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Cyclo Riding - Incredible Experiences That One Can Have In Vietnam

12 Incredible Experiences That One Can Have In Vietnam (2023)

Vietnam has much more to offer than the conventional image of traditional temples and poofy dresses. Different experiences in Vietnam can give tourists a feel of strength and momentum bursting during the journey. In hum, and on the road, you can hear the adventurous sound of your heart. Vietnam is increasingly becoming a major tourism destination in South-East Asia. In recent years, Vietnam’s tourism and economic growth have been on the rise.

12 Incredible Experiences That One Can Have In Vietnam

1. Hiking Through Tanang-Phan Dung

This hiking path is 55 km south of Dalat, which many visitors do not know. It travels through three provinces and provides spectacular views of hills and waterfalls. Falling asleep in a wild tent is a completely intense and incredible experience that can make you feel like you are the only human on the planet. Hiking, however, also ensures that you and your peers are ready for the ride, both physically and mentally.

2. Cyclo Riding

You can’t skip Cyclo. It will be a matter of seconds before you see your first bike from the moment you reach the Old Town. Every driver is wearing a type of uniform, and the cyclos are impeccable, and all are registered. It is convenient and safe to cycle here, unlike many other cities in Vietnam. It is a go-to experience for those of us who don’t have too much time and would like to experience a typical Vietnamese trip, with a nostalgic feeling of “old Vietnam.” Cyclos are perfect for big groups so that you can get together without worrying about missing somebody’s trail.

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3. Experience Natural Pool Swimming

Among different experiences in Vietnam, Elephant Springs is a great place to cool off and escape central Vietnam, about 53 kilometers from Hue. For a sunny day, especially, a cooling dip is offered by the nearly transparent natural pool along with the flow of the waterfall. There are several more areas to explore upstream, and you can slide down the smooth rocks at the base of the waterfalls. Ropes are placed in ways to catch you floating away in the water without worrying that it would be washed over rocks.

4. Paradise Caves

From Phon Nha or Dong Hoi trips to Vietnam’s Paradise Cave are also combined with Phong Nha Cave. The trip will be 8 hours long and will include a pick-up, packing, lunch, and entry charges to Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave. Believe it or not, a local man only found Paradise Cave in 2005. The British Cave Research Association then investigated this subject in its entirety and announced its findings. While the public sees only a small part, the true length of the cave is 31 km, making it Asia’s longest dry cave. Travelers can explore Thien Duong Cave for another 7 km if they take an authentic tour guide. The usual portion is only 1 km away, but it is still beautiful to see.

5. Plan a Stay With Tribal Families in Sapa

One of the best ways to truly explore the local lifestyle is to arrange a stay in the villages of Sapa. Situated 400 km from Hanoi, Sapa is a popular spot for travelers who wish to spend a few days exploring its extensive countryside. Greatest of all, the many hill tribes, Giay, Hmong, and Red Dao, are more than willing to give you a spot to live in their houses, where you can enjoy traditional tribal dishes, dress up in local outfits, and try your hand at picking crops.

Plan a Stay With Tribal Families in Sapa, Vietnam

photo by Ann Porteus  Image Source

6. Give a Shot to Snake-Heart Vodka

Visiting “Snake village” near Hanoi is a must since it will prove to be one of the Incredible experiences that one can have in Vietnam. For $15, you can enjoy the whole eating snake adventure at an old snake restaurant outside Hanoi. There’s a snake menu as well as plenty of red wine, and you know that a big community will be there because it’s coordinated around the hostels. Upon choosing the size and kind of snake, it is introduced to the diners, and the heart is cut, and immediately blood and vodka are shot. The raw corpse is then carried into the kitchen to create 10 different meals, including crisp snakeskin and sauteed poppadoms.

Give a Shot to Snake-Heart Vodka Incredible Experience That One Can Have In VietnamImage Source

7. Grab a Beer at the Cheapest

A Hanoi visit will not be complete until you stayed the night at Bia Hoi Junction, located in the middle of the city center. The city’s biggest nightlife venue is lined with wooden stools for people to lounge on while drinking local beers for as little as USD 0.50 a bottle. There are also several street vendors selling steamed peanuts, beef, and other rare treats if you feel hungry between meals.

In addition to beer adventures, many cafes are concealed in Saigon in the alleyways or in ancient buildings built during the French colonial period. It is a treasure hunt, so it’s very fun to find secret treasures in the form of coffee shops.

Grab a Beer at the Cheapest- Incredible Experience That One Can Have In VietnamImage Source

8. Go Sandboarding in Mui Ne

The Mui Ne Sand Dunes are very popular for their spectacular views and the fun activities of sandboarding. Most tour operators can be found in Mui Ne, who arrange day trips to the white and red dunes, although there are sheds for rent for reasonable prices.

Go Sandboarding in Mui Ne In VietnamImage Source

9. Crawl Through Secret Tunnels

Based 70 km north-west of Ho Chi Minh City, this historical site includes more than 120 km of subway tunnels, most of which have locked doors, living rooms, kitchens, factories, vault facilities, hospitals, command centers. You can only visit a small section of the tunnels of Chu Chi, as in the sixties and seventies, you can get a glimpse of what it might have been like. Even though we do not suggest claustrophobics, crawling through the Chu Chi tunnels is one of Vietnam’s most exciting experiences.

Crawl Through Secret Tunnels In VietnamImage Source

10. Gun Shooting Like in War

There is virtually no gun violence in Vietnam. However, there is a site for a couple of dollars, where the weaponry of some medium machines can be unloaded. The Chu Chi Tunnels are an underground world outside Ho Chi Minh City, where the Hanoi-loyal forces resided throughout the war and practiced. Nowadays, it’s a popular tourist destination, while nothing is too insane. Even so, shooting targets with an AK-47 sounds like a real deal among all the incredible experiences that one can have in Vietnam.

Incredible Experience That One Can Have In Vietnam-Gun Shooting Like in War

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11. Walkthrough Crazily Chaotic Six Lane Traffic

Vietnamese traffic is, of course, turbulent, especially in the city of Ho Chi Minh, and often vehicles use sidewalks, footpaths, and narrow roads to take their turn. As scary as this sounds, when you reach six lanes, it is important not to panic. The best approach is to stick with a bunch of local people, keep walking slowly.

Walkthrough Crazily Chaotic Six Lane Traffic In Vietnam

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12. Get a Crazy Hair-cut

It’s rare-for-men-only to do this makeup treatment. You can pick one of the makeup technicians to assist you, and you’ll feel very comfortable by the time you’re done. You’re flirting and massaging, washing and shaving your hair, and even manicuring and pedicuring, all at the same time.

The trip to Vietnam will show you how you are welcomed by Vietnamese people to taste their cuisine and proudly demonstrate their culture. You will feel it in all opportunities. Many of the attractions have adapted from the natural world and are very cost-effective. All and all, the country is a marvelous mix of sordid history and development, lovely sights and lanes, soothing beaches, and treks. In other words, the time is never better to visit, get going.

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