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Dong Xuan Market - Best Market in Vietnam

Vietnam Shopping : 10 Best Markets in Vietnam (2024)

If you want to know the culture of the city, you need to see the people who are there and interact with them on a personal basis. And which is the best place to do that in the market of that country? Vietnam’s markets are full of travellers looking to experience the day to day life of the locals. These markets open at an early hour at 3 am.

You will see people throbbing the markets in Vietnam that early to sell meat, fresh fruits, seafood and vegetables for breakfast. At affordable prices, you can get the taste of local cuisines in various food stalls. Some of the markets in Vietnam have been operating for more than hundred years which attract the travellers to sell packaged food items, artsy handicrafts and some souvenirs.

Vietnam Shopping : 10 Best Markets in Vietnam

It is difficult to say how many markets there are in Vietnam; the official number seems to be less than the actual number. Even when things are cheap here to buy, you can still exercise your right to bargain and get the best deals in the market.

Here we have listed the top 10 best markets in Vietnam.

1. Dong Xuan Market

This is one of the oldest markets in Vietnam. It is said that it first came into existence in 1888. We can see the market is situated on the south of To Lich Liver. There was a flood in 1889, that is when Thai Cuc Lake and To Lich Liver were overflowing. Then the French people who were ruling that area decided to move all the people and their shops in a vacant area called Dong Xuan Ward. And that was the start of Dong Xuan Market. The market still exists after more than 100 years. Some spiritual and cultural people, namely Ha Thanh, are one of the wholesalers of the market.

Dong Xuan Market - Best Market in Vietnam

Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose  Image Source

2. Hanoi Night Market

It is situated within 4 km of hang Dao street. Dong Xuan Market is not that far from the Hanoi Night market. This market in Vietnam operates only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the evening from 6 to 11 pm. This becomes the crowded area in that period right from Hang Duong, Hang Ngang and Hang Dao. This is considered one of the best markets in Vietnam. Almost 4000 stalls come there to sell the clothes, artefacts, handicrafts, toys, souvenirs etc. Those products are pretty cheap. The atmosphere is full of colour and filled with lively people.

Best Shopping Market in Vietnam-Hanoi Night Market

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3. Ben Thanh Market

This market is based in Ho Chi Minh City. This is more than a traditional market; the history it holds is full of up and down. This city has been through many wars and hence considered a symbol of respect. On the way to Saigon, you should check out Ben Thanh Market of Vietnam. That name is given by the French regime because it is near Ben Nghe river. In 1911, french decided to move the market to its current position. This is one of the largest markets in Vietnam. You will find all kinds of things being sold out here right from costly to cheap.

Vietnam Shopping-Ben Thanh MarketImage Source

4. Bac Ha Market

In Lao Cao, this is one of the largest markets in the North West area. The best thing is it is situated in high altitude, so on the way to the market trekking is also done. It is roughly 75 km from the main city. This market is known for maintaining its ethnic touch for many years now. The roads are not that good for this market, but it is worth the trip. Bac Ha Market was once chosen as one of the best markets in Vietnam. In South-East Asia, it is one of the 10 most unique markets.

5. Dong Ba Market

This name indicates the return of Phu Xuan people to the Nguyen Army. It is symbolic of the returnees returning to the market called Quy Gia Long. That market was diminished, and in 1887 King Dong Khanh renamed and rebuilt the Dong Ba Market. This market has a 3-story building centre, namely Lau Chuong. You can go there and purchase a Hue long dress and then go about the other parts of the market. There are plenty of cloth stores which call you to shop in them. Just by sitting in the market, you can see the culture of it.

Shopping Market in Vietnam-Dong Ba MarketImage Source

6. Hoi An Market

Just to give the idea of how crowded this market is; it has 50 shops within 300meters of area. You can see a variety of things right from bags, souvenirs, clothes, decoration items and food. Again this market has items which are affordable and suitable for any kind of people. Before purchasing anything, you need to bargain first because you can buy the products in half the amount of quotation. Without purchasing anything, you can just take a stroll in this market and enjoy the delicious food.

Hoi An Market Best Shopping in VietnamImage Source

7. Dam Market

This is one of the oldest markets in Nha Trang. It is positioned in the centre of this city. Aesthetically it is one of the best markets in Vietnam. In the coastal area of this city, this market is the busiest one. The sheer architectural structure of the market is very well appreciated. It has two floors and has a diameter of 67m. It can allow more than 3000 people to shop at one time; it is a considerable capacity. Not only locals but also tourists this market is famous. Along with the pleasing structure, it also has various types of goods so that you can shop some and take some as souvenirs. Handcrafts and gift toys are mainly purchased in this market.

Best Market in Vietnam-Dam MarketImage Source

8. Da Lat Market

Da Lat Market is full throughout the year. You will be pleased upon entering the market, which is living a simple and peaceful life of its own. It has a cold and fresh climate which is good even if you decide to just window shop. Hence, we see many people in the market and why it is crowded all the time. Da Lat Market has a variety of things to offer which will fulfil the need of almost every traveller. You can spend your time here just drinking and eating. The shops are arranged in a way that no one bothered with another shop.

Best Shopping Market in Vietnam-Da Lat MarketImage Source

9. Cai Rang Market

This is one of the largest markets in Can Tho. This market is a specialist in fruit trading. In the Mekong Delta region, people only come here to buy fresh fruits. It starts as early as 4 am; hence you also need to be early to reach the place, because then it gets crowded after some time. This floating market becomes full of people, even when the sun is not up. The cold breeze of the river will make you chilly; go all prepared to face that. The freshness of the fruits and the characteristics of the river are the attraction points of Cai Rang Market. In the south-west of the river, this place is situated with simple and sincere people.

Vietnam Shopping-Cai Rang MarketImage Source

10. Duong Dong Market

By the locals, this is also called as Phu Quoc Night Market. This is situated in the centre of Duong Dong city, which is an important place in Phu Quoc Island. The intersection of streets such as Le Loi Street, Nguyen Trai Street, and Bach Dang Street is in the Duong Dong market. In the night, the whole market is made bright with various electric lights as if the market is ready to welcome the tourists. From 7 to 11 pm, small businesses open their shops and take control of the market. Snail shells are one item which sells like hot cake in here. In handicrafts, you can buy combs and bracelets of ethnic touch.

Vietnam is all about culture, simple people, ethnic souvenirs, handicrafts made by locals and delicious cuisines. What if I tell you, you get to experience all these things in one place, the Markets of Vietnam? Go ahead and check out the whole new world there.

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