastal town of Sam, son, which is highly influenced by France. This place is filled with hotels and restaurants; one of them is the FLC Luxury Hotel Samson. The beach is somehow owned by their part of the restaurants. Even a small part makes a big difference. Vacationers prefer this beach because it is located near the Halong bay and locals are there in large numbers, thus; you will get all the facilities available to you within minutes. People spend their time participating in various water sports which gives an active vibe to this beach.

Best Sam Son Beach in VietnamImage Source

5. Quy Nhon Beach:

This is one of the amazing beaches in Vietnam. It is situated in the central part of Vietnam. Quy Nhon Beach is quieter than most of the beaches on the central coast of Vietnam; hence people prefer to go to this place to have some quiet time with your friends and family. The white sand and the tropical scenery is to die for. It has a resort called Avani Resort and spa; it’s a perfect place to tranquil yourself with an enriching experience. Some of the features of Quy Nhon Beach is the fresh local cuisine, spa getaways, and hotels with spacious rooms.

Amazing Beache in Vietnam-Quy Nhon BeachImage Source

6. Nha Trang Beach:

This is one famous beach in Vietnam. There is always some activity going on in this beach; its lush green scenery makes this place as popular as it is. This beach is blessed with the collection of flora and fauna. There are some restaurants in which you will find gardens and parks. After you are done with the beaches, you can go and take a walk in that park. You will certainly enjoy the journey with your loved ones in that garden. You can stay at Havana Hotel and taste some delicious food.

Nha Trang Beach-Amazing Beache in VietnamImage Source

7. Cua Dai Beach:

This is the beach which we think is unexplored yet. It has some unspoiled blue water and natural beauty surrounding the area. This is the UNESCO World heritage site, authority and the locals come together to take care of this place. It has a perfect blend of ocean pieces and jungle environments. Cua Dai Beach is one of the closest to the town, but the interesting thing is it never feels crowded. Banana Boating, jet skiing, and kayaking are the activities that are common on this beach. You will see many locals fishing in the ocean and making their livelihood.

Amazing Beache in Vietnam-Cua Dai Beach

Photo by Paul Arps  Image Source

8. Mui Ne:

This is the beach which is filled with many activities at one time. It is just 3 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh city. Those who live nearby, Mui Ne is their place to take a stroll every day. Kitesurfing is one of the popular activities on the beach. When you see the locals selling seafood, you understand the culture of this beach. The timetable is set for the locals, in the morning they catch fish and sell it to the big resorts and then in the evening they again stroll on the same beach. The beach and the locals are difficult to separate. This is also called the resort capital of Vietnam.

Mui Ne Beache in VietnamImage Source

9. Lang Co:

Lang co is one of the best beaches in Vietnam because it is famous for its eco-travel. It is situated in the central part of Vietnam. Blessed with the white sand and alongshore Lang co is the preferred option for the tourists. The biggest shade this beach has is the palm trees. The beach is yet not that much exploited by the visitors; it has managed to keep its natural appeal intact. It has a perfect blend of loud activities and relentless entertainment, but the salty and silent breeze is also its part. It is hard to find large resorts, but the Banyan tree is one of them which suits the overall environment.

Lang Co-Amazing Beache in VietnamImage Source

10. Cat Ba:

This is considered a hidden gem by the locals, because of the way it conducts itself. But we don’t think it will hide for a long time. The natural beauty of this beach will not allow that. In the northern part of Vietnam, it is a small archipelago. It is a collection of three small beaches. The beach is usually calm, but the ocean breezes sometimes won’t listen and do its noisy part. Resorts are not that much, but one of them is Cat ba sunrise resort, which has the entire contemporary amenities. Instead of hiring a taxi, you should reach this beach by hiring a boat. You will be more pleased.

Best Cat Ba Beach in VietnamImage Source

Most of the Vietnam beaches are unexplored, but the number of tourists is increasing day by day. It is worthy of your time to have this fantastic experience. These visually stunning beaches and transparent blue water will make you tranquil by its scenic beauty.

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