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Brocade - Amazing Things That Tourists Can Buy In Vietnam

10 Amazing Things That Tourists Can Buy In Vietnam (2023)

Vietnam is a developing country in Southeast Asia known for its rivers, beaches, and bustling cities. However, the list of its most renowned elements doesn’t end here. It’s because this destination is also majorly prominent for its various shopped products. It is famous for its Vietnamese coffee that is widely known for its unique flavor. Apart from that, Vietnam is one of the biggest beer consumers in Asia, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. There are many things to buy in Vietnam, so what should you be buying when going to Vietnam? However, we have come up with 10 best things to buy in Vietnam. Have a look:

10 Amazing Things That Tourists Can Buy In Vietnam

1. Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is counted amongst the highly renowned products prevalent in Vietnam. It hails with such a great recognition due to its strong as well as unique flavor. Made out of a special preparation process, you are surely going to fall in love with its divine essence. It not only plays an important role in being sold as the best product here, but it has also maintained Vietnam’s reputation amongst the finest coffee-producing countries. If one wants to avoid any kind of scam, you should buy great coffee from Hanoi; otherwise, one can find this type of souvenir in any of the big cities present in Vietnam with no hassle.

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2. Brocade

Vietnamese Brocade is a woven fabric made up of raw cotton, hemp, or flax, which is rich in texture and motifs. If one goes to Vietnam and does not purchase brocade, it’s the loss as it is considered one of the best quality fabrics in Vietnam. The weaving tradition of Vietnam is preserved and passed down through the women’s skillful hands in Vietnam; hence, it is considered one of the best-woven fabric in Vietnam. Brocade can be easily brought from the misty town of Sapa or markets in Lao Cai, Ha Giang. Brocade products such as bags, scarves, and clothes which are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes have amazing power which is enough to win the heart of all collectors in the world.

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3. Ao Dai

Ao Dai is considered one of the traditional clothes in Vietnam. Ao Dai has its own beauty, which is loved by a good number of fashionable visitors and, most importantly, by the women of Vietnam. It is considered to be a long dress that is perhaps extremely known worldwide for being the traditional attire of Vietnam. However, while buying Ao Dai dress, one should always have a look at the various types of Ao Dai, including the Trendy Ao Dai, mini Ao Dai, or the hippy Ao Dai. It took one complete day or 24 hours for the completion of this distinct clothing. Ao Dai shall undoubtedly serve as one of the best gifts that you can buy for yourself or your friends and family. You can also simply keep it in the form of a memento.

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4. Conical Hat

One of the most popular garments available in Vietnam after Ao Dai is the conical hat. A conical hat is usually used as decorations and for presents. It may seem novelty in buying a conical hat, but it’s one of the most practical items which is commonly used for traveling, especially during Vietnam’s scorching and downpours summers. Conical hats are typically hand-woven using bamboo, palm leaves, and the bark of Moc trees; this conical hat may be witnessed in majority of the destinations in Vietnam at a reasonable price. Hence, a conical hat is considered one of the best quality hats mostly used while traveling in the scorching and downpours summers of Vietnam; that’s why it is also the best gift that one adds to the main list of the various things to buy in Vietnam.

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5. Elephant Print Pants

Pants with elephant prints are the most comfortable and breezy pants for the Vietnam climate. The designs on the pants are usually colorful, and it can be seen that many of the tourists are adopting this trend. The waistband, which is made up of elastic, makes the pant more suitable for all body shapes; the price of the pant makes it worth buying a pair and makes one comfortable in the heat. Pants with elephant print are the most popular pants in Vietnam, so there is no trouble finding these. You can walk into any market, and the pants will be easily available in any market. Did one even go to Vietnam, if he/she didn’t buy elephant print pants?

6. Snake Wine

The noteworthy Snake Wine is marking its prevalence in Vietnam from the bygone era. It hails with a primary origination from the significant Chinese culture. It is believed that this wine is responsible for improving your health as well as virility. It also has the ability to act as an aphrodisiac. You don’t have to worry about the safety while drinking it. This is because, the snake’s venom is notably denatured with the help of alcohol’s ethanol. You can have a taste of these wines in the shot glasses and not in a wine glass. It’s because there is an existence of a higher alcohol content in the snake wine.

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7. Paintings

Painting is amongst one of the top things to buy in Vietnam, as they are filled with rich colors, and each painting tells a story. One can see the painters’ efforts and how much work goes into a piece; these paintings are considered the attention seeker as seeing these paintings on the streets can gain the attention of any tourists or peddlers walking by the road. All these hand-painted artworks are different from one another, and it also expresses different styles, colors, and story. These paintings are easily available in any small boutique shops or on the street of Hoi An.

Paintings That Tourists Can Buy In VietnamImage Source

8. Lanterns

Lanterns are considered to be one of the Vietnamese cultures; settlers in Vietnam bring lanterns as they provide an elegant look to their houses. There are different types of lanterns available, and these include the single-colored lantern and the hand-painted wooden lanterns. The single colored lanterns are made up of plastic and very cheap to buy compared to the hand-painted wooden lanterns. These lanterns are also available in different ornate designs. They can be folded down, making it easier for packing and increasing the possibility of buying them in a large amount. They are available in Hoi An market as it is considered the best place to buy lanterns.

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9. Silk

In Vietnam, silk is mostly used for costumes, including the traditional Ao dai dress. One will find either a silk shop or a silk tailor when going out for a walk through the main town in Vietnam. One of the most challenging tasks in buying silk is looking for its best quality. While being in Vietnam, you are going to come across many shops selling poor quality silk at a very high price. Thus, you need to stay cautious in this case and buy the best silk from Hanoi and Hoi An.

Silk Can Buy In VietnamImage Source

10. T-Shirts

The printed T-shirts are considered the best since they are prevalent in so many designs and colors. Whether you need the T-shirts with decent prints or the funkier ones, Vietnam markets have got them all. Also, it’s quite notable that these T-shirts are available in various sizes and so, you can choose the one suiting your body accordingly. Try them out and get them availed for you at different affordable prices.

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Hence, the above mentioned are the 10 best things to buy in Vietnam. One can opt to buy these distinct commodities while heading back to their native places after having the best exploration of this heart-stealing destination!

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