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Maui Coast Hotel, Maui - Top Budget Hotel in Hawaii

Top 10 Budget Hotels in Hawaii (2023)

Blessed with peaceful and pristine beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, lush green cover, mesmerizing sunsets, scenic landscape views, electrifying marine life and exotic cuisines, Hawaii is one destination that is on everyone’s wish list.

Accept it or not, we all have sometime in our life fantasized about visiting and exploring this dreamy chain of islands. From imagining about hiking through the active volcanic sites at Haleakala to snorkeling with the sea turtle at Maui, we’ve all been there. But do you know visiting this amazing island of dreams can be pocket draining too? So to save you from this major heck of a problem, we are presenting a list of the top 10 pocket friendly hotels available in Hawaii that will make you as well as your pocket extremely happy and happening. Although a little cheap in their prices, these budget hotels in Hawaii don’t compromise their services and facilities and provide the maximum features in the minimum budget.

Top 10 Budget Hotels in Hawaii

So, here you go!

  1. Maui Coast Hotel, Maui: Are you looking for an affordable hotel overlooking a white sand beach stretching across the adjoining road, full of adventure filled activities and offering mouth watering food? Then, Maui Coast Hotel is the perfect spot for you. Situated at the heart of the sunny Kihei, Maui Coast Hotel is the perfect getaway for a pristine experience. Overloaded with to-do activities like snorkeling, surfing, hiking and Barbeque, this hotel is a great place to stay when you are on a tight budget. Not just that, the hotel is also close to several dining, shopping and entertainment venues. What else does one need, if not good clothes, good food and good landscapes? Maui Coast Hotel, Maui - Top Budget Hotel in HawaiiImage Source
  2. Maui Seaside Hotel, Maui: If you are someone who loves to have extreme fun accompanied by an experience of extreme relaxation, then Maui Seaside Hotel has got you covered. This affordable hotel is located in the island of Maui and offers amazing facilities like spacious rooms, open air garden, a pool and an in-house café which serves mind blowing food. Halt there, that is not all, the hotel also has easy access to a lot of adventure activities. You can go Windsurfing at Hookipa beach or go for a walk in the Iao State Park or play golf at Maui Lani or go for an exploration of the local villages to get a gist about the culture of the state. All in all, Maui Seaside Hotel is the best hotel for a rich experience at a comparably low price.
  3. Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, Hilo: Looking for a relatively cheap hotel with top class facilities and a backdrop to die for? Castle Hilo Hawaiian has got you covered. Situated on the Hilo Bay, only about two miles away from the Hilo Airport, Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel is the best place to experience a full-service hotel with mind blowing scenes of the ocean or the quaint town of Hilo backed by the alluring Mauna Kea. This hotel is also the perfect base to explore the Volcano National Park of Hawaii. Come to Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel and get to enjoy the alluring and scenic view of the Mauna Kea, the ancient and mystique town of Hilo and the famous Coconut Islands.
  4. Kings Land by Hilton Grand Vacations, Big Island: Do you have a thing for golf courses? Are you looking for a peaceful and serene retreat at a moderately cheaper price on one of the world’s finest islands? Kings Land by Hilton Grand Vacation is the perfect spot for you! Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, just at the heart of Waikoloa, this beautiful hotel is embraced by lush green plantations and a championship golf course. This beautiful hotel situated in the South of Pacific sets a perfect setting for an amazing vacation full of tranquility and peace and that also with a tight budget.
  5. The Kauai Inn, Kauai: Are you looking for a budget friendly hotel with excellent customer service to stay in Lihue? Then, look no further than this, The Kauai Inn at Kauai. This family friendly hotel with unparalleled services and facilities in a minimal sum of money brings the best of Lihue at your feet. The hotel also provides for a traditional Hawaiian experience along with top notch facilities like flat LED screens, air conditioners, refrigerators, free Wi-Fi and spacious, airy rooms. If these are not sufficient for you then the hotel also has a sun terrace and a picnic spot to enjoy the various wonders of Mother Nature embracing the hotel.
  6. Hilo Seaside Hotel, Hilo: Do you value comfort more than anything else? Or are you a nature lover? Then, this cozy hotel located in the town of Hilo which is on the eastern side of the Big Islands is the ultimate place for you. Adorned with mystique forests, fragrance filled native island flowers and captivating orchid farms, Hilo Seaside Hotel is the perfect retreat for a lover of nature. Was this not enough that this hotel also overlooks the banks of Hilo Bay and the iconic Banyan Drive. Well, apart from that, the hotel is just 40 minutes away by car from the amazing Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which you definitely should not miss if you are visiting Hawaii.
  7. Kauai Shores Hotel, Kauai: Another paradise for a nature lover, Kauai Shores Hotel provides you with six extremely beautiful tropical gardens and lawns and two outdoor pools. Located in Kauai, this hotel also provides a beach accommodation on the Kauai’s Royal Coconut Beach just like a resort situated in a secluded beach would do and that also at a relatively cheaper price. Isn’t that like eating croissants at the price of bread? Amazing, isn’t it? Not just that, the hotel also offers on-the-beach breakfast, lunch and dinner service and their sundry stays open from 7 AM to 11 PM every day. With facilities and services like these, this hotel has become a hidden gem inside the island of Hawaii.
  8. Uncle Billy’s Kona Bay Hotel, Kailua-Kona: Located in the heart of the iconic Kailua Kona village on the Island of Hawaii, Uncle Billy’s Kona Bay Hotel is considered one of the best pocket friendly hotels in Kailua-Kona. The spacious rooms of the hotel overlook the scenic view of the tropical landscape, native village and the mesmerizing ocean which on one hand allows you to explore what the Island of Hawaii has to offer and on the other hand soothes your soul and provides a tranquility filled experience. Some of the other facilities that are available nearby this amazing hotel include glorious cultural event sites, ancient historical landscapes, droll worthy dining spots and super deluxe shopping centers. And if this were not enough then the hotel itself comprises of a great deal of indoor activities to do, from an indoor pool to various indoor games, Uncle Billy’s Kona Bay has got it all.
  9. Volcano House, Kilauea: Have you got a thing for adventure or are you intrigued by the mention of a hike along an active volcanic site? Well, then the Volcano House is exactly the right place for you! Being the only hotel situated in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park just alongside the rim of Halemaumau crater of Kilauea, this hotel has got a lot to offer and all that will fit perfectly within the limits of your wallet. With its exotic location, rich traditional legacy and super warm hospitality, the hotel has always succeeded in capturing the attention of a great deal of travelers from all around the globe. The hotel was established sometime around the 1840s and has since then been the talk of the town. With its renovated rooms, structures and furniture, Volcano House is the best fit for a pocket friendly vacation to Hawaii.
  10. Ashton Islander, Kauai: Popularly called the ‘Hawaiian monk’s crane’, this budget friendly retreat has around 60 shops and restaurants around it. Located in the Coconut Island of Kauai, the Ashton Islander hotel is as unique as its name. Overlooking the scenic views of a beachfront and lush green plantation, this hotel provides for a super relaxing experience alongside a fun filled one. Comprising airy and spacious rooms, an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, exotic cuisine and an excellent guest service, this hotel is the one for the water babies of the world. It is a perfect fit if you are looking for a fun filled retreat that includes beaches, tasty food and some relaxing.

If you are visiting Hawaii and are on a tight budget, then these are some of the best options for you.


Q1. What Are Some Of The Facilities That These Hotels Offer?

Ans: Free wi-fi, an indoor/outdoor pool, tasty food, flat screen TVs, mini-refrigerators and a scenic view are some of the facilities that almost every hotel in Hawaii offers.

Q2. Is A Parking Facility Available At These Hotels In Hawaii?

Ans: Parking facility is available in some of these hotels of Hawaii while in others, the facility is not present.

Q3. Is Vegetarian Food Available At These Hotels?

Ans: Yes, vegetarian food is available at most of these hotels. And if not, then there are a lot of dining options available nearby to these hotels which offer all types of cuisines.

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