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Goose Feathers Cafe & Bakery in Savannah, Georgia

8 Most Popular Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Savannah, Georgia (2022)

Tried Savannah’s delightful culinary offerings? Nothing truly completes a Savannah holiday other than its excellent food offerings. After all, the Hostess City of the South is home to plenty of restaurant and eatery options that allow individuals to get out of their food comfort zone. Though the staple breakfast here is limited to Sausage, grits, and biscuits, if you want to try more, the breakfast and brunch places offer a wide variety to try. Savannah never led down the food enthusiasts, be it the modern western cuisine or the traditional Southern-style fare.

From organic, healthy options to Instagram-worthy brunch places and everything in between, Savannah lives up to high expectations when it comes to food. However, you do not need to spend a fortune while trying culinary scenes here. Instead, everything will fit in your pocket, though it will overflow your soul with satisfaction. To make the cut, here we have a list full of the Most Popular Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Savannah, Georgia.

8 Most Popular Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Savannah, Georgia

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1. Goose Feathers Cafe & Bakery

When it comes to breakfast and lunch, the Goose Feathers Cafe & Bakery is a popular choice in Savannah. It has served for all your early morning cravings since 1986, seven days a week throughout the year. Its buzzing European-style menu includes a wide array of choices focusing on sandwiches, soups, salads, and more.

Some of their must-try breakfast options include Bacon and Egg Croissants, Shrimp and Grits, Salmon Quiche, Bagel Lox, and Cheese.

However, since they are a dedicated bakery, do not forget to taste their coffee varietals, baked pastries, breakfast paninis, and endless granola options. Goose Feathers Cafe & Bakery has an upscale ambience that invites families, groups, and corporate crowds alike.

2. Collins Quarter

Over an endless stretch of choices, if there’s a particular place you should not dare to miss in Savanah, it undoubtedly is the Collins Quarter. This Australian-inspired restaurant and coffee house manage to offer both National and International food trends to the customers. During day hours, the large windows give the dining space some charming brightness. Whereas during the night hours, the restaurant transforms into a candlelit brasserie.

Some of their must-try food options on their menu include Banana’s Foster Brioche French Toast, GQ Grits “Shakshouka” Style, Coconut Chia Pudding, Short Rib Hash, and the most popular Avocado Smash. Individuals can also try their bustling coffee options, especially the spiced lavender mocha. The Australian roots of Collins definitely add to making its Coffees one of the best in Savannah.

Collins Quarter operates at two different locations, including Bull Street (Older outlet) and Forsyth Park (Newer outlet). Both serve a slightly different menu, and the former is a preference for true food maniacs every time.

3. Little Duck Diner

The Little Duck Diner is a busy downtown spot whose simplicity might confuse some. However, this vintage-chic diner is one of the quirkiest Savannah breakfast spots. Excellent in both taste and aesthetics, the eatery features sleek, industrial-style interiors with touches of brass and lots of B&W tile throughout. Undoubtedly it is one of the most instagrammable dining spaces you would explore in Savannah.

Some of their must-try breakfast options include Risotto Stacker of cheesy risotto, breakfast sausage, and the Flap Crab. Besides that, one can also consider Smoked Salmon Grilled Cheese, Duck Grilled Cheese, and Belgian-style waffles.

Little Duck Diner is extremely considerate in offering healthy food options. Individuals who follow a certain diet can munch on their excellent salad menu, and they are going to love it. They also offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options to pair with your meal. The Little Duck Diner carries wine, something you will come for time and again.

4. Two Cracked Eggs Cafe

Sitting right on the river near Emmett Park, the Two Cracked Eggs Café is the best breakfast place in Savannah. No matter which time of the day, they always have an extensive breakfast menu ready to reach your table. The café is within walkable distance from any downtown Savannah spot. Their comfortable décor and dark wood finishes make it an inviting spot, especially during monsoons and winters.

Some of the must-try options on their menu include Shrimp Benedict, Peach French Toast, Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Shrimp, and Grits. Individuals can even try their build-your-own omelets and crepes offer.

The chef at Two Cracked Eggs Café pays extreme attention to the details and serves with the best professionalism. It is difficult to find any setbacks in their dishes, and nothing on their menu will disappoint you.

5. Back in The Day Bakery

Back in The Day Bakery is a nationally recognized landmark in the Starland District on the edge of town. This small artisan vintage-style bakery and espresso bar is housed inside a former gas station. The place is adorned by unabashed American bakers Cheryl and Griffith Day, who spend their days serving the best Southern-style food.

Some of the must-try from their menu include freshly brewed, house-roasted coffee, homemade Pop Tart-style pastries, cotton candy meringues, and chocolate chip cookies. Even though its menu is dominated by sweet treats more than savory, its bakery is always filled during breakfast hours.

The true vibes of Back in The Day Bakery are in its eclectic décor. While spending time inside, you will observe antique pendant lights, crystal chandelier, fading wallpaper, an assortment of vintage flour containers and mixers, and more such beautiful additions from the past. The bakery operates from Thursday through Sunday with a casual breakfast menu and light fare for lunch.

6. J. Christopher’s

Another popular breakfast and brunch place in Savannah, the J. Christopher’s, is a must-visit spot for every food enthusiast. This comfy and casual place serves classic American fare for breakfast and lunch. Everything they serve here is fresh, homemade, and soul-satisfying.

Some of the must-try options on their menu include griddle plates such as pancakes, Belgian waffles, French toast, and griddle cakes. Or, go for multi-egg omelets with various fillings or healthier choices like house-made granola and steel-cut oats. The restaurant also serves a fresh assortment of burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and soups.

The plate size at J. Christopher’s is more than satisfying. Considering the comfort of all kinds of visitors, they also serve a children’s menu, seasonal special, and an array of beverages. Do go for their Blueberry Crunch Cakes, and there are no possibilities that you won’t love them.

7. Cafe M

As sorted as its name, Cafe M lets individuals enjoy their food in the way of ease. The eatery is popular for serving in three unique ways, including Parisian, American, and Healthy.

Their Parisian menu includes options like French bread and pastries, served with Bon Maman preserves. Further, the American options expand from scrambled eggs to ham, turkey, and bacon. Individuals who want to stay healthy can try food items like a bowl of granola or smoked salmon on wheat toast to satisfy their souls.

Cafe M is on the riverfront, but unlike other eateries here, it doesn’t go very touristy. Even though when it is jam-packed, it has more of a calmed and secluded vibe than others. Individuals can choose from the indoor and outdoor seating and enjoy either the décor or the views. It even features dog-friendly sidewalk tables.

8. B. Matthew’s Eatery

B. Matthew’s is a cozy neighborhood eatery located in Savannah’s Historic District. Featuring all the hallmarks of a modern bistro, its striking modern art with exposed brick walls and dark wood interiors keeps individuals captivated for a long. Even when done with the menu, no one feels like leaving this place.

Some of the must-try options on their menu include traditional Savannah fare and classic American favorites. One can try their hands on traditional biscuits, gravy, and the signature Mayme’s Omelet with spinach, goat cheese, tomatoes, and home-cut hash browns. Their fried green tomato Benedict is something that keeps inviting individuals time and again.

B. Matthew’s Eatery has a peaceful vibe that stays all across the day. Their service is warm, and the location is convenient, to which those astounding aesthetics add more charm. The Bay Street downtown is just a quick walk from the eatery.

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