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Alesund - A Place Worth Visiting in Norway

Alesund: A Place Worth Visiting in Norway (2022)

The coastal town Alesund was built in 1904. The mountain surrounding the town is known as Aksla mountain. Alesund has a port and there are regular Ferries that take people to Northern cities of Norway as well as southern coastal cities and Oslo. Alesund is the 13th largest town in Norway with a population of 66,200 people. 

The tourist comes to explore the Alesund fjords as well as try fishing. The fjords are a narrow and long deep inlet of the sea that passes between high cliffs of the surrounding mountain. The valley is known as a glaciated valley.

Many young and physically fit middle-age visitors come for hiking during summer and skiing during winter. Some of the mountains are taller than 6,500 feet. The waterfall and fjords at the Alesund province are included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

The town is spread over several islands that stretches to the Atlantic Ocean. The city celebrates several festivals throughout the year. The festivals are often conducted to celebrate Norwegian literature, food festival, art exhibitions and music concerts. Most tourists stay at Alesund for 3 nights. After arriving at Alesund, it is worth trying one of the good restaurants in town before retiring to the hotel or rented condo.

The next day most tourists visit the following attractions in the town. The third-day tourists drive to see the glacier as well as Ronde island. Few tourists may return to Oslo. The drive to Oslo is about 570 km and may take anywhere from 8 to 9 hours with a lunch break. Tourists can stop at a couple of places for lunch and also see surrounding sceneries.

Places To See In Alesund

  1. The Visit to the Atlantic Ocean- Most tourists like to drive for 1 to 2 hours depending on the location of stay near to the Atlantic Ocean. The breathtaking view is something to experience during a bright day in the summer. Most tourists spend some time at the seashore. During summer, on most days, sunset and sunrise are not seen but the sun does move from east to west. The glare and brightness at the seashore are experienced only at some northern seashore in Norway. 
  2. Old Town- Take a walk in Oldtown and spend some time at a coffee shop or gift shop 
    Best Place To See In Alesund - Old Town

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  3. Alesund Museum- Spend at least one hour to see the collection of painting, sculpture, and handicraft art at the museum. The most collections of art exhibits at the museum give some historical information of the Viking era as well as that of iron and bronze period in Norway and Alesund. Alesund - A Place Worth Visiting in Norway Image Source

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