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5 Day Prince William Sound Loop - 5 Day Tour Destination Options in Anchorage

5 Day Tour Destinations Options in Anchorage (2023)

Are you planning a five-day tour in Anchorage, Alaska but just confused to cover most of it in these five days? Then no worries, in Anchorage, there are a plethora of things to explore that might not be completed in a single tour, but you can explore the best of places that are in close proximity to each other. Whether it’s the Denali National Park or the Kenai Fjords, or if you want to see the attractive snow-capped mountains, charming small towns and the massive glaciers dotting the Kenai Peninsula, you will find it all.

A 5 days tour of Anchorage is the most popular and best choice to make because you get the most time to experience snow sports and other different activities in the city.

5 Day Tour Destinations Options in Anchorage

So here are some of the best five-day tour destinations option in Anchorage that you can go for on your next trip.

1. 5 Day Prince William Sound Loop

The five day Prince William Sound Loop itinerary provides the visitors scenic views all around with a wide variety of landscapes. When you head to Palmer or Wasilla, you will see the glacier-filled seaside towns of Valdez that look surreal to the eyes. After that, you begin your journey to the ferry ride before exploring the mountain scenery around the small little town of Anchorage, Girdwood. 5 Day Prince William Sound Loop - 5 Day Tour Destination Options in AnchorageImage Source


  • Day 1: Start your drive, which will be full of scenic views from Anchorage to Valdez, which will take about 5.5 hours with non-stop driving.
  • Day 2: Spend your day and night in Valdez. Enjoy looking at the glaciers, whales, bald eagles or enjoy a kayaking tour and other things.
  • Day 3: Ride on the ferry boat from Valdez to Whittier and stay overnight there in the charming town and explore the local monuments.
  • Day 4: Spend your day in Whittier enjoying a sightseeing tour by jet ski, kayak or by boat or enjoy some time exploring the different trails of the town.
  • Day 5: From Whittier, drive to Girdwood, which is a small little charming town in Anchorage and enjoy visiting different trails, especially the Crow Creek mine and admire the beautiful scenery of this town and after that, drive back to Anchorage main town area.

2. 5 Day Winter Northern Lights Getaway

If you are travelling to Alaska in winters, then you must visit the best spots in Anchorage as well as the areas near Anchorage that offer a lot of fun winter activities to make your trip experience more memorable. Also, this time will be the best opportunity to look for the very famous northern lights.

Northern Lights Getaway

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  • Day 1: Arrive in Anchorage and spend your time in the small charming town of Anchorage, Girdwood, at the world-famous Alyeska Ski resort and enjoy the scenic surroundings of the slopes. Here also, you will get the best opportunity to spot northern lights.
  • Day 2: Day and Overnight in Girdwood, Add up a day more in Girdwood to take advantage of this wonderland. Spend your day skiing down the slopes or explore the country wilderness in the skies. Rush up your adrenaline by taking a snow machine ride in the backcountry or take a winter flightseeing trip, and don’t forget to ask for an aurora wakeup call.
  • Day 3: Drive back to the main city area of Anchorage and then take a flight to Fairbanks and explore the largest city in Alaska. Enjoy experiencing different winter activities like ice fishing, dog sledding, etc. And yes, ask your accommodations to wake you up for northern lights.
  • Day 4: Day & overnight in Fairbanks will let you enjoy more winter tour activities. And after spending your day doing different tours and activities go for an evening tour to see the splendid northern lights.
  • Day 5: Fly from Fairbanks to Anchorage with a one hour flight and make a final pass through by buying different souvenirs for home.

3. 5 Day Denali Highway and Denali National Park

The iconic Alaskan scenery is going to notably greet you at every location and every turn you take in this state. You will get to explore the most beautiful mountains and wildlife at Denali National Park, and before that, you will get the most scenic drive of your life on your way to Denali National Park along the Denali highway.


  • Day 1: Arrive in the sparkling city of Anchorage and drive to Denali, which has gravel roads and experience a vast expanse of nature all around.
  • Day 2: Day & Overnight in Delai will let you explore the beauty of this park. Take a narrated tour of the National park Service and, along the way, enjoy looking at the wildlife and also North America’s tallest peak.
  • Day 3: Drive the Denali Highway and enjoy driving at the world’s most spectacular routes. The 135 miles of Denali highway offer splendid and spectacular views that continue throughout the way.
  • Day 4: Drive through the Denali highway to the copper centre and continue watching the spectacular views of maintenance at milepost.
  • Day 5: Travel from Copper Center to Anchorage and stop off at the mammoth Matanuska Glacier has few roadside glaciers, which are a visual treat for anyone.

4. 5 Day National Parks Highlights (Denali and Kenai Fjords)

If you are planning a tour in Anchorage, then the best five-day tour destinations in Anchorage are its national parks to witness the stunning Alaskan landscapes. The Denali national park lets the visitor explore the natural wilderness of the interior of Alaska. After then you can lead to Kenai Fjords National Park, where you can treat your eyes to beautiful and stunning landscape views of glaciers and mesmerizing marine wildlife.


  • Day 1: Arrive in Anchorage and drive to Denali with stunning scenic views all through your way, and get acquainted with the beauty of nature.
  • Day 2: Spend your day and overnight in Denali and wander into the park on a Tundra wilderness tour and go till the end at Kantishna.
  • Day 3: Next morning, go rafting in the glacial rivers of Denali. After that, go flying and get a bird’s eye view of the vast Alaskan area.
  • Day 4: Day and overnight in Seward, which is a quiet seaside town and spot various Dall sheep and beluga whales in the simmering waters. A
  • Day 5: Enjoy your last morning in Seward with a magical day on the sea cruise and explore the beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park of the state surrounded by Fjords and stunning glaciers.

5. 5 Day Tour Anchorage To Fairbanks With Denali National Park

This very popular five-day tour destination in Anchorage takes you to the overflowing nature, which includes rivers, mountains, pioneer charm and wildlife. This one-way trip beginning from Anchorage to Fairbanks will make you go through the stunning interiors of Alaska. No matter which mode of transport you use, this is an easy to complete five-day tour. The trip can be covered on both sides. You can also begin your tour from Fairbanks to the south of Anchorage.


  • Day 1: Welcome yourself to Anchorage and explore the largest city of Alaska by spending overnight in Anchorage. Taste the culture and art of the city.
  • Day 2: After that, travel to charming Talkeetna, which is 2 hours drive from Anchorage and visit the sparkling eateries and shops located on Talkeetna streets.
  • Day 3: Talkeetna is very close to Denali national park, so after that, spend overnight in the very beautiful Denali National Park and enjoy river rafting, hikes or Jeep wildlife tour in the park.
  • Day 4: Next day, you will spend exploring the vast expanse of nature in this park. After that, travel to Tundra wilderness to spot various wildlife creatures and North America’s peak.
  • Day 5: Spend half your day in Denali and then drive to Fairbanks, which will take 2 hours drive by car. And explore the University of Alaska and various museums and glimpses of Alaskan wildlife and culture. Then drive back to Anchorage.


Now that you are well aware about the various kinds of ‘5-day tour destinations in Anchorage’, which one are you going to choose? You just need to opt for the itinerary that suits your budget and preferences as well! Happy traveling.

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