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Sitka Hotel - Top Budget Hotel in Sitka City

Top Budget, Mid-Range, and Luxury Hotels in Sitka City (2022)

While you are planning your trip to Sitka, you would have to think about the accommodation options as well. Yes, this destination is a heartthrob, but you need to ensure that you stay in the best hotel while being there. Sitka has got a large number of lodging options as per the traveler’s taste and budget as well.

Whether you want to stay in a boutique hotel or any kind of rustic, remote cabin, you can get that here. With such a good number of accommodation options in Sitka, you don’t have to worry about your budget. Sitka has the ability to provide warm hospitality not only to leisure but for business travelers as well. Each one of these accommodations is accompanied by the best furniture, menu, and hospitality services. They are classy, and you are surely going to love them with all your heart!

Do you want to know more about accommodation in Sitka City? If yes, then you can have a look at the list of budget, mid-range, and luxury hotels in Sitka City below:

Top Budget Hotels in Sitka City

If you want to spend most of your money traveling and touring in Sitka rather than on the accommodation, you should opt for the budget hotels here. There are many affordable options in the city. They give you the best hospitality services at affordable prices without compromising on their quality and standards.

1. Eagle Bay Inn:

The Eagle Bay Inn is one of the most affordable and low-key hotels in Sitka City. It is located in the proximity of not more than 1 mile from the notable Jamestown Bay. This accommodation is only 8 minutes walk away from the commendable Sitka National Historical Park. It has 16 smoke-free guestrooms, free WiFi, free parking, airport shuttle, restaurant, and regular housekeeping. The hygiene of the surroundings is kept well in mind, and thus, this hotel has proved to be the best companion for a budgeted traveler.

Top Budget Hotel in Sitka City-Eagle Bay Inn

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Price Range: $90-$100 (Per Day) (varies based on room size)

Address: 1321 Sawmill Creek Rd #9740, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

Phone: +1 907-623-9973

2. Sitka Hotel:

If you want to stay luxuriously and that too within your budget, then the Sitka Hotel can be the best place for you. You can spend some great time in this accommodation while overlooking the amazing Crescent Bay and Sitka Harbor. The Sitka Hotel has got a good number of commendable amenities, and these include HD TV, microwave, mini-fridge, kitchenette, and free WiFi. The rooms are quite spacious and fully-furnished here. Sitka Hotel - Top Budget Hotel in Sitka CityImage Source

Price Range: $100-$110 (Per Day) (varies based on room size)

Address: 118 Lincoln St, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

Phone: +1 907-747-3288

3. Sitka Super 8:

The travelers visiting Sitka on a budget can choose Sitka Super 8 by Wyndham Sitka since it has a family-friendly environment. Apart from that, it is also accompanied by many helpful amenities that intend to make your stay a memorable one. This accommodation is 0.2 miles away from the Sitka Lutheran Church, which is definitely a plus point. All the guest rooms here have a flat-screen TV, air-conditioner and free WiFi as well. Some of the best amenities proffered by Sitka Super 8 are baggage storage, 24-hour front desk, enjoy breakfast, free parking, pet friendly, etc.

Price Range: $90-$100 (Per Day) (varies based on room size)

Address: 404 Sawmill Creek Rd, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

Phone: +1 844-537-8337

Top Mid-Range Hotels in Sitka City

If you are a bit above the budgeted traveler but less than the luxurious one, then you might have to choose from the mid-range hotels in Sitka City. Here, you are going to get a truckload of options when it comes to mid-range accommodations. If you want to know more about them, check out the list of such hotels below:

1. Longliner Lodge & Suites

The Longliner Lodge & Suites is located on Katlian Street’s waterfront. Thus, while being here, you are surely going to enjoy a plethora of waterfront views with no shortcomings. These waterfront views belong to none other than Mt. Edgecumbe. This accommodation has left no stone unturned in making this lodge a huge hit! It has spacious rooms, and notably, a free laundry facility for all its guests. Other facilities in the rooms include wet bars, coffee pots, hairdryers, cable TV, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.

Price Range: $120-$140 (Per Day) (varies based on room size)

Address: 485 Katlian St, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

Phone: +1 907-747-7910

2. Fly-In Fish Inn

The Fly-In Fish Inn is a mid-range hotel that is lesser-known in Sitka. It has derived this name from the attached restaurant with this accommodation. All of the rooms are family-friendly, and whether yours is a bigger family or a smaller, it has got the rooms as per your requirements. On mentioning the larger rooms, they are accompanied with their deck helpful in providing you the best ocean views. Various other amenities prevalent in every room are coffeemakers, free Wi-Fi, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

Price Range: $120-$150 (Per Day) (varies based on room size)

Address: 485 Katlian St, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

Phone: +1 907-747-7910

3. Westmark Sitka Hotel

If you want to stay in an accommodation that offers a comfortable lodging experience along with the best dining in a cultural manner, then Westmark is the best choice for you. It has proved to be the best way to experience Sitka’s rich culture while enjoying the hospitality here. The majority of the popular destinations in Sitka are located in closer proximity to this accommodation. Some of them are the local Russian Orthodox Church, Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House, and many others. You can enjoy the complimentary wireless internet facilitated by the accommodation to its guests.

Price Range: $150-$200 (Per Day) (varies based on room size)

Address: 330 Seward Street, Sitka, Alaska, 99835-7523

Phone: +1 907-747-6241

Top Luxury Hotels in Sitka City

Whether you are planning to stay in your room for the whole time or moving out and enjoying Sitka City, you are surely going to have the best time of your life in the luxury hotel. Luxurious hotels are worth it, and thus, many travelers don’t even think twice before paying huge bucks to book these accommodations. Luxurious accommodations are loaded with A+ and classy facilities that you wouldn’t find in other accommodations. Your staycation’s undoubtedly going to get amazing as soon as you start spending your days in the luxury hotels in Sitka City. The list is below:

1. Talon Lodge and Spa

The Talon Lodge and Spa are notable the best and all-inclusive. It consists of very beautiful cabins in the trees, amidst nature. Each one of these cabins contains three bedrooms and a room. These are capable of fitting in six guests at a time. They are accompanied by queen-sized beds, wide decks, living rooms, and kitchens. You can enjoy the scrumptious gourmet meals right in the main lodge. There, you would spit a massage pavilion in the outdoors and a hot tub as well. The best part is that you can try out various family interests’ activities proffered by the lodge. These include water sports, sailing, bicycling, golf, hiking, cultural tours, etc.

Price Range: $1500-$2000 (Per day) (varies based on room size)

Address: 485 Katlian St, Sitka, AK 99835, United States

Phone: +1 907-747-7910

2. Baranof Wilderness Lodge

The Baranof Wilderness Lodge has got 8 cabins, and each one of them hails with the best features. As the name suggests, this accommodation facility is going to let you come up closer and communicate with nature. This lodge is located at notable Baranof Warm Springs. This lodge is in operation from May to October. It has spacious guest cabins and lodges. Each of them is commendably furnished and equipped with 24-hour electricity, toilet facilities, hot showers, etc. The pets are allowed in this lodge, and you can witness the amazing panoramic views while enjoying natural hot springs.

Price Range: $1200-$1500 (Per day) (varies based on room size)

Address: PO Box 2187, Sitka, AK 99835

Phone: +1 907-738-3597

3. Aspen Suites Hotel

The Aspen Suites Hotel is one of the best and high-rated luxurious properties in Sitka. While being here, you shall stay assured of the best hospitality and services with no hassle. The rooms are pretty spacious, and the rooms’ different sizes are quite preferable for every kind of traveler, whether a solo one or the one with his/her family. It is pet-friendly, and some of its amenities include free-Wi Fi, air-conditioned rooms, business services, laundry, housekeeping, 24/7 front desk, etc.

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