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Holgate Glacier - Picturesque Location in Seward You Must Visit

Visit Seward: 10 Picturesque Locations in Seward You Must Visit (2022)

Seward is situated at the northern portion of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula. It is located in Alaska and happens to be one of the oldest and grandest destinations in the state. Seward has a lot of beautiful harbors, which enhance the beauty of the place. Apart from that, there are also glaciers and indigenous wildlife worth exploring.
If you are thinking about taking a trip to Alaska, you definitely should not miss the charming and quaint city of Seward. The best time to visit Seward is during the summers, between June and September. The temperatures during these months are mild and bearable. You can also visit Seward during the months from March to May, as this is the time when the whales migrate, and you can engage in whale-watching, as well!

10 Picturesque Locations in Seward You Must Visit

Here is a list of the top 10 picturesque locations in Seward you must visit.

1. Holgate Glacier

The Holgate Glacier is one of the most beautiful and stunning glaciers in Seward. It is located in the nearby National Park. To get a view of this glacier, you will have to take an Alaska cruise tour. This will enable you to see the glacier from a very close range. One of the main reasons why the Holgate glacier is so beautiful is because of its excellent color combinations. The ice is blue, the tips of the glacier are sapphire, and the snow around is white. All this creates a stark contrast worth witnessing.

There are tours that you can book locally in advance, which will enable you to explore the glacier. This is the best way to visit the Holgate Glacier.

2. Resurrection Bay

Since Seward is present at the head of Resurrection Bay, this bay area is also a very popular tourist destination as well. Apart from that, the fjord, which is located in the Kenai National Park, is also sheltered from the harsh activities of the ocean and a lovely place to visit.

Resurrection Bay got its name from an incident that occurred with a Russian trader and merchant. He was caught in a storm on this ocean nearby and had to take shelter on this bay. The storm eventually subsided on Easter Sunday, and hence, this place got the name Resurrection Bay.

To get the best view of the bay and make the most out of your exploring, book a cruise ride. You will also be able to enjoy the nearby glaciers and wildlife.

3. Kenai Fjords National Park

The Kenai Fjords National Park might be the top tourist attraction site in Seward and what attracts most of the tourists to this port-city. This park has to be the best of what Alaska has to offer. You will find beautiful glaciers, unique wildlife, and endless water in this location. Some of the wildlife that you will be able to catch a glimpse of here are orcas, sea otters, harbor seals, pilot whales, sea lions, eagles, and puffins. If you are a wildlife-enthusiast or a bird-watcher, this location will be heaven for you!

Boat and cruise tours are available to explore this location. You can make advance booking quite easily, and there are plenty of options regarding these tours for you to choose from.

4. Seward Boat Harbour

Since Seward is a port city, the Seward Boat Harbour is the heart and soul of the city. There are plenty of charter fishing boats, cruise liners, US Coast Guard, and even the US Navy present here. Even if you decide not to take a tour, you can still explore the nearby market, people, and boats. Especially during the evening, the sight surrounding this harbor is marvelous!

You will be able to witness aquatic life as well. Some of the popular creatures like jellyfish and seals can be seen here. You can have a lovely time in a wonderful ambiance with your loved ones in Seward Boat Harbour.

5. Bear Glacier

The Bear Glacier happens to be the longest glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park. It was made by the flow of two different ice falls. Most people who visit Seward never miss out on visiting this glacier. However, it is not possible to get close to this glacier, as there is lots of ice melting all the time. Apart from that, since it is not a tidewater and calving glacier, there is constant falling of debris and rocks from the top.

However, the view of ice falling into the lake below is marvelous, to say the least. If you do visit this place, make sure to carry your camera with you.

6. Alaska Sea Life Center

You will get a chance to fully explore the diversity of the Alaskan wildlife in the Alaska Sea Life Center. Puffins are the main attraction of this place, as these birds are very rare and hardly ever witnessed in the wild. The center provides information about this bird and various other birds and mammals residing in that area. You will also get to learn about the conservation efforts made by this center to improve the lives and habitats of these animals and birds.

The center is located right on Railway Avenue in Seward. Whether you like animals or not, this place is a must-visit if you want to learn about the various aspects of the city and the country as well.

7. Alaska Railroad

If you like trains, you can travel from outside to Seward via the Alaska railroad. This railroad starts from Anchorage. Instead of flying from Anchorage or taking the cruise, the railway is an excellent alternative as it provides a beautiful scenario that will take your breath away. You can easily sit back and immerse yourself in the charm of this location.

It is quite simple to pre-book your train ride from Anchorage to Seward. It is highly advisable that you do choose this alternative option for traveling, for the best view and experience!

8. Miller’s Landing

Miller’s Landing is a private homestead area where tourists usually visit to take part in fishing and other adventurous activities. You can camp here and relax in Miller’s Landing water. A lovely afternoon swim is exactly what you might need to forget about the worries in life! Apart from swimming, fishing also happens to be a major activity here.

Guests also like engaging in bird-watching, as tons of exotic birds live in the surrounding areas. You can also expect to see seals and otters from a very close distance.

To be away from the crowds and spend some quality alone-time, Miller’s Landing is surely the best option!

9. Bear Creek Weir

If you are interested in salmon, then Bear Creek Weir is the place to be. There are two seasons when you can view the salmon. The first time is from May to June when tons of smolts are released into Bear Lake. Again, between July and September, sockeye salmon are seen swimming seven miles up the creek. In late September, Coho salmon are seen as well.

Visit Bear Creek during the summer if you want to get a chance to view the salmon swimming upstream. It really is quite a marvelous sight to behold.

10. Seward Community Library and Museum

To learn about the history of Seward, a visit to the Seward Community Library and Museum cannot be ignored. The museum features several artifacts and exhibits depicting the history and culture of the place. This also includes information about the tsunami which occurred in 1964.

The Seward Community Library and Museum is located on Sixth Avenue in Seward. Make sure to check out the visiting hours, as they keep changing depending on the month and season.

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