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Brook Falls, Katmai National Park - Beautiful Waterfalls Location in Anchorage

10 Beautiful Waterfalls Locations in Anchorage (2024)

Close your eyes and imagine the rushing and gushing water flowing over the rocks, sometimes smoothly and sometimes aggressively and splurges down the hillsides. Now open your eyes because you might see your imagination in reality. Alaska is one spot that has an overflowing list of splendid and beautiful waterfalls in Anchorage, which is the largest city in the state.

The splendid waterfalls in Anchorage carry down the streams and make their way through loose stones, boulders, trees into the sea and large rivers. Also, the waterfalls in Anchorage are surrounded by lush-green bushes with a serene natural smell of sweet, just like honey.

10 Beautiful Waterfalls Locations in Anchorage

Here are the Ten Beautiful Waterfalls Locations in Anchorage, Which Don’t Require Overnight Trips Either:

1. Thunderbird Falls, Anchorage

The Thunderbird Falls in Anchorage is one of the best waterfalls for family outings. The falls are located near a very easy trail which takes you to the Thunderbird falls. It only takes a half-hour drive from the main city. The scenic area is landscaped with boardwalks, accessible scenic viewpoints. The trailhead is also very easy to access and has well-maintained pathways. At this location, you also get the opportunity to get a close view of Thunderbird creek and the beautiful Eklutna River. During the winter season, you will get to witness frozen falls with bundled ice spikes and crampons. This lake is very popular amongst the locals, especially for family ventures. 
Beautiful Waterfalls Location in Anchorage-Thunderbird FallsImage Source

2. Horsetail Falls, Whittier

The route of the Horsetail is packed with all the stunning and beautiful things for the moderate and expert hikers. The area has very steep switchbacks, which makes it a moderate hike. During the winters and spring, the Horsetail Falls is fielded with ice melt and snow, and it is the centremost point for visitors to see numerous waterfalls. The falls are swishing over the big rocks from the 176-foot tall stretch down over the two streams. The streams are located just right side of the roadside, making it the most iconic and unique part of this waterfall region.

3. Brook Falls, Katmai National Park

The stunning and huge Brook Falls are located within the Katmai National Park, and you should definitely not miss or skip. The Brook Falls area is world-famous for being home to large populations of brown bears. Various top-class photographers compete at the location to capture different classic shots of those bears. The falls are a hotspot for bears as they come into the falls to catch fishes in the early months of July and September. This is also the best time to visit the area as you will get to see the bears grabbing fishes in the falls and then leaping out from the water. Brook Falls, Katmai National Park - Beautiful Waterfalls Location in AnchorageImage Source

4. Nugget Falls, Juneau County

Also known as the Mendenhall Glacier waterfall, Nugget waterfalls are the best highlight amongst all the waterfalls located in Anchorage, Alaska. From the moment you will exit from your car or vehicle, you will hear the sounds of Nugget falls roaring as the water is flowing down from 377 feet top glacier rocks. Just soak yourself in the thundering waterfall flowing down into Mendenhall Lake. This location offers delightful views of the glacier and scenic natural beauty all around. Since the glacier area is an active area for calving, you will see drifting icebergs on the lake from the calving glacier. A huge number of tourists gather at Nugget Falls during the summer season to enjoy floating and swimming in the clear waters of the lake with the scenic beauty of falls pouring down into the streams.
Top Waterfalls Location in Anchorage-Nugget Falls, Juneau CountyImage Source

5. Blackstone Falls, Whittier

When you are gazing at the icy glaciers of Alaska, you will be getting the most satisfying emotional feels for sure. The Blackstone Falls is one of those locations which gives you a location to calm yourself just by listening to the voice of ice creaking and pouring down into the lake. The very beautiful Blackstone Falls is a glacier melt fall which originated from Blackstone Glacier. The volume of the water in falls highly depends upon the weather, and this 500-foot tall glacier is not as aggressive and expects a very calm flow of water around the summer season. To reach this fall, you don’t need to complete any hiking trail, but you will have to take a 4-hour boat ride from the Whittier main location point.

6. Virgin Creek Falls, Girdwood

Located in the deep areas of Alaska’s thick forest, Virgin Creek Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Anchorage. The whole area is surrounded by thick forest with mosses-covered pine trees, and amidst these thick, dense areas, you will find the beautiful Virgin Falls. As you move towards the falls, you will be greeted with swift water of the stream, which leaves white bubbles and a quirky silver effect on the water that will surely entice your eyes. The Virgin Creek Falls is an all-season waterfall in an amazing thick rainforest. The pathway leading to the falls is also moderate, and the water flow of the falls is faster during the winters when the snow melts at the peaks of the mountain regions.

7. Rookery Falls, Whittier

The huge 600-foot tall Rookery falls are very clearly visible from Whittier from its bay. It is one of the waterfalls found on the map of the Learnard Glacier. It is also very easily accessed with any cruise ship or by kayaking leaving for Prince William Sound. According to the historical facts, it was named after Kittiwake Rookery, which is graced in the region. You will find hundreds of Kittiwake birds flying around Rookery Falls, and they also nest here. Spotting these unique species of birds and the beauty of Rookery falls might be the best enough reasons to make you travel here.

8. Hidden Falls, Whittier

When you are heading towards the Whittier’s Prince William Sound, on your way, you will be welcomed by numerous waterfalls, and one of them is the gorgeous Hidden Falls. The 4-hour glacier cruise from the main town Whittier, will take you to the serene and calm cold waters of the stunning Hidden Falls. This is one of those spots where you will not feel any seasickness. The 50-foot tall falls are the location where the cruise halts for a few minutes for the ones who want to spot or click pictures in front of the beautiful falls. This is one of those spectacular waterfall locations in Anchorage, where you will see massive chunks of ice creeks crashing smoothly into the water stream of the falls.

9. Russian River Falls, Kenai Peninsula

The Russian River waterfalls pour down through the extravagant riparian canyon. The first encounter of the visitors will be with leaping wild salmons over the strong currents of the waters. The majority of the people visiting the Russian River basically go-to spot the spectacular and splendid views of thousands of salmon jumping and witness the rare possibility of bears’ presence. The trail to reach the stunning falls is more like a leisure stroll and is just 2 miles long stretch with gravel and slope at a gently elevated height. It is also advisable to stay situated at the viewing platform because the area is sometimes gathered by brown and black bears, which can be dangerous sometimes. The Russian River falls might also give you the possibility to catch a glimpse of moose in the open areas near the falls.

10. Lower Reid Waterfall, Skagway

When it comes to visiting beautiful scenic locations, then Skagway in Anchorage is the best area as a base point. The Lower Reid waterfalls near the Goldminer Graveyard is a charming fall where pouring water might blow out your imagination. It is a very popular destination, and the trail leading to the falls is often crowded most times of the day, so travel in the early morning time to enjoy quite a tranquil time around nature. Also, near the falls, you will spot a secret cave, do visit the cave and explore the old ruins of nature.


Anchorage in Alaska is a fine location to spot various natural bounties. Whether it’s the waterfalls, serene landscapes, mountain peaks, or the glaciers, you will find numerous things around either in the borders or in the suburban areas of Anchorage. These were some of the most beautiful waterfall locations in Anchorage, which you should surely visit once on your exploration tour.

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