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St. Augustine - Historic City To Flock To In Florida

10 Historic Cities To Flock To In Florida (2023)

Florida was claimed as the 27th state in 1845 and is the most populous state in the southeastern U.S. It has the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. The sandy white beaches with sparkling blue waters proffer a cool climate to the region. Miami and Orlando are the two very distinguished cities. The city of Miami is recognized for its Latin-American cultural influences, nightlife, and iconic arts scene. In contrast, Orlando is known for Walt Disney World, a dream of many; the word itself lets the adrenaline rush into you.

Not only this, but the state of Florida has many places that have great historical significance as well. Some not-so-eminent areas have remarkable architectural structures, charming hospitality, fishing villages, and other past things that will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time. Over 80 million tourists visit Florida, amongst whom some flock to the places with rare and quirky vibes offering insights into the history of the site.

10 Historic Cities To Flock To In Florida:

Florida has some of the oldest cities which were formed during the historical era of the state. Out of the seven oldest cities of Florida, St. Augustine is the oldest, which was founded in 1565. Apart from the ancient cities, many Florida towns give us a cognizance about the historical era of the region. Let us have a glimpse of the historic cities to visit in Florida.

  1. St. Augustine: St. Augustine, the oldest city in Florida, is also the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European origin in the United States. The town was founded in 1565 by Pedro Menéndez de Avilés. He became the first colonial governor of Florida. St. Augustine was under Spain’s rule, and Spain continued its colonial expansion in it. Hence, the city was proposed as the capital of Spanish Florida. The town was given back to the U.S. by Spain in 1819. It was removed as the capital in 1824 when Tallahassee was made the capital. This oldest city to date has many historical monuments and edifices, which form a popular historical tourist destination in Florida.
    St. Augustine - Historic City To Flock To In FloridaImage Source
  2. Mount Dora: Mount Dora, a small lakefront town in Central Florida, has many 19th-century rustic houses and historical buildings. It became popular in the 20th century and has many large canopy trees, antique shops, quaint beds, and breakfast lodgings. The hunters and fishers also come to this place, and President Coolidge, Eisenhower, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford all stayed at the posh, serene, and still-operational Lakeside Inn.
  3. Apalachicola: Apalachicola, a small fishing village in North Florida, has its own elegance and charisma. This stupendous village is known for its hospitable locals and world-renowned, exotic and sumptuous seafood. It is a famous tourist spot in Florida due to its enormous historical significance. With some fascinating sunset views, this marvelous place has over 900 historic listings that include small cottages and mesmerizing stained glass churches, furnishing the small town with an old Florida vibe. The most elegant venue for the history aficionados, though small, the city has much to be viewed. The place is away from the daily hustle-bustle and the noisy streets, and the community boasts of its serene and composed climate. Thus, a whisk of history and nature makes this place very arresting and magnificent.
  4. Amelia Island: Edged on Florida’s northernmost border, Amelia Island has a spectacular terrain of Spanish moss, quaint bed, and breakfast taverns. The whisk of the sandy white beaches with the sparkling blue waters furnishes a breathtaking view to the area. The top-notch Southern charisma and vast historical significance of the place entice travelers. The historic downtown of nearby Fernandina Beach is explored through a horse-drawn carriage. Some of the unique and quirky landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places, such as the oldest saloon in Florida, should be visited to get an insight into the history of the place.
  5. Cedar Key: Cedar Key, a rural town nestled on Florida’s Nature Coast and accessible by route 24, represents a segment of old Florida, with a low population of around 900, and a two-lane road leading on and off the place. The place has an awe-inspiring natural beauty and a laid-back community that loves a slower-paced life. The view of the glowing orangish-yellow sunset, from the nearby beach, would leave you enthralled. During this time, the endangered spoonbills pass from the land to the beach. The place has an old lighthouse that guided merchant ships in the 1850s and National Wildlife Refuge that President Hoover established in 1929. Thus, not only a miraculous place, but the area also has a historical significance, which allures both the history and nature enthusiasts to Florida. The serene and tranquil vibes of the site help you synchronize with nature and live a slower-paced life.
  6. Steinhatchee: Edged in Florida’s Big Bend region, Steinhatchee is one of Florida’s first settlements with a rich history. This small village town allures people who enjoy quiet and tranquil country roads and vibes, diverse wildlife, and abundant fishing opportunities. Also known as the “The Best Kept Secret in Florida,” this composed village brags 19th-century vibes with charming Victorian-style homes nestled beneath elegant moss-covered live oaks. Steinhatchee - Historic Cities To Flock To In Florida Image Source
  7. Cortez: The treasure of Old Florida, Cortez, is one of the last authentic fishing villages in the state. The whisk of the fish houses which date back to the original founding families, a Florida Maritime Museum edged in a schoolhouse from 1912 and a stunning 95-acre wildlife preserve, furnish this place a rustic and historic charm. This place makes you travel back in time and is like a living museum with Southern charisma. The pristine natural glitz and the luscious seafood of Cortez in Florida, along with its historical significance, make it a must-visit tourist spot. Historic Cities To Flock To In Florida - Cortez Image Source
  8. Micanopy: Micanopy, also known as the “Little Town That Time Forgot” with an eclectic whisk of rustic shops embellishing its historic downtown, is the oldest inland town in Florida. The hospitable and amiable locals invite the visitors to view the jewel of Alachua County. The place has unpretentious and quirky vibes. Also referred to as the “Cutest Small Towns in America” by Huffington Post, this arresting small town boasts on the preservation of its Seminole Indian historical importance and antiquing opportunities.  Micanopy - Historic Cities To Flock To In FloridaImage Source
  9. Marianna: Marianna, the county seat of Jackson County, was founded in 1827 by Scottish entrepreneur Scott Beverege and named after his and his business partner’s wife. Despite being one of the smallest cities in Florida, the town has many iconic historic sites, especially from the Civil War. The Spanish established the mission of San Nicolas de Tolentino in 1674 in this place, which only lasted for a year. The area was then established as a colonial town. Marianna was a politically powerful town in the past and served as the military headquarters defending Northwest Florida for Confederate troops during the civil war. Now, due to its beauty and magnificence, the city in Florida is known as the “The City of Southern Charm.”
  10. Port St. Joe: Port St. Joe is a fascinating community located on the Emerald Coast and is also known as the “Small town with a big heart.” Port St. Joe is the birthplace of the state constitution, and thus, this region gives you insight into the earliest history of Florida. The impressive views of the town entice guests. The compact city houses a beautiful marina and a downtown embellished with antique shops. The state’s freshest seafood can be enjoyed in the Southern Diners as well. Thus, be it about historical richness or exotic food, Port St. Joe always has much to proffer to its guests.

Thus, Florida is not only famous for its adult glitz and glamour, nightlife, clubs, beaches, and pubs but also has an enriching past, which would much intrigue the history buffs. It houses the oldest, permanent and continuously inhabited European settlement in North America, St. Augustine. Not only this, but the above lists also show the several cities located in Florida which have an exciting and fantastic history. These places are not only places but pages of a history textbook that take you back in time and teach you about the past, lifestyles, and practices of the people of the past. So, all the history bigots out there can choose from this article, any place they would like to visit according to their inclinations and preferences.

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