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Baranof Castle State Historic Site - Beautiful Park In Sitka, Alaska

10 Beautiful Parks In Sitka, Alaska, That Are Perfect For Blissful Morning Walk (2024)

It is nearly impossible when you search for any other place in Alaska having too many hiking options than Sitka. The town of Sitka is packed with city trails, historical walks, Alpine hikes, and self-guided naturalist walks. Recently, this town was featured in Canadian Running (a magazine) as one of the best American cities for running tracks.

10 Beautiful Parks In Sitka, Alaska, That Are Perfect For Blissful Morning Walk

Read further to find out amazing things about these parks in Sitka, Alaska that are perfect for blissful morning walk:

1. National Historical Park

In 1910, this location became the first national park in Alaska. Within the National Historical Park, you can see highlights of the Southern Alaskan Native tribes and Battlegrounds of the Battle of Sitka-1804; the Russian forces permanently dislodged the Tlingit people from their inherited place during this battle. Totem Trail is one notable site of the National Historical Park that you can hit upon. The site features Haida and Tlingit totem poles along a picturesque coastal trail. The park also preserves the Russian Bishop’s House. A wide range of wild and marine creatures gets attracted to the park due to its diverse marine and forest habitat. It even includes various migrant birds.

Come to this remarkable park of Sitka with the whole family to sense a bit of outdoor atmosphere. Sitka Park Totem Park is a great combination of both nature and history, making it one of the most spectacular places to visit in the town. Here you can observe native totem poles all the way from Alaska and the historical effects of the Russian hunters and the local Tlingit people. This site might make you realize the actual meaning behind the totems and history related to them.

Address: 103 Monastery St, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

2. Old Sitka Historic Park

This site is also called the Old Sitka Site. In 1966, this area was built as a state park. The Russian leaders constructed a settlement at this location along Starrigavan Bay in the early 1800s. Currently, the name of the site is Old Sitka State Historical Park. This park is situated 7 miles north of downtown Sitka, providing many recreational options to the visitors. It delivers information regarding the history of the park. Here the sight seekers can discover a 1.25 mile long Forest Muskegs trail which is free of obstacles.

Other tracks of this site include the Mosquito Cove trail that is about 1.5 miles in length, and it offers a break to walk down Mosquito Cove and Starrigavan Bay. This Park of Sitka town is just about a few walks away from the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Terminal and the US Forest Service Starrigavan Campground.

Address: Old Sitka Historic Site, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

3. Fort Rousseau State Historical Park

This place lies in the west of the Sitka airport runway. The visitors can get an incredible opportunity to understand in-depth about the past of the Second World War. The park cannot be reached via land; you need to hire a kayak or a boat for that. Here you can hit upon many highlights of the Second World War that comprises gun emplacements, the headquarter commander center, and bullets magazine. There are several picnic spots within the Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park. The park may seem to be incomplete or underdeveloped as there aren’t any facilities for the visitors.

The total land area covered by the Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park is about 60 acres.

The Park is also the piece of the US Army Coastal Defences National Historic Landmark and Sitka Naval Operating Base.

Address: West of Sitka Airport Runway

4. Whale Park

Sitka’s Whale Park was established in 1995. This park is a great option for vacationers to enjoy a delightful pastime. They can get a chance to view nature and wildlife. The Park is pretty popular for humpback whales that can be witnessed during the late fall and early spring season. Whale Park is one of the parks in Sitka that offers numerous whale watching and marine life tours to its guests. The site is open for 24 hours every day. You may get a chance to witness whales anytime, but the peak time is September to December; it is the time when the humpback whales gather together before moving to Hawaii. Shorebirds, sea ducks, harbour seals, eagles, and steller sea lions are other creatures you might see here.

Address: 2500 Sawmill Creek Rd, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

5. Halibut Point State Recreation Area

Situated along the ocean, Halibut Point State Recreation Area is about 4 miles north of downtown Halibut. The locals, and the vacationists, can have a nice morning walk at this recreational site. This park has three covered picnic shelters and many picnic spots. The half-mile hiking track allows the visitors to walk through the hemlock forest and the coastal spruce. This place is ideal for bird-watching; the visitors can get a chance to see shorebirds, waterfowl, and seabirds.

Address: Halibut Point Rd, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

6. Baranof Castle State Historic Site

The Baranof Castle State Historic Site is commonly known as Castle Hill and is one of the state’s most noteworthy places. It is situated in Downtown Sitka, beside Harbor Road. The public can enter the grounds without paying any fee. This site spans roughly 3.6 acres.Here the sight seekers can discover a winding path that leads them to the peak of the hill. From the peak, they can get a breathtaking view of downtown Sitka and the waterfront. This place was initially a Tlingit Native fortification location. It was afterward utilized as a military post by the Russian soldiers. In 1867, the Russian flag was lowered at this place, and the American flag was hoisted. As a result, it made the transfer of Alaska to the US.

Address: Sitka, AK 99835, United States

7. Herring Cove Trail Sitka

Herring Cove trailhead is located just about 6 miles southeast of Sitka. It has been a famous site because of its diverse landscape and lower altitude shift. The visitors can go along a cascading creek via trailhead. The cascading creek mounts to rock steps, gravel, and some boardwalks inside dense hemlock and yellow cedar forest. It is tough to walk in the first section of the trail as it has a couple of sheer areas and rock aisles. The total length of the Herring Cove area is about 1.6 miles. Additional features of this site include fishing, photography, waterfall, lake, wildlife, etc. The visitors can witness Beaver after the finishing point of the Herring Cove Trail.

Address: NF-Fh11, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

8. Pioneer Park

If you want to see some momentous parks in Alaska, don’t forget to add Pioneer Park to your list. It is a historic town that highlights museums, original buildings shifted from downtown Fairbanks, and a Gold Rush street. It is also called a theme park with a train and carousel that runs the shops, restaurants, and perimeter. The park used to have several rides and a zoo earlier.

In the winter season, Pioneer Park is open, but the restaurants and shops. But you can still walk around and relax. It is a calm and cool place for a morning walk in Alaska. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a tree lighting ceremony is organized here yearly.

Address: Halibut Point Rd, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

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