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Best Alaskan Cruise - Glacier Bay National Park

Best Alaskan Cruise, Types Of Cruises, How To Pick The Best Alaskan Cruise? (2023)

Alaska, a beautiful state on the north-western coast of the US, just across the Bering Strait from Asia, is the largest US state in area and the 3rd least populous state. It proffers a quirky experience to its guests and is separated from the US by the vast wilderness of Canada. The place has umpteen tourist spots, and the presence of glaciers and waters make it suitable for the cruise. Alaska is an ideal place for adventure fanatics and is the 7th largest subnational division in the world. The whale watching cruises in Alaska is very famous, and the province is also referred to as the “final frontier.”

Alaska Cruise Season

The Alaskan cruise season commences from late April and continues till mid-September. This makes it challenging to choose from the various Alaskan cruises due to a short time period. Prepare your itinerary according to your inclinations.
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Best Alaskan Cruise

Don’t let your budget stop you from sailing onboard in Alaska because there are umpteen Alaskan cruise options at various price ranges that are affordable by all income groups of people. Be it the pricey and luxury ships or the budget-friendly ships, and you can choose any as per your budgets and preferences. The various Alaskan cruise options available are as follows:

Gulf Of Alaska

The Gulf of Alaska voyage includes experiencing the serenity of the Inside passage and its ports, such as the Haines, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Icy Strait Point. This fascinating cruise is of two days in which you can get a glimpse of some breathtaking views that will leave you stunned. A distinctive yet thrilling experience would be offered to you during this voyage. You will get a glimpse of some incredible and stupendous sights like the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve or the Hubbard Glacier.

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The cruise itineraries have certain embarkation and debarkation points, which means that you would be transferred from the first place to the second. You can get the transportation included in the cruise line’s airfare by purchasing it.

The rough seas in the Gulf of Alaska in the months of late August and September make the voyage a tough one for the people prone to seasickness. So, you can try this voyage in the early months of May to June and enjoy the beauty of the azure waters.

Inland Passage

The Inland Passage is the most popular Alaskan cruise and embarks from Seattle or Vancouver, British Columbia, or Juneau. Ice carved by the Glaciers long ago, cruise ships and vessels shove through the islets and the azure waters to view some of the incredible sights of the world. The beautiful sights stun the visitors and are sure to fill their camera albums and their insta accounts.

Inland Passage - Best Alaskan Cruise

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It is ideal for the sport and nature fanatics who can indulge in activities like seaplane sightseeing, fishing charters, hikes on glaciers and rainforests, sea kayaking, and bird and bear watching trips.

The intercoastal waterway, similar to Inland passage, will also be visible from the cruise. The snow-capped mountains, lush frondescence, waterfalls, and white glaciers will surely entice you with their majestic beauty. The beautiful marine life with creatures, including whales, dolphins, harbor seals, and sea lions, provide peace to the eyes. The serene waters of the inside passage make it possible for the people prone to seasickness to participate in this voyage!

Longer Sailings From The West Coast

This cruise includes some San Francisco round-trip itineraries and extended sailings between San Francisco and Vancouver. These cruises are ideal for the sea lovers. You will have four sea days and a picturesque cruise to stop like the Tracy Arm (Twin Sawyer Glaciers), Endicott Arm, Hubbard Glacier or Glacier Bay National Park. The waters here can either be calm or rough, depending on the weather and your luck! Ports here may include Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, British Columbia, and Victoria.
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Types Of Cruises

  • Mainstream
  • Luxury
  • Small ship sailings

Top Alaskan Ports

  • Juneau
  • Ketchikan
  • Sitka
  • Skagway

How To Pick The Best Alaskan Cruise?

Dozens of ships sail in Alaska carrying different numbers of passengers. These ships may be mass-market and luxury ships. Umpteen small ships and vessels also float in the waters of Alaska. You can choose from the umpteen ships and locations according to your inclinations and budgets. To make this task easy, we have a list of vessels sailing in different areas that may cater to your tastes and preferences.
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Best For Younger Kids And Families

The various ships meant for families with younger kids are the Carnival, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. All these have great kids’ clubs. It is the ideal cruise for kids as they can hang out with their favorite Disney characters. Be it Dr. Seuss characters, or Shrek from “Kung fu Panda” or the penguins from “Madagascar,” only the name of the characters is sure to make adrenaline rush into your kids. The Royal Caribbean ships proffer a fantastic experience to the whole voyage.

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Best Cruises For Extended Excursions To Alaska

If you want a whisk of a cruise and sightseeing of the interiors of Alaska, then the extended trips are meant for you. Holland America or Princess cruises proffer the cruise-tour packages where you can cruise and see the interiors and reside in lodging as well. Princess Cruises also offer their lodges. Both the cruises have fantastic itineraries. The passengers sail to the Inside Passage, Anchorage, Denali National Park, Kenai Peninsula, Talkeetna, Fairbanks, and the Yukon. You can choose this cruise package if you want an extended trip and want to enjoy the beauty of the places to its fullest extent.

Best for Adventure Buffs And Teens

Teens with vigor and zeal in them, who are fond of environment, nature, and adventurous activities, can opt for these cruises, which will keep them engaged and lead them to interact with mother nature. The adventure fanatics can go on an expedition cruise where they can hop aboard skiffs and get a close look at the glaciers as well. UnCruise Adventures, Ponant or Silversea’s expedition ships (Silver Cloud and Silver Explorer), Alaskan dream cruises, Lindblad Expeditions (National Geographic Sailings), and Hurtigruten provide for such expeditions.

Best for Multi-Aged Groups

Celebrity Cruises, Holland America and Princess Cruises, and especially Koningsdam, which has various great nightlife options for people with different inclinations, proffer the best cruise options for multigenerational groups. Grandparents’ parents, uncles, aunts, and kids can altogether sail in these ships and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.
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Best for Couples

Couples can add bliss to their love life by enjoying the luxury cruise lines with spacious suites, luscious cuisines, and many other pampering activities as well. You can celebrate your anniversary with your partner by enjoying the magnificent views of the azure waters and the beauty of nature. The cruises which offer these facilities are Regent Seven Seas, Oceania, Windstar cruises, Viking Ocean, Scenic Seabourn, and Silversea, which sails two expedition ships, Silver Clouds and Silver Explorer.


Everyone should go on an Alaskan cruise for once. The beauty of the land is immeasurable and fascinating. This would proffer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The thrill of seeing the bears and other wildlife along with the scenic views of azure waters and clear skies would entice you to visit the place all over again. Plan your itinerary and choose the best Alaskan cruise which is suitable for you.

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